Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Maple Cabinets

Kitchen With Maple Cabinets

Cabinets often occupy a significant space in your kitchen. So choosing a paint color that coordinates with your cabinetry is important. This page contains paint color advice for kitchen with maple cabinets.



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Question: Kitchen Paint Colour Advice

Kitchen Paint Colour AdviceKitchen Paint Colour Advice

I am useless at choosing colours for my kitchen. It is a small galley kitchen with maple units and wall cupboards. The work top is black with specks of grey, hardly noticeable, and the floor is a dark colour like a blacky brown. The splash back tiles are like a light terracotta. What colour would be best to give it some life please? I have added a couple of pictures of the kitchen, but they aren't very good. But they do show the colours of the cupboards and work tops.

    By Linda56 [1]


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    By Linda56 [1]05/23/2015

    Thank you True Lady

    Question: Paint Colors for Kitchen with Blonde Maple Cabinets

    Paint Colors for Kitchen With Blonde Maple CabinetsI am contemplating a color for my kitchen and need some suggestions. I have light blonde maple cabinets and dark countertops. The adjoining room is SW paint color Toasty Chocolate brown.

    I am thinking about either a sage/olive green or a golden tone. I would like for the cabinets to stand out against the wall color as well as something that is not too dark as the adjoining living room is a dark color.



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    By Beth [25]12/15/2008

    I have similiar cabinets and counters. I did mine with a very light sage and a shade darker sponged over. It looks great. If I had a picture I'd send it to you!

    Question: Paint Advice with Maple Cabinets, Light Hardwood, and Black Granite Counters

    What color should I paint my kitchen? I have cedar maple cabinets, light hardwood floors, Impala black granite counter tops, seat cushions with brick red, sage green, and tan stripe. I can't make a decision. Help.

    By EZCARDS from Washington, DC

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    By paula [19]10/12/2009

    I really like a cream color it is a neutral. That way you can change you accessories down the line without having to repaint your entire kitchen.

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color to Match Maple Cabinets

    I have dark green granite countertops and honey-maple cabinets in my kitchen. What paint color would look best with these?

    By Susan

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    By Beth [25]01/25/2011

    Peachy or terra cotta.

    Question: Cabinets and Trim for Mint and Chocolate Kitchen

    I want to paint my kitchen/dining room Middleshire Green (light mint blue), Milk Chocolate (light chocolate brown), and Light Raffia (sand). I know I want my walls textured in the light mint blue, but what about the trim and cabinets? I have a sandy colored countertop with different shades of sandy tan ceramic on my floor.

    By Ashley from Philadelphia, MS

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    By Pam Griffis [10]03/15/2010

    I would paint the cabinets the chocolate brown color or a little darker and the trim the sand color to or the chocolate brown.

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

    What color (other than green) should I paint my kitchen walls? My appliances are white, floor is beige, and backsplash tile is cream. The cabinets are light maple and the kitchen is somewhat dark.

    By Sue B

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    By Carol Swanson [35]03/31/2014

    I would not choose any color other than cream. Cream is a shade of white that isn't bright white, but rather has a little tinge of yellow. It is the color of cream made from milk.

    Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen with Mocha Maple Cabinets and Beige Tile

    photo of Kichen Wall ColorI would like some kitchen wall color suggestions for a medium size kitchen. It has maple cabinets, antiqued with mocha. The backsplash is ceramic 4x4 tiles of light taupe, antique whites, and a slight beige mixed into splashes of color. I have 4x4 every 4th tile of antique dark bronze inlays in backsplash.

    By Karen from Perry, FL

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    By Cheryl06/01/2011

    You could go with a taupe, or very light brown paint to accent the maple. If you wanted a bold color, a country red (similar to the color of round plate shown on the counter and use white trim).

    Question: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Floors

    I would like suggestions for paint color for a kitchen with warm brown maple cabinets and an oak floor, whitish countertops and back-splash and almond-colored appliances. I tend to be country to traditional in decorating style.

    By Eileen from Monroe, NY

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    By Pam Griffis [10]03/25/2010

    I would suggest a sage green or a bluish/gray color.

    Question: Colors To Go With Hardrock Maple Countertops

    The color of my cabinets is "Hardrock Maple" the color of my countertop is "Butter-Rum". I have stainless steel appliances. I am looking for suggestions on floor color and paint color.

