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Nursing Home Gift Basket Ideas

Nursing Home Gift Basket

Fill your gift basket for a friend or family member in a nursing home with useful and thoughtful gifts. This is a guide about nursing home gift basket ideas.



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Question: Nursing Home Gift Basket Ideas

Our Ladies' Auxiliary likes to make little baskets for the Veterans in our nursing homes and have run out of ideas for items. Most of the Vets cannot have candy and lots are in bed most of the time. I am looking for suggestions of small things for them, no sharp objects like pins allowed. All ideas are welcome. Thanks.

By GrandmaS from MD

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By jill 9 45 03/26/2010

My mom is in a nursing home and they love magazines, books, newspapers and videos. I am taking a bunch of costume jewelry to the ladies. I also take my dogs to visit them and they love that more than anything. She is in a brain unit (dementia, Alzheimer's) and my dogs have gotten some of them that never speak to talk to us. How about arranging for some animal visits. My son takes his guitar and plays music for them. It isn't about things you can give them but things they might enjoy. And take a camera and share pictures on your next visit.

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By Linda 45 301 03/31/2010

We do Christmas baskets every year for our nursing homes. We put lotions, combs, socks, toothbrushes/paste, fruit, etc.

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