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Name Ideas for a Clothing Store

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Clothing Store

When opening your own store you want to have a catchy, easy to remember name. This guide contains name ideas for a clothing store.



Here are questions related to Name Ideas for a Clothing Store.

Question: Name Ideas for Kids' Clothing Store

I am trying to think of names for a kid's clothing store. I will be selling casual wear, casual shoes, play wear, kids accessories, hats, etc. I need some more ideas. Here's a few that I have thought of: Twenty 13, New Era, Just 4 Kids!, or The Kid's Spot. Please help and thanks.

By mina mina


Most Recent Answer

By Crafty_Witch [11]01/21/2013

How about the "Kidz Kloset"?

Question: Name Ideas for an Online Clothing Store

I just opened an online retail store for men's clothing. I am looking for some ideas for my business name. Thank you.

By Brett from Boston, MA


Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]01/07/2010

Brett's Virtual Men's Clothes?

Question: Tween Clothing Store Name Ideas

Any suggestions on a clothing store name for the "tween" age? The clothing will portray uniqueness, funky, urban streetwear, and trendy.

By Fashion Guru from Oceanside, NY

Most Recent Answer


Tweenie Wear or Tweenie Wear Today

Question: Name Ideas for Women and Children's Clothing Store

I'm starting a new business, a women and kids clothing store. I didn't name it yet. Can you help me? Thank you.

By Roro from IN

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Taylor [10]03/02/2010

Chicks and chick-a-dees!

Question: Name Ideas for On-line Clothing Store

I am opening up an online clothing store for teens and I couldn't choose a name. I want the name to be unique and catchy. Any suggestions?

By Lauren A.

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [424]02/23/2015

How about "The Clothes Line". Hope that helps. PBP

Question: Name Ideas for Online Ladies Clothing Store

I am starting up an online ladies clothing store, but I am stuck on a name. Any help will be much appreciated.

By E. Mac from Australia

Most Recent Answer

By marion [6]04/08/2013

When I have started a business, several times different types of business I used part of my name, if that doesn't work use part of your last name together with our first name. Let me know if this helped.
Marion NJ

Solutions: Name Ideas for a Clothing Store

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