    Please help, I have horrible design taste and do not want to mess up.

    Scott from Kew Gardens, NY

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    By joan pecsek [88]10/03/2007

    How about ivory(slightly yellowish white)for the floor and a light shade of grey, blue grey, or sage(a light greyish green) for the walls. Get some paint chips and tape them to your walls. Paint chips are small but they will give you an iidea.

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

    I have maple cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The countertop is black with gray and beige specks and the backsplash has a slight gray swirl. The kitchen is a galley kitchen and is very small.

    By Robin B from Delran, NJ

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    By Mary Lou [14]01/23/2015

    I'm thinking a shade of beige, but with a rosy tone to it.

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color and Countertop Advice

    We are buying a 10 yr. old home. The kitchen has light maple cabinets. We want to put in a granite countertop. What color of granite should we go with. We were thinking of old Venetian gold, but are confused if it will make the kitchen look too dull. The flooring is of oak wood medium color, neither dark nor too light. I don't want to have a white kitchen, so can anyone please suggest a good color to paint kitchen and for granite. Don't want too bright nor too dull. Dining area. Island and work area.

    By Siya

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    By Gloria Z [10]04/04/2014

    Salmon by Benjamin Moore for the walls and take a paint swatch to the counter top supplier to pick a counter top that compliments the paint.

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color Help

    I have very light maple kitchen cabinets (from the 80s) and black counter tops. My kitchen walls run up against my dining room walls so they need to compliment each other. My dining room is a light blue and has white California shutters that I love. I would like to go with a darker, bolder color in the kitchen as it is very bland looking right now.

    By LH Sudbury

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    By Marilyn D. [2]08/09/2013

    I would try a real light gray color that has a hint of blue in it. It may look good since you have light blue in the dining room and black counter tops.

    Question: Painting a Kitchen With Maple Cabinets

    I need to paint my kitchen. I have maple units with black worktops. I am also going to change the tiles. What paint colour do you think would work? What colour tiles would like good?

    By Lee

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    By redhatterb [1]09/14/2011

    Your cabinets and countertops are neutral colors, therefore any color that you like will go with them. Pick up some paint chips at the store, and see what colors you like.

    Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen with Maple Cabinets and Walnut Floors

    I need help with deciding a paint color for my kitchen. I am completely remodeling. I am having maple cabinets, walnut flooring, white trim, stainless appliances, and Giallo Napoli granite counter tops. I will be painting this weekend (6/4/11). Thank you.

    By Lynn

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    By Sheilah Link [5]06/01/2011

    As walnut has a slight purple cast, I would suggest a color that reflects that or the yellow of the maple. This is going to be tricky and as much as a hate to say it, I would recommend an off white unless you really want to be adventuresome and that you might consider a neon yellow. I am not sure what color your counter tops are, but I am guessing a gray with spots of purple. Also consider the color on next room so the colors will flow from room to room.

    Question: Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Gold Granite

    Can someone suggest kitchen paint colors? I have cherry maple cabinets, golden sand polished granite (which is creamy with specks of gold, pinkish coral and green), with quartzite gold porcelain floor tiles. The back splash is creamy with specks of gold.

    I have only two walls to paint near the window. The room is very bright. I want the cabinets to pop more than the paint, but I still want some color. I want the room to seem bigger than it is. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

    By Jane from Yonkers, NY

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    By Allyson 04/25/2011

    Try and auburn but not to dark, or darker yellow.

    Question: Paint Color Advice for Kitchen with Maple Cabinets and Sage Countertops

    I'm looking for a paint color for my kitchen. The cabinets are maple, the countertop is Corian and the over all color is sage green with specks of darker sage and a grayish white. The back splash is grayish white.

    Any suggestions?

    By Eileen from West Chester, PA

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    By Sheilah Link [5]05/16/2011

    I would suggest a very light maple color bordering on yellow or yellow in curtains or pursue something in the green family. A bright, light green might be appealing. What are your appliances? If they are white, then you may not need the brighter colors, but if they aren't, an bright accent color might be best. You have neutral colors to work with so you can play with colors. Consider how much light you have.

    Question: What Color To Paint Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Granite Counter Tops

    I have maple cabinets, stainless steel appliances, black granite countertops, and cobalt blue pendant lights. What color do I paint the walls?

