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Mini Slow Cooker Recipes

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If you have a small sized or mini slow cooker, you can use recipes designed for that capacity pot or adjust those written for a larger cooker. This page contains mini slow cooker recipes.



Here are questions related to Mini Slow Cooker Recipes.

Question: Recipes for the Small Slow Cooker

I have just purchased a small slow cooker with a capacity of 1-5 liters. Are there any recipes for this size cooker? Or is there a method of reducing larger portion recipes? I have looked at several slow cooker recipe books, they all appear to be for large families. I am only cooking for myself.


By billyfish


Most Recent Answer

By KL [3]04/15/2010

Here are some sites that have recipes for the Crock-ette crock pot which is a small 1 quart size:

Question: Recipes for a Mini Crockpot

I purchased a mini crock pot at the local Goodwill Store, I couldn't resist, its so cute. However I can not figure out anything to make in it. I am assuming small appetizers and dips. Does anyone have any recipes they can share with me. Thanks!

monnat96 from Pingree Grove, IL


Most Recent Answer

By William Slater03/01/2009

34 Recipes for you to try!


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