Painting Over Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be very difficult to remove throughly, especially if there is more then one layer of it. Painting over old wallpaper is sometimes the best option. This is a guide about painting over wallpaper.

Painting Over Wallpaper, Vintage Peeling Wallaper
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Question: Paint Color Advice - Painting Over Peach Wallpaper

By laks 3

I have white cabinets with peach hardware, peach wallpaper, white trim, peach laminate countertops and dark brick color linoleum floor tile. I want to paint the wallpaper. I am not sure what color would go with the existing countertop? The rest of the house is softer tan and macadamia (sherwin williams) paint. Any advice would help?


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By Bonnie Varga 18 62 Flag

October 9, 2008

I love your kitchen the way it is, but can understand you might just be tired of it. I know it's a bit outdated now, but I've always loved the blue/peach combination--it has to be the right shade of blue though, a real light powder blue doesn't work, it has to be a bit darker to look right. Good luck!

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Question: Painting Over Wallpaper

By Lilly 1 2

I am attempting to paint over wallpaper flaws with the same color flat paint. The cream color, where painted, has a bluish shadow. Nothing works! One person said to paint the paper with a dark brown color and after cream paint was applied, it still has the blue shadow. Even bleach will not help. Lowe's does not have the paper anymore since it is at least 10 years old. Any suggestions would be much appreciated by not having to do all rooms!

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    By Lilly 1 2 Flag

    December 10, 2015

    My husband took a left-over piece wallpaper & went to our Gibsons' Ace Hardware. A nice man that has many years of paint related experience & knowledge suggested to my husband to always use Kilz oil based...for every project involving paint related projects. He said he never uses regular Kilz on any project. After he matched the paint 'cream color' of the wallpaper that we had from a left-over small sample, he seems he has a very close color we needed for 'patch' of scuffs, etc., that might occur. He reiterated that he never uses regular Kilz, & he only uses Kilz oil based. He has been painting for over 25 years & has seen everything...except for mine! Once again, I "get the prize" for finding a solution that only I could have started. He suggested to let the Kilz dry for 24 hrs., then apply the paint over the wallpaper flaws & let it dry for another 24 hrs. as well. If this is the remedy that we are hoping for, I am crossing my fingers for a successful outcome & my "Happy Dance" will be soon....

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    Question: Painting Over Wallpaper

    By Flo. 1

    Can I paint sheetrock with wallpaper already on it?

    By Flo

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    By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,695 Flag

    July 26, 2011

    As other posters have said, if the wallpaper is in good shape you can paint over it-I have many times. I've even pulled off the 'came off easy' stuff (bubbled, peeling, etc), sanded the edges smooth, and applied a sponge effect paint job to camouflage the slightly uneven surfaces. Doing that saved me trying to get the 'there forever' stuff off, and looked pretty good. :)

    The thing to be sure of is the type of wallpaper you are trying to paint over-is it paper, cloth, vinyl? Is it textured? All of those factors make a difference-painting over a textured wallpaper of any composition will only make the wallpaper a different colour-the paint WON'T fill in the textures to make it a smooth flat surface, for example. Painting over vinyl means using a different sort of paint than you would over most paper or cloth wallpapers-read the paint label to be sure it will adhere to the surface you are trying to paint.

    I also suggest using a high quality primer appropriate to the material of the wallpaper as this will act as a slight fill if you've had to do fine sanding to blend edges where you've removed a bit of peeling paper. It will also neutralize any possible grease or other stain, and will prevent bleed-through of the wallpaper design you are trying to cover.

    GrammyV has a good thought going-you might think about testing a small area first to make sure the paper is strong to enough to support the paint. Even applied in thin coats, wet paint will possibly do just what she warns about. This would happen in an older house with wallpaper dating back to the late Sixties; vinyl wallpaper became popular after that and it became REALLY popular in the Eighties.

    And lol, if you get good at it, you can make spare money with your newly acquired skills-I did:)

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    Question: Covering Wallpapered Walls with Texture and Paint

    By Betty 104 753

    I've moved into a place where someone painted over wallpaper in my kitchen. Then the person who did it tried a glazing effect; it's uneven, I don't like the color (too dark). Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do with this room. Removing the wallpaper is not an option. It's stuck down good.

    And I don't want to paper again as the room is quite large. Don't want to spend a lot of money. I really don't like the look of smooth walls and I'm wondering if anyone of you has used any of the textured products on the market? How easy was it to use and were you pleased with the results?

