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Information About Parvo

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dog with parvo

Parvo is a deadly canine virus that infects many dogs every year. There is a vaccine and treatments for dogs who have contracted the virus, as well as, instructions for cleaning up a house or yard after an infection. This is a guide about information about parvo.


Solutions: Information About Parvo

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Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo

Puppy Smelling FlowerParvo is a very contagious disease, the virus can remain active in your home and yard for some time. This is a guide about getting a puppy after losing one to parvo.

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Here are questions related to Information About Parvo.

Question: Separating Puppy Recovering from Parvo from Other Dog

We just bought two puppies from the same breeder about a month ago and they were perfectly healthy until about a week and a half ago when one of the puppies became very sick with vomiting and diarrhoea. The vet originally thought it was gastro so we kept him at home with our other puppy and they were in very close contact all the time whilst he was sick, eating from the same bowl, etc.

However after about a week our sick puppy was not getting any better so we took him to the vet and they confirmed it was parvo. However they thought it was highly unusual that our other pup did not get parvo from him, so they kept him at the vet's from then on for about 6 nights. We just brought him home tonight.

The vet thinks we should separate both puppies for the next month so we have our recovering pup in the laundry all by himself and he won't be coming out for the month because we can't risk our other puppy getting sick. Should we be bothering? Wouldn't our healthy pup already be sick, having been exposed for over a week to his illness plus being in the area in which he slept and went to the toilet frequently? He is still not showing any symptoms after over 2 weeks.

I am very worried about the adaption process that our sick pup is missing out on because I feel as though a month locked away in a laundry with no one being able to play with him or cuddle him is very bad!

By Madison


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]10/25/2013

Please seek another veterinarian advise.

Question: Does My Puppy Have Parvo?

Grey Pit or Pit mix puppy.My puppy was tested for parvo and the test came back negative, but the next day he was vomiting. Can that be parvo or something else?

By Becca N. from Las Vegas NV


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]10/17/2013

K9 CATS said it all. Your veterinarian is just a phone call away. Time is important with all animal problems.

Question: Caring for Puppy With Possible Parvo

I found two Boxer mix puppies a few weeks ago on the side of the road. They are brothers and were very skinny, so I don't think they've had their shots. Before I could take them to get them, one of the boys vomited twice last night and had runny stool. I took both of them to the doc and they said it's possibly parvo. So I cooked chicken and rice, he kept it down and is drinking water like usual and is playing around. His stool is green and semi solid now, but no blood. I plan to do the bleach cleaning tonight. Is there any other advice I can get to keep my two pups healthy? The vet said not to separate the boys because they've already been exposed. I just feel so bad. I want to do all I can to prevent the other one from getting it and loosing my other pup.

By Raechel

Most Recent Answer

By dandelion1o109/26/2013

Take the pups to another vet. The fact that the vet in a sense turned you away, without doing anything for the pups says something. If it is parvo they need iv's and constant care. The food is not going to help as parvo strips the lining of the intestine and makes it so that no nutrients can get into the blood stream. Parvo can be survived but it is iffy, and needs professional help.

Question: How Does a Dog Contract Parvo?

My dog went to the vet's and a dog had pravo. He has had all of his shots. He just got the last one that day. How long before I know if he has it?

By Denise

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]09/24/2013

The person you should be asking this question is your Veterinarian.

Question: Parvo Virus in My Yard

I have the parvo virus in my yard. One pup survived and the other died. If my dog has pups what would the survival rate be for the pups?

By Niomi from Australia

Question: Protecting Dogs from Parvo

I had 3 dogs. Zoey, who is 5 years old. Sissy, who is 2 years old. and Leia who was 14 months old. Leila recently passed from parvo. We buried her in the backyard. When we came back in we bleached my whole living room, the kitchen, the foyer, the bathroom my clothes were laying in, the porch, the sidewalk and the whole yard. I've never had to deal with parvo before and I knew it was a mean disease but I had no idea what to look for or how quick it was to just take over. When I got up today I bleached everything again. We've fed our other 2 dogs raw eggs and Pedialyte because it's a home remedy that we read about. My main question is what can I do to keep my other 2 dogs from getting this awful disease? How do I know if I've killed it (parvo) in my home and it's safe now for them? I don't know. Please if there is anything you know of how to prevent my other babies from getting it, please let me know. Thank you.

