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Organizing With Boxes

Organizing With Boxes

Boxes are a great way to help get your home and garage organized. This is a guide about organizing with boxes.



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Tip: Color Coded Storage

We are very fortunate to have a lot of cabinet space in our kitchen, but we still had an organizing issue. Some of the cabinets are very deep, making it so that items have to be layered. It becomes a pain to when you have to remove the big crockpot to get to the rice cooker, etc. Also, we had a number of items we didn't use very often (BBQ tools, extra water bottles, etc.)

The space we weren't using was on top of the cabinets. I bought some inexpensive file boxes at Ikea, that had spots for labels. Initially, I wrote what was in boxes on the label, but soon realized I couldn't read what was in them without climbing on a stool.

So tonight I had a fantastic "lightbulb" moment. Why not use colored pieces of paper as labels and make a color key that I could hang on the refrigerator at eye-level?! It works well and I like the little pop of color up there! Plus, it is easy to change my list of what is in the boxes when I switch things around. I hope this can help you too!

NOTE: This would also work really well in the garage or in a storage building. :)

boxes on cabinetcolor code chart


Tip: Boxes for Organizing Small Parts

Want an easy way to store small parts in the garage, shop, sewing/craft room? I use recycled cardboard or regular cardboard boxes to make smaller boxes which organize many small pieces or parts. Homemade boxes for organizing small parts.

Approximate Time: Ten minutes per box.


  • cardboard
  • rule/straightedge
  • box cutter/craft knife
  • tape (package, masking, box tape)
  • printed labels, if needed


  1. Get piece of cardboard.

  2. Cut to size wanted using box cutter or craft knife.

  3. Cut out four corner pieces as shown. Making boxes for organizing small parts.

  4. Score sides and ends and fold up on scores.

  5. Tape sides and ends together to form box. Homemade Boxes for Organizing

  6. Make labels, if wanted and glue on to end of box. Homemade Boxes for Organizing

  7. If many boxes are to be made, make template. Template for boxes for organizing small parts.

By Lonnie from Chatsworth, CA

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