    Betty from TX

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Armen Rego 10 Flag

    June 17, 2008

    I've used Vertistone a textured wall product made by

    on a recomendation from the store manager at Aboffs Paints on LI. It was easy to use, the store manager lent me the how to dvd, by the way its on the company's website, see to make the differnt looks I figure I saved easily $1000, it cost me $100 for a gallon, a quart, a rag roller, tape and tray this was enough to do my 300 sqft home office in the dream lace look. you need a gallon and a quart, it will cost around $80. First choose two color's, the base goes on first just roll out like paint (its a light texture) then use a rag roller to put on second color on top, then you knock it down, for best color combinations use same color, the base coat 100% of color and the top coat around 70% of stregth of same color sligly lighter, gives you very attractive subtle contrast, very elegant. Very happy with results. I don't have a photo but I'll take one next time I rember and post it.

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    Question: What Type of Paint is Best to Use Over Wallpaper?

    By Bonnie Marks 1

    Do you use an oil base paint or latex when painting over wallpaper?

    By Bonnie from Cedar Rapids, IA

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    By beth 1 2 Flag

    April 29, 2011

    Use an oil primer with a latex paint topcoat. The use of the oil primer is generally recommended because the wallpaper paste is a waterborne product so using a latex could lift the paper which can lead to a bigger problem. They make several products now days that are quick dry oils to speed up the process (at Sherwin-Williams it is the multipurpose oil primer, dry time 1Hr). Then once the surface is secure the latex is a more friendly topcoat.

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    Question: Is It Better to Strip or Paint Over Wallpaper?

    By Sheila 65 55

    We are moving into a farmhouse soon and want to do some redecorating. One room has old wall paper in it. Shall we try to strip it or is it best to just paint over it? Any advice would be appreciated.

    By Sheila from Ontario, Canada

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    By Louise B. 6 2,509 Flag

    September 21, 2010

    I always think it is better to strip the paper, however, if you are not sure about what is underneath and think that you might have something weird and not just gyprock, you might want to leave it. My sister lived in a house built in the 30's with poorly plastered walls that were very rough. She purposely papered over the walls before she painted.

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    Question: Painting Over Textured Wallpaper

    I have some "very expensive at the time" textured wallpaper (hung by a professional) that's a light blue color. I'm wondering if I can simply paint over it to update the color?

    By Pat from Oak Lawn, IL

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    By Lizzyanny 9 1,251 Flag

    July 2, 2013

    You can paint over it. But you will then not be able to remove it without great difficulty. Most wallpaper just peels off. If you decide to paint use a paint that is not water based, and know that whoever has to peel the painted wallpaper will resent you forever.

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    Question: Painting Over Wallpaper

    I have to paint over wallpaper, I have no choice. I tried a steamer and every wall paper remover made by man; it's not happening. Any successful suggestions?

    By Denise

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    By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,695 Flag

    August 18, 2011

    You sure can paint over stubborn wallpaper! Use a fine grit sand paper to smooth any edges from bits you have been able to remove, then use a coat of a good quality primer to keep any pattern colour or bold lines from bleeding, then paint away-use a roller for a smooth application, or a brush if the paper is textured.

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    Question: Papering Over Existing Wallpaper

    By Ray McDowell 1

    If you are going to put on more paste and wallpaper, do you have to remove all the old wallpaper and paste?

    By Ray from Columbus, OH

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    By Rachel's Mom 277 87 Flag

    March 22, 2010

    Yes, you can wallpaper over existing wallpaper. You just don't want the seams from the new wallpaper to end up in the same place as those of the existing wallpaper. The guy at Sherwin-Williams paint store said that as long as there are no loose seams on the existing wallpaper and you put a primer over the existing wallpaper, you will be fine. I re-wallpapered my kitchen after following his advice and it still looks good many years later.

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    Question: Problems Painting Over Wallpaper

    By Kathy 1

    I painted a room in my house without knowing that the previous paint job was done over wallpaper. The problem is the paper is starting to bubble under the paint. Is there anything that I can do to fix this without redoing the whole room?
    Thanks goldenboggs


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    By Rosemary 2 24 Flag

    November 20, 2006

    You "might" be able to use Kiltz over it then primier then paint it again. I would ask the local Paint store first,or try looking it up online to see if there is a place you can get PROFESSIONAL tips from too. This one is from a woman who just does things herself(ME) then sees if it works. Good luck :)

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    Question: Painting Over Brown Bag Wallpaper

    By Nicole 1

    I am repairing a wall that has been brown bag wallpapered and the brown bags are different shades of brown. Can I paint over this and just have textured wallpaper?