    By Marla from WI

    Most Recent Answer

    By JB03/22/2011

    I have maple cabinets and black countertops and I painted my kitchen yellow! (not to dark and not to pastel.). Go to the store and get 3 different color paint samples and chose from there! My other kitchen color (floor mat, plates) is red!

    Question: Painting My Kitchen Sofit

    I want to paint my sofit and have medium brown maple cabinets. What colors will go with the cabinets?

    By Clara G

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

    I have medium maple cabinets with mixed dark brown quartz countertops. I am thinking of orange paint for small areas of walls in kitchen. Also I have stainless steel appliances.

    By Susan B.

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color Advice

    kitchen with maple cabinetsWhat color should I paint my kitchen walls? I have light/yellowish maple cabinets, tan granite counter and backslash, and off white tile flooring with stainless steel appliances? Thanks!

    By Jake from San Jose, CA

    Question: Kitchen Wall Color Advice

    We are doing a total renovation of our kitchen. The cabinets are Thomasville maple, stain is called cider. The appliances will be slate. I purchased a pendant light for above the sink which is a punched kettle black tin, the ceiling will be off white. The counter top is Silverstone, called tea leaf.
    What paint color(s) would be best? Thank you.

    By Sharon

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color with Red Maple Cabinets

    I have red maple cabinets with black/gold granite counter tops and stainless appliances in a fairly large kitchen with lots of light. It is partially open to a dark green/cream painted living room. What paint color will match for the kitchen? (Something other than mustard yellow or beige/brown which makes my walls look pink.)

    By Mimi

    Question: Kitchen Paint Color and Curtain Advice

    I need help with what color to paint the kitchen walls and the color for curtains? or Roman shades? I have light golden maple wood kitchen cabinets and ceramic 12x12 floor (called Caribbean Slate from Lowe's, it's a light neutral tile, which has gray/silver with green hues mixed with splashes of sand, beige, and cream tones- so neutral goes with practically anything). I am thinking of getting a darker granite counter with some black in it, and stainless steel appliances. The color in our dining room, which is separated by an archway, is a chocolate beige (Benjamin Moore Big Bend Beige). I'm thinking of just going with a beige to play it safe, but want to have color so thinking yellow? or gray color w/ slight green undertone? or green/sage? or bronze brass reddish color? I'm all over the map and not sure what direction to go. I could really use any help. Thanks.

    By Ellen D. from Lakewood, NJ

    Question: Paint Color for Kitchen with Maple cabinets.

    I am looking for a paint colors for the kitchen. We have maple cabinets, darker hardwood floors, and granite countertops that are beige, cream, and black (fairly neutral).

    By Ryan

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    Archive: Kitchen Paint Color to Match Maple Cabinets

    We are trying to find a color for the kitchen walls to go with our new medium maple cabinets. Would appreciate your suggestions. specific brand and color code is welcome. Thanks, Brad

    RE: Kitchen Paint Color to Match Maple Cabinets

    Well Brad, it would help in suggesting if you included the type/color of flooring and counter tops. Even appliances can come into play. Having just completed a kitchen remodel I can appreciate it when it all comes together. Kat (04/02/2005)

    By Kat

    RE: Kitchen Paint Color to Match Maple Cabinets

    I believe a light Sage color would be beautiful. (04/02/2005)

    By Annette

    RE: Kitchen Paint Color to match white washed oak kitchen cabinets

    I am moving into a new house with white-washed kitchen cabinets and am struggling with a wall color. The counter top is marble-like with white and gray swirls. The entire first floor includes an open floor plan that includes dining room, living room and family room. So a neutral color is my first thought. The floor is hardwood everywhere with cream-colored ceramic tile in the kitchen. Any suggestions? (09/07/2005)

    By Debra

    RE: Kitchen Paint Color to Match Maple Cabinets

    The walls in the colour "ginger" would be awesome with those cabinets. Cream would be my second choice. I would add something red to that kitchen to bring out the wood. I am in the process of reupholstering my living room. The sofa, chair & drapes will be raspberry velvet...sofa is done & looks totally awesome against the old hardwood floors & cream coloured walls. Have fun! Patsy

    PS I am adding Native American items to the room, to bring these shades all together. (03/13/2006)

    By Patsy

    Archive: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Floors

    Please help me pick a paint color for my remodeled kitchen. I need to pick out paint this week. We have light stained maple cabinets to ceiling. Matching new oak hardwood floors. Tropical brown (black/brown) granite countertops with Stainless Steel Applicances. I just orders 2" light wood blinds.

