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Miniature Pinscher Mix Photos and Information

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Miniature Pinscher Mix

Mixed breed dogs can make excellent companions and watchdogs. This page contains miniature pinscher mix photos and information.



Here are questions related to Miniature Pinscher Mix Photos and Information.

Question: Min Pin /Shih-Tzu Mix

I have a male min pin and I have a female shih-tzu mixed with pekingese. They have been breeding and they hung together last night. Does anyone know where I could go to find out what their pups would look like?

Brandy from Bullitt County, Kentucky


Most Recent Answer

By Michael H.11/04/2013

My wife and I have two puppies about 11 weeks old. We had one about 7 months ago he passed away. He was poisoned we tried to save him but the vet couldn't do anything. We stayed with him for three nights in a row before he passed away:(

RE: Min Pin /Shih-Tzu Mix

Question: What is My Miniature Pincher Mixed With?

Our new little MinPin mix. Any ideas what he might be mixed with? We think he is about 10 weeks old. We rescued him from a shelter in Mississippi.

Katie from New York


Most Recent Answer

By kalajo11/10/2011

I bought this little guy from a animal rescue about a month ago. They said he was min pin mixed with a hound. They were unsure of what kind of hound. Does anyone have any idea what he may be mixed with and about how big he will get?

RE: What is My Miniature Pincher Mixed With?

Question: What Breed is my Dog?

Small black and brown dog with red halter.I got a dog in Jan. 2008 from DENKAI and was told he is Min Pin mixed breed but I m not sure about his breed. He was about five months old in January 2008, now he is almost 7 months. They told me he will have medium height but now his weight and height is increasing and he is becoming longer, not much taller, but longer and gaining weight day by day. His weight is near around 30-31 lbs. and height 19 inches. So please help me to find his breed as some people says he is Rottweiler and some says he is Min Pin? Here I have his picture which I took in February 2008 when he was almost 6 months old. Now he is more taller and longer then this picture.

Deepali from CO

Most Recent Answer

By jessica (Guest Post)08/12/2008

I have a dog that looks just like your dog and my dog is a min pin.

Question: What Breed is My Dog?

Black and tan puppy playing.I know it's impossible to tell 100% what breed my mix puppy is just by looking at him, but I am very curious if there are any tell-tale signs to look for between a Miniature Pinscher and a Carlin Pinscher (which is a Min Pin and Pug mix.) We purchased our lil guy only two days ago, and he is 6 weeks old. We were told he his mother was a Chihuahua, and the father was a Min Pin or Carlin Pin. I am very curious if there is anything I can look for that would tell me a Pug is in the mix. Puppy in a front pouch.

By Lisa

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]08/05/2012

This is a sweet baby but the person who bred him should know his mixed-breed. In any case he should not have left his Mother until eight weeks of age. Just love him for who he is.

Question: What is My Miniature Pinscher Mixed With?

Dog lying on floor.She is two years old now, close to 35 pounds with floppy ears and a white patch on her chest. I've always been curious as to what she's mixed with. It would be very helpful if anyone can tell us what she could possibly be. Dog standing near couch.

By Tamara

Most Recent Answer

By Hastings.rainy04/30/2014

Well it's not even about the color above the eye. I have a full blood blue healer and she has the same color above the eyes also, but the difference in it is the whole body is usually always black and has spots of darker brown on the lower part of the legs and above the eyes. Some Rottweilers have a patch of white on the chest part area so like your dog does. Sorry for the long explanation :P but if so your dog does have other breeds it would be small fractions of one. :)

You have a good lookin dog:D

Question: Min Pin Rottweiler Mix Weight

black and tan dogCan a Min Pin/Rottweiler be as small as 20 lbs?

By Robyn B.

Solutions: Miniature Pinscher Mix Photos and Information

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Below are photos related to this guide.

Riley (Mini Pin/Terrier)

Riley is a 12 week old Mini Pin/Terrier mix. I came across Riley on Craigslist and brought him home to join our family on February 2, 2011.

He likes trips to Pet Smart with Mommy, and hiding anything he can get a hold of in his bed (you would be surprised at what I find in there!). He gives loads of "puppy kisses" to anyone who will let him, and he tries to intimidate the family cats (he thinks he is a lot bigger than he actually is!). Most of all, Riley loves to chew, chew, chew on anything and anyone. Nothing is safe, especially not hands, sleeves, pant legs, shoes, and hair ties!

Riley has only been a member of our family for a month so far, but in that short time, he has brought so much joy, love, excitement, and companionship to my life!

I'm a stay at home mom and both my kids are in school all day, my husband is at work, and the cats sleep all day (and all night!). So life could be pretty lonely and sometimes depressing, but not with this little guy! Riley has already changed my life for the better.

By Amanda

Young pup eating from a spoon

Levi (Mini Pincher/Terrier)

Levi Logan is a 9 month old Mini Pincher/Terrier. When he was old enough to leave his mother, he was given to us by a friend.

Levi likes to go for walks on the lakefront park, swim in the water, and retrieve sticks. He has a stuffed football he loves to play with. He knows at a certain time it's bedtime. Then he will go into his pet cage, taking his ball to put his head on to sleep. Levi loves people.

He likes to eat bananas and salad, especially lettuce, no dressing of course. We take him to the beach, where he likes to dig holes in the sand and bury his head, then he runs crazy afterwards. He likes rolling soft grass and takes off running as fast as he can. Seems he never gets tired.

Levi is a lovable dog, he loves attention, and tells when he needs to go outside. It's kind of like he is trying to talk to you. If you don't understand, he has a funny sigh and yawn, like he is annoyed.

By Sandra

Levi Logan Mini Pincher Terrier Standing in Grass

Syrus (Min Pin Terrier Mix)

Syrus is a 6 year old mixed breed. To the best of my ability I believe he is Min Pin and terrier mix. I bought him at the shelter when he was a puppy. Syrus was found on the street in Chicago. Someone found him and brought him to a local shelter. I got him when he was about 6-7 months. All the cages were filled up with other pets at the time and he was in a small crate by the cashiers. I asked them if he bites and if I could buy him. They said yes I can. He is a Min-Pin mix.

Syrus has a baby swimming pool he plays in the summer. He has lots of toys that he ripped all the stuffing out of. He likes pig ears, treats, and cookies. He also lets kids dress him up in outfits. I don't think he likes that, but it is funny.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a pet in a pet store. Shelters are the best. He loves me and protects me. He is a very loyal and playful dog. He sits in my lap when I am at the computer and watching TV.

By Day from Palatine, IL

Dog in wading pool wtih tennis balls.

Khloe (Min Pin and Terrier)

Khloe is 1 year and 3 months old and a miniature pincher and terrier mix. I got her from a friend in June of 2008. She loves to play with other dogs, mainly her sister. She is very smart. She has learned tricks within 15 minutes.

By Joni from Sarasota, FL

Sabrina (Miniature Pinscher)

Sabrina is 6 years old and is a Miniature Pinscher. My husband had her before we got married.

She likes to bark, eat, cuddle, annoy the cats. You know, the usual.

I bought this doggy coat thinking it would keep her warm if I took her for a walk but while she didn't try to chew it off (like a sweater she used to have.) She did try to see if she could shake it off her legs for a minute or two. She sure looks cute though!

small dog in coat