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    By Kim 2 104 Flag

    June 28, 2008

    Sure can i did this at my farmhouse it was simple and looked like expensive treated walls!

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    Question: Removing Air Bubbles on Painted Wallpaper

    How do I get rid of air bubbles that have occured after painting over wallpaper? Also the paint has dried and the bubbles haven't gone. I would appreciate your help.

    By Rose B

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    By Tina K 1 3 Flag

    December 2, 2013

    Why, oh why, did you paint over wallpaper? That was your first mistake. I would scrape it all off and start over, but if you don't want to do that, take a sharp x-acto knife and make a small slit in the bubble. Insert a small bit of wallpaper adhesive with a toothpick. Press down on bubble. Let it dry completely, then repaint.

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    Question: Painting Over Wallpaper

    By jim 1

    Can I paint over tight wallpaper if I apply a coat of oil Kilz on the wallpaper first?

    By Jim from Waynesboro, PA

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    Best Answer

    By Rob 1 52 Flag

    February 8, 2011

    I don't know what you mean by "tight" wallpaper, nor have I heard of "oil Kilz", but I have painted over wallpaper many times. If the wallpaper is smooth, like a plain wall, then use a roller. If it is textured, then a brush (about 10 cm / 4 in.) is better. Don't make the first coat too thick, as this can wet the paper and it can bubble up. If you do get air bubbles rising up, just leave them until the paint dries. In most cases the paper will dry and shrink again, flattening out.

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    Question: Painted Wallpaper Lifting on Edges

    By Kathy B. 1

    I have a room that was painted over wallpaper and because I wanted a change of color I had it painted again. Now I find that most of the edges have lifted. What can I do apart from starting from scratch and probably doing more damage.

    By Kathy from New Zealand

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    By Sandi/Poor But Proud 466 2,132 Flag

    April 8, 2014

    If you don't mind a bit of work, and a small amount of money, you can find really good deals on molding, both flat and corner. This will not only keep your edges from curling, but make it permanent once the paint if redone. If you want to repaint in the future, this molding comes off easy and goes back up just as easy.

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    Question: Painting Wallpaper That's On a Box

    I've covered a large cardboard box with wallpaper to make my grandson an army tank fancy costume. My problem is that now that I've spray painted it camouflage colors the paint won't dry. What can I do?

    By Iris

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,695 Flag

    June 17, 2013

    Sounds as though you used a vinyl wallpaper-paint won't stick on vinyl wallpaper. Is there time for you to strip off the vinyl wallpaper and use a paper one? That will take paint; your grandson is going to love it!

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    Question: Removing Wallpaper Backing from Wall

    I have been trying to remove the backing off an old plaster wall that had not been prepared properly. It is just not coming off. I tried all kinds of glue remover. It takes hours for one little spot. Could I paint over it?

    By Carol

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    Question: Painting Over Bathroom Waterproof Paper

    Can I paint over thick bathroom paper, like tiling on a roll paper? I am looking to use proper bathroom paint. The walls are so bad in my old cottage, I would have to take all the paper off and have the walls replastered otherwise

    By Chris from Wales

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    Question: Painting Over Textured Wallpaper

    By debbiesz4 1

    I am currently painting over a textured vinyl wallpaper. I have cut in the ceiling and edges with a brush. Then I rolled the rest of the wall. After drying, I am able to see all of the spots I cut in at first. I believe it is because in those areas, the paint is now thicker and the texture is not as deep. If I use a thicker roller will this even out the walls or how can I fix? If I brush it will it even out?

    By Debbie

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    Archive: Painting Over Wallpaper

    I'm just wondering if its possible to paint over old wallpaper? Our home is old and there must be 5 layers of wallpaper and we don't really want to have to go through all that trouble of stripping off wallpaper. Our cupboards in the kitchen hide over half of the walls anyway.

    We're giving our kitchen a makeover with new cupboards and counters so I wanted to add new paint or something to the old yellowish color wallpaper that's been up there forever.

    Any suggestions on if this is possible or not?