By AshleyNichole

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/02/2015

Your dogs need to be vaccinated and then will be safe from Parvo wherever they are. It is the only way to be sure. Talk with your Vet about their history and go with his recommendations for their vaccinations. They can encounter the virus anywhere in the environment, and aside from vaccination there is no way to protect them form the disease. It sounds like you have done everything possible in your home to protect them.

Question: Parvo Information

I'm wanting to get a new puppy. She is a survivor of parvo, but my sister has a puppy also and he has only had his first shot. I'm worried about if the new puppy can give my sister's puppy parvo? The owners of the puppy I want say that she has had tests done and they were clean.

By Taylour F

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [6]01/13/2015

More information about false negatives:
"Can a dog test negative for parvo and have the disease?
Yes: These results are termed false negative results. They tend to occur for two main reasons:
- the disease process is very early. It takes time (about 4 days) for virus particles to replicate and to start shedding into the feces where they can be detected on parvo testing kits.
- the antibody response of the animal is very high. This tends to occur later in disease. If an animal does not die, infection with parvo will eventually result in a response from the immune system: the immune system will mobilise defensive cells and produce antibodies to try to kill the virus. Many of these antibodies will remain in the bloodstream, but many will also be secreted into the intestinal tract (antibodies are one of the proteins that leak into the gut through the inflamed, ulcerated zones). These antibodies will bind to viral antigens in the feces and this can 'block' the antibodies in the parvo test kit from getting exposure to them. The result is a false negative."

Question: Dog Was Exposed to Parvo Won't Gain Weight

I recently found out that the dog I adopted about 2 months ago was exposed to parvo as a puppy and the owner never took him into the vet to get any vaccinations. He was extremely skinny when I got him and I just thought that he was underfed by his previous owners so I've been trying everything I can to have him put on some weight (cheap dog food, puppy food, extremely stinkin expensive dog food, wet food, homemade food) everything. I feed him 2X a day and he still won't put on any weight, but he poops like 5X a day. I made an apt to get him neutered in about a month. This was before I found out he was exposed to parvo so, should I make a sooner apt? and is there any other way to get him to put on weight? Also, is there any chance he may have the virus? Should I get him started on any vitamins? I Honesty know nothing about this.

By Nessie

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]11/26/2014

Please take your dog to the vet now-he is not gaining weight though you are feeding him well, he defecates much too often, and may or may not have other problems. He is clearly sick!

Question: Help for 4 Month Chihuahua with Parvo

girl and puppyI have a 4 month old chihuahua mix boxer that tested positive for parvo yesterday. I don't have the money to help him. He's not throwing up, but he wont eat or drink. I've been giving him Pedialyte and Gatorade with a syringe. What else can I do for my baby that's not going to cost too much? Or does anyone know of any organization that will or can help?

By Alisha from Fresno, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]11/05/2014

This recipe was borrowed from this site:

Homemade Pedialyte

4 cups of water (boiled or bottled drinking water) 1/2 teaspoon Morton lite salt (because it has potassium in it as well as sodium chloride) Can use regular table salt if you have to. 2 Tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon flavored jello or sodium free broth to add some flavor

Start with 1 cup of electrolyte solution in a small jar with a lid; add 2 heaping tablespoons of AC and then put the lid on and shake to blend. This goes into a syringe well and then can be placed into your dog's mouth; tip the head back and gently depress the plunger to allow him to drink it slowly.

Dose him 10cc every 2-4 hours for the first 48 hours.

If your dog has an appetite, you can mix the AC into canned dog food and make that a bit wetter and sloppier by adding the electrolyte solution to the wet food.

It is key to understand that the virus generally does not kill the dog - its the resulting dehydration that does the damage - so make sure you get those electrolytes down.

If he is taking food and appears to be bouncing back after the first regime of 48 hours, give your dog the wet AC and electrolyte loaded food am and pm for 5 days and up to 7 days. If he is hungry between meals, give him extra AC and electrolyte feedings.

Question: Parvo Symptoms and Cause

My dog was vomiting but no diarrhea yet. Since he looked really sick I took him to the vet and the vet tested him for parvo which came out positive yet no more vomiting and he only had diarrhea one time only and nothing after that. I gave hime lemon juice and Pepto Bismal and after the third day he started to eat on his own with no vomiting. He is up and running, but he still looks a bit sick. I don't know if it was the treatment the vet is giving him since I was taking him twice a day for parvo treatment, but now I am not sure if it's parvo or not. Is there any chance that the test for parvo be wrong and it maybe something else, maybe something he ate that could have made him sick? Does anyone know if this sounds like parvo?