    Currently no backsplash because I can't decide. Do I pick a neutral color for the walls around the seating area or do I pick a color - I sort of liked Sherwood green by Benjamin Moore. If I do have a backsplash what color tiles?

    I also put in new 6 panel oak doors. Two of the doors are very visible in the kitchen. I would also like a new kitchen set. I was thinking about glass table instead of adding more wood. I would love your suggestions.


    RE: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Floors

    I say go with a kitchen white. It will brighten up the room, provide a nice contrast for the wood, and just look fresh. Besides, should you decide to do something like add fabric, anything will match the white walls. Be sure you use a kitchen paint. They are designed to make it easier to wash the walls. The problem with using other colors is that you easily get cooking splatters and grease all over the place, and it is far easier to over look the dirt when the color isn't as obvious or bright as white. Besides, with all that gorgeous wood, why would you want to use a color that would wind up playing down the beauty of the wood. I used to like off white, but for some reason, as it ages, it starts to turn browner, and looks really awful in a very short period of time! (03/17/2005)

    By skbeal

    RE: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Flo

    I'd use something neutral for the backsplash, because you probably won't ever change that again. I'd also choose something light because it sounds like everything else in your kitchen is dark. Maybe white, cream, tan, or grey (I'd pick white).

    I don't know what color Sherwood green is, but it sounds wonderfully foresty with all the wood in your kitchen. You might want to get a small container of paint and paint a large visible section to see how that will feel before deciding. Or if you have a sheet, blanket, tablecloth or some other big thing in a similar color, have someone hold that up against the wall to see if it feels too dark or anything. Make sure the color you choose goes with other things you will have like curtains and pictures.

    One thing I noticed once about glass tables while watching a movie is that you can see through them to people's laps, so you can see them fidgiting and stuff. I wonder if anyone makes stainless steel tables. You could get a table with tile matching your backsplash (easy if you choose white tile). Or you could start using tablecloths on a wood table. (03/18/2005)

    By Debbie

    RE: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Floors

    Thanks for the help. I bought a sample bottle of the sherwood green and I don't like it. Then I went to a local paint store with my samples of wood and granite and they suggested a cream color wall. I have decided this would go well and it would show off the new cabinets. I could add accent colors with flowers, paintings and seat cushions. I still haven't decided on a dinette set. (03/19/2005)

    By Eileen

    RE: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Flo

    I also have new maple cabinets and I choose a redwood floor. With the maple color running through it. I thought it would be really dark. But it isn't. The color I have chosen for the walls is a yellow, much like a butternut squash color, with a lighter yellow on the ceiling. It has warmed my woods and brightened the kitchen. I chose a beautiful green quartz counter top. And my accents are a burgundy. I am very happy with the results. (07/21/2007)

    By Dana

    RE: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Floors

    I'd suggest using a cream or gold-just keep it neutral. I like Tobacco Road by Sherwin Williams (old color, will probably have to ask for it). I also like Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams. (07/29/2007)

    By Mac

    Archive: Kitchen Paint Color to Match Maple Cabinets

    I'm trying to determine what color to paint my kitchen walls. I have natural maple cabinets, white appliances, white tile floor with a little bit of a very light brown.


    Archive: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Floors

    I was wondering if you could tell me which color goes really well with maple kitchen units?


    RE: Paint Advice For Kitchen With Maple Cabinets and Oak Floors

    I have light maple cabinets and love them because they are bright and versatile. My walls used to be two shades of peach, a very slightly darker shade sponged over a pale shade. Recently I did the same thing with very light greens and a metallic copper below the chair rail. It looks great. (10/09/2008)

    By Beth

    Paint and floor colors for light/natural maple cabinets

    I, too, have natural maple cabinets on two walls of the kitchen. The floors will be tile. What colors or tones should I consider to balance and enhance the room? I am considering a dark tile and burnt orange paint. (01/07/2009)

    By Debra