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Kilz Primer is Very Watery

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I bought Kilz primer to cover very dark paint. I was surprised at how thin and watery it was and the part of the wall I painted looks like the paint is trying to separate or run. This happens after I smoothed the paint with my brush. Could there be something wrong with the paint already on the wall or could hot weather cause this?

By Norma J.


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By susan [8]06/23/2011

Have you contacted the company?

By Elaine S. [39]06/23/2011

GTIC is right, if you are going to buy a primer, buy a good one and that is Zinsser. I used to work in a paint store and that is the one that was always recommended.

By Dreamwvr [1]06/22/2011

Any paint needs to be thoroughly stirred/shaken.

By Georgieporgee06/22/2011

I recently bought Kilz and noticed it was a watery consistancy. It does thicken up, but needs to be stirred very well. I pull the mixing stick up and down while stirring, and this seems to quicken the process.

By mcw [80]06/21/2011

I used Kilz primer years ago on my kitchen cabinets to cover all of the dark wood, then I repainted all of my kitchen cabinets and installed all new handles on the doors and drawers. DH and I found the hardware that were attached to some old cabinets. Apparently someone was remodeling their kitchen and they threw out all their old cabinets. With a little bit of black paint, and work on my part I made the handles look brand new. If you've been having problems with the Kilz as GTIChick did then they have changed their formula and it's not the same.

Contact the manager at the store where you bought it. I bet that you can get your money refunded, even though you don't have the sales receipt.

By Stacy Emberson06/21/2011

I started covering a dark wall with Kilz, and had the same problem. I switched to Zinsser Bullseye Primer and had no problem. I think Kilz has changed formulas, because it used to be a lot thicker than it is now.

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