By Martha O.

Question: Parvo Information

After my 7 month old and my 1 year and 3 month old Chihuahuas got parvo, do I still give them the parvo shot? How long after they recover from the parvo disease do I give them the shot?

By Jackie

Question: Recovery for a Dog With Parvo

I discovered that my dog had pure blood in his diarrhea. This was 6 days ago, so I took him to the vet Tuesday morning right when they opened. He is 2 years old and I told the vet that I thought he has parvo. He kept telling me no way because it was over a year old.

So what they did is tested him for it. It came back that he had it and needed to be treated for it. So, I left him there and had him treated. It's the 5th day since he has been in there. He hasn't throw up or had diarhea, until yesterday he had diarrhea. He hasn't eaten all week; he has been on fluids.

This morning I called to check on him and they said he hasn't got up or anything. So, I'm very upset over everything. This dog is like a kid to me. I have had him for 2 years. So I decided to go see him and see if that would help. I go up there and as soon as he sees me, he wags his tail non stop. He lifted his head. But that was all he did. He didnt get up or anything.

Do you think this is a sign he will make it? Do you think if he made it at least 5 days that he will make it? Do you think it helped that I went to see him?

By Sabrina

Most Recent Answer

By holo [1]01/03/2015

My puppy had parvo and I went to see him everyday so I think it helped to go see him. Sadly, my puppy died after because the parvo affected his kidneys and they failed on him. If your baby is attached to you then going to see him will definitely help he'll see you're not planning on leaving him there and it will give him hope and a reason to fight. And even if he doesn't make it you can take peace in the fact that you got to see him one last time.

Question: Getting a New Puppy After Losing One to Parvo

2 weeks ago my Dachshund puppy died from parvo. I bleached my whole yard and now we have decided to buy a Labrador puppy that has been vaccinated. Is it right to buy the puppy?

By Vishal

Most Recent Answer

By Joshua A.03/14/2014

I'm sorry for your loss. I got a puppy a few years back and she apparently had parvo before we got her. We adopted her from an animal shelter. Our vet advised us to get an adult dog with all vaccinations. Well we did and not a month and a half later she had seven puppies. I did not want her to go back to the animal shelter so we just prayed they would be fine and kept them inside until they were about a month old. They are all almost two years old now and they are quite fine.

When you get your new dog I would make sure the mother had all of her shots and was taken care of properly. A lot of people will tell you parvo lives forever in the dirt and all this but I honestly dont believe it. If your puppy that died was inside at all I suggest you you clean every place your puppy touched with vinegar (I didn't do a thing to my yard).

You can make homemade cleaning solutions with vinegar for your cloth items (couch) if need be. Obviously make sure they get their shots when theyre old enough. This is just speaking from experience. Good luck!

Question: Getting a Dog After Parvo

My son came to stay with his new puppy. He was here 2 days. While he was here it had loose stools and was sick twice. It had had its shot by a vet at 4/5 weeks. It was 7 weeks old. He went to his vet when he got home and it was parvo.

I have scrubbed everywhere with bleach, steamed cleaned the carpet and curtains with my steam cleaner. I used white vinegar. I have watered and bleached the yard. The pup only made a mess in one place and was only in one place in the yard. I've steamed my carpet everyday for 10 days and in the yard washed the skirting boards, door, and washed the couch because I am due to get my own pup next week. It is 12 weeks old and had all it needs. Will it be OK?

I have no option of not taking the pup from a home. It is not from a kennel like my son's dog. Could anyone tell me what they think?

By Brenda

Question: Parvo Communicability

One of our dogs has parvo. We've given him his parvo shot. Can our other dog catch it?

By jjanthony

Question: Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo

I had a puppy that died from parvo. If I get another puppy that already has its shots can it still get the parvo virus?

By NLM from Easley, SC

Question: Parvo Communicability

If my dog doesn't have parvo any more, but the virus is in my house if I pet another dog would it get parvo?

By Gg

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]10/10/2013

Oh, please do NOT get another dog until you are sure all of the Parvo is gone.

