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Keep Rodents Out During Winter

Dryer sheets stuffed in opening around plumbing.

If you have had problems with rodents invading your house in the winter, try this helpful tip. Place Bounce Softener dryer sheets into the little crevices and cracks where they are coming in. Place them around the pipes under sinks, too. They don't like the smell and they won't chew through them because of the taste. We had two mice last year that we caught with sticky traps. Then we started tucking dryer sheets into the areas they were coming in we never had another one!

By Shawna G. from Ann Arbor, MI


By vicki hood 4 564 10/10/2012

To kill them outright is one thing but to make the suffocate, dehydrate, bleed, break bones and starve while trying to die is the cruelest. NO glue traps, please. I live in the country where I learned about the tin cat. It is sold at the co op, horse feed store. I get my dogs healthier food there (Diamond lamb and rice with no corn wheat or soy) $27 for 40 pounds. I trap rodents live and release them to the wild where owls, hawks and maybe even wildcats feed. It is a good feeling.

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By Malinda 4 59 10/13/2012

I, also, do not use sticky paper. Even though they are rodents, they are still living creatures. This is a very cruel way of getting rid of them. I, also, have human mouse traps and release in the wild. My sister-in-law used the sticky stuff and the mouse was still alive and she put it in a paper bag and stepped on it. I can't think what kind of person can do this.

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By jeannette 4 98 10/15/2012

Steel Wool can also be places and stuffed around the pipes where you think the rodents might be coming in. They can not chew thru the steel wool. Works fine for winters in Ct.

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Thanks for this tip! Bounce dryer sheets are soooo much safer if you have pets or kids!

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By Marg 16 433 10/28/2012

Completely agree with Melinda and Muttmom. They are living things that feel pain and terror. Cruelty is not on.

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By Blanche Ray T. 1 11/02/2012

Ladies this tip is about bounce dryer sheets, nothing mean there so why make more out of this then it is.

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By KenB 4 12/12/2012

In response to some clever comments below: Yes that is a great idea! Release the little rodents to the wild where the owls, hawks and even wildcats feed on little rodents. It is a good feeling for the owls, hawks and wildcats when they feed on little rodents. Lol, that is funny. Why not be really nice and give them a spare bedroom, make tham beds out of shoe boxes and feed them $30 a bag trail mix.

On the other hand, I'm sick of these little rodents burglarizing my home, rummaging through my kitchen when I sleep, and then pooping in my attic. These little freeloaders don't have jobs and don't even pay rent. I tried to be friendly and left a note giving them directions to the nearest welfare office, but they just chewed it up.

I'll try the fabric sheets. Thanks.

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By J'Marinde 12 40 10/20/2014

Buy one of those spray bottles, add 1 cup water and 2 tsp. Oil of Peppermint - NOT peppermint flavoring, but the REAL essential oil (Amazon has it for few dollars or get it at your local coop - about $7.00 or so - not bad to get rid of the pesky things.) Spray it in the corners of your rooms or anyplace they come in. They are allergic to this and stay away - also keeps spiders away.

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