Question: Parvo and Nursing Puppies

Are pups protected from parvo while nursing?

By Corinna

Question: Transmitting Parvo

I recently pet a dog who has parvo. When I got home I washed my hands thoroughly. Can the parvo virus be transmitted from my clothing? I took the clothes off after I got home. Can that parvo be passed on to my dog even though my dog was no where near the dog. My dog stayed at home.

By Linda M.

Most Recent Answer

By Cheryl [3]08/23/2013

Yes, parvo can be carried home on your clothing and shoes. You need to take your dog to the vet for parvo vaccinations. Next time, come home, throw all your clothing in the wash, bleach your shoes, and take a shower. Just a note, parvo can live in your house and yard for 7 years. If you have a dog with it, you can never bring home another unvaccinated dog.

Question: Treating a Dog With Parvo at Home

My dog was having the same problem as edawg on here: Do Dogs that Survive Parvo Still Carry the Virus?. I just wanted to know what kind of tube did he use and what kind of antibiotic did he use.

By Nina L.

Most Recent Answer

By Kim M.05/26/2013

I just went through the Parvo nightmare. Went to the vet, got Clavamox & Spasmolin. He wasn't drinking. This part is very important: hydration is the key, get a BABY enema, pedolite, any flavor, warm it up a little & give it to your dog every 4 hours. Do this very slowly & get Vita Cal, a very high calorie supplement & give every 8 hours. Something I just came across & will be buying is Colloidal Silver & Parvaid, check out Wolf Creek this is their treatment for Parvo & no vet is needed. Good luck to all :)

Question: Understanding the Transmission and Incubation of Parvo

Can a dog be exposed to parvo and not show any symptoms for a month or more? What is the longest incubation period?

Do symptoms differ with the age of the dog involved as in do 8 week old puppies show different or more severe symptoms than a 5 month old puppy?

Can dogs that do not have direct contact with one sick with Parvo contract it through the air?

By Beth B.

Most Recent Answer

By gbk [45]05/23/2011

Beth your question is valid but you have to take your pets to vet if you even think they have parvo. If it attacks the intestines they are dead within 24 hours of showing signs. It may not be parvo it may be a number of things that you think are the same as parvo.. Yes it can be spread but thru the years I have found that walking in their own feces is usually root cause unless you bring it in with another animal or you take them where it is. At least take one of them to the vet .....If one is diagnosed then you can treat the others the same.

Question: Does My Other Dog Have Parvo Too?

We had a dog die of Parvo. How long do we wait to see if our other dogs catch it?

By Bobbi

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]01/11/2011

Get to the health food store if your dog has parvo. You need colloidal silver (10ppm or stronger) for an enema. Half hour later, another CS enema. CS by mouth often as you can even if you have to do it by eyedropper full. Even if you have to hydrate all through the night. Feed anything liquid. Chicken soup is good. They die mostly because of dehydration. Germs in the house/yard live for at least 6 months. Good luck. Deadly disease they often get from the vaccine. Build immune system with good food and care. No grocery store garbage kibble or canned. No corn wheat or soy. That destroys immune system and causes bad skin too.

Question: Can People Transmit the Parvo Virus?

Can my dogs get parvo off my girlfriend? Her dog has parvo. If so, what home remedy can I use now to eliminate it?

By Marcia from Foresthill, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Candy Killion [9]12/14/2010

This is a really good link with a lot of information on parvo:

People can spread it basically by tracking it into your house or yard on their shoes--it's transmitted through the infected dog's feces. Your dogs shouldn't be around hers--or in her home or yard until her dog gets the all-clear from a vet and she has thoroughly cleaned ( basically everything her dog, your friend and any of her family members has walked on--the house, the yard, interior of vehicles--read the info from the link and you'll get a better idea).

This link and a few others recommend cleaning with bleach, even dousing the grass in the yard. The grass will die, but better dead grass than the 50-50 chance of a parvo-infected dog dying.

If it were me and I was concerned about my dog having contracted parvo, she'd be off to the vet for a test; there's no cure for parvo, and the best that can be done is basically to have the dog on IV fluids while the virus runs its course. I'm no doctor, and personally would not want to do a home remedy for this--think treatment is best left in a vet's hands.

Question: Does the Female Dog's Milk Protect Puppies Against Parvo?

Does the female dog's milk protect puppies from getting Parvo?

By Luis from CA

Most Recent Answer


No! And the best thing you can do is talk to a vet about when they should have all of their shots including the ones to protect against Parvo! Is mom protected?

Question: Are There Other Canine Viruses That Resemble Parvo?

my dog's parvo test came back negative. Are there any canine viruses that act like the parvo virus?

By TuckysPaw from Il

Most Recent Answer

By soccergrandma04/24/2013

For those sturdier types that do not have $2000 for the vet treatment, read about how to do it yourself. Do dogs that survive Parvo still carry the virus, answer.

Question: Can Older Dogs Get Parvo?

Is there an age limit for when a dog can get parvo?

By Sandy H. from Bay Point, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Cathy [1]10/18/2009

I have to disagree with renee5774 because older dogs can get parvo. My Lab/Husky mix came down with parvo when she was 6 years old. We had just moved to TN from MN when she came down with it. The vet in TN told me that parvo was common in TN because it doesn't get cold enough to freeze it out in the winter. So my dog spent 6 days in intensive care on IV fluids but she did make it threw it alive. The one and only year that she did not have her shot and this happened. So my suggestion is to vaccinate your dog at all ages!

Question: Does My Puppy Have Parvo?

Can a puppy who's been vaccinated for Parvo still get it? My 18 week old beagle/basset mix has had diarrhea and been throwing up. He has been a lot less hyper than normal but we have had all of his shots done. I'm wondering if maybe he's just sick, this is the 3rd day of his diarrhea. We did recently change his food and he is still eating and drinking fine though. Normally he is very playful and hyper but lately you have to make him play. I am very worried!

Kaity from Woodstock, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Karen Lawson (Guest Post)11/10/2008

If he is eating it isn't parvo. If he isn't better in a day or so take him to the vet. Have you changed his food recently? Sometimes a change in food can cause upset.

Question: Surviving Parvo

My puppy (Mia) has been suffering with Parvo for the last 5 days, but in the last 2 she has not shown signs of much improvement but she has not got any worse either. The vets are doing all they can. She is on an IV drip and is going to have a tube put in to help her eat. I was just wondering what her chances of surviving this are and will she suffer all her life if she does recover.

Vicky from England

Most Recent Answer

By bobbia3004/27/2014

I have a Great Dane puppy that's 4 months old and spent 5 days with the vet. He also was IVS. The vet kept telling my husband and I that there's been no change for 5 days the vet told us this. Saturday I brought my puppy home and only 14 hours of being with our family at home. He started drinking and getting up more. Now he's on the road the a full recovery. If your puppy has made it 5 days or more they are fighting to survive just don't give up.

Question: Parvo: How Long Should I Wait to Get Another Dog?

The staffy pup I brought home from the shelter had parvo. She soiled twice on my carpet. I quickly cleaned it up and then we used a trigene disinfectant from the vet and sprayed the carpet many times. She also vomited once outside and we dug out the soil about 2 feet and bleached the area. The pavers have been bleached and all floors have been bleached. My pup had to be put down, she was so young and sick. How long should we wait until anther pup can come into my home?

Many thanks,

Most Recent Answer

By John Stark04/15/2009

Bleach will NOT work outside! Use Shacklee Basic G, it kills the Parvo in the grass, on the ground but won't kill the grass or pollute the ground.

BTW, Parvo stays on and in the ground a year if not treated and it can be tracked home by anyone who goes in your yard.

Question: Do Dogs that Survive Parvo Still Carry the Virus?

Once a dog is cured from the parvo virus, does the dog still carry the parvo virus germ?

Tracey from Roxboro, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Stuart M.07/29/2013

No once they recover from it they are immune for the rest of there lives. My little dog has just recovered from it. He is 1 year old he didn't eat for 6 days. He was on a iv line at the vets otherwise he would of died.

The main thing a dog needs is fluids as its body cannot retain them due to this illness with iv support the chances of a dogs survival is between 80%-95% without it you can reverse them figures so even if you can't afford a vets bill at least buy a iv line and syringe. That way your dog doesn't get dehydrated failing that you have a £1800 vet bill for 7 days care.

Also regardless of what you read the only thing that will kill this virus outside is bleach 20 parts water to one part bleach. To be safe inside, you need a steam mop for furnishings otherwise it's there for up to twelve months and then stays dormant till spring.