    Thank you,
    Yvonne from Ontario

    You Can Paint Over Wallpaper

    You can paint on wallpaper. You do not have to prime the wall first. However you might have to do two coats of paint depending on the wallpaper color. You might even want to buy a Magic Roller (you can find them at WalMart) and use the Wallpaper as part of the background. It really is a neat tool.

    By Jo

    The Paper Can Fall Off

    The first time I painted over wallpaper, I did so because I didn't want to have to remove the paper. However, after applying the paint, the paper came loose and then it just peeled right off all in whole strips. I don't know why, as I have painted over some recently, and it stayed on the wall.

    By Aneita

    Remove It Instead

    An easy way to remove wallpaper is by using liquid fabric softener. I had some wallpaper cutouts on my wall & I poured some fabric softener on a wet sponge, wiped over the cutouts & within minutes, just peeled them off. For all over wallpaper, I'd suggest putting a mixture of 75% fabric softener & 25% water in a spray bottle & spraying the walls down.

    By Petfinder

    Be Careful

    I'd be careful! The moisture from the paint will penetrate non-vinyl wallpaper. That's what would make it peel off the wall as Aneita stated. If it's vinyl wallpaper it wouldn't soak through, but you'd still have to watch out at the seams where it still could get underneath! You really are better in the long run to remove it. The fabric softener trick really works good. Time consuming -- but not tough to do. (08/03/2005)

    By carolb

    Don't Do It

    Please don't do this! I speak from experience. I bought a home that had professionally wall-papered bathroom. Although the paper was perfectly applied, I wanted to do another, more personal, look. I looked online for advice, and selected the easiest and spackled, sanded and primed the walls and seams; and then painted over. I have done this twice so far in 2 yrs. and am still unsatisfied with the results.

    I then decided to remove the wallpaper, which is now all but impossible, and ended up damaging the wall board beneath. I am left with paying expensive professional painters fees to rectify my mistakes. had i taken the time and effort to remove the wallpaper in the first place I would be done with the job and saved money. some things are best left to the professionals. When you want a quality job done right, you can't cut corners to save a few bucks. It only ends up costing u more in the end.

    By Debbie

    Vinegar for Removal

    Vinegar mixed with warm water in a squirt bottle works fabulous. White vinegar, about a cup, then fill bottle with warm/hot water. Spray on wallpaper, let sit for a few minute and peel right off. My daughter did 5 rooms in the same amount of time it took her to scrape 1 room.

    By Barbara

    Oil Based Primer

    When painting over wallpaper is unavoidable, use an oil-based primer first and the paper will not buckle beneath the paint.

    By Patricia

    Starched Fabric Alternative

    I have a friend who wanted a different look in a rental property and she starched fabric over the existing wallpaper and it turned out REALLY nice. Just saturate the fabric in full strength liquid starch and hang like wallpaper. Trim edges after dry. When you want to change your look it peels right off. (08/08/2005)

    By Michelle

    Archive: Painting Over Wallpaper

    We have a mobile home with pre-papered wallboard. Can we paint over it and how?

    Elzadia from Beach Park, IL


    First of all, use Kilz on all the walls, then primer over that then paint. You could just paint over the Kiltz, but I would use a primer first just to make sure the paint adheres to the wall properly since it is a mobile home.

    By grammaoftwo


    We just finished a mobile home and I painted right over the wallpaper. I didn't use Kilz or a primer, that would be a waste of money. I just used plain old paint right over th paper, did the trick. The paint hid the old wallpaper and looked really nice. We also painted the paneling too. It looks so good, didn't primer it either.

    By imaqt1962


    I've painted both my bathrooms in my mobile home, and all I had to do is scuff up the walls completely with some light weight sand paper. Try not to skip any areas. I don't have the energy or money to do all the fancy stuff. I just scuff and paint, I used a good quality mold paint for my bathroom. I've had no problems at all of it staying on. It did take an extra coat where it soaked in though. I just allowed a little extra paint. This way will give you some "texture" also to your wall, which I like. I also applied border to it, and it held up fine. No problems.

    By Glinda

    Archive: Painting Over Vinyl Wallpaper

    How do I paint over vinyl wallpaper?

    By mandgtie from Madelia, MN

    Primer for Wallpaper

    Check with your wallpaper/paint dept at Lowe's or Home Depot (or specialty store). I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember seeing primer to put on top of wallpaper. I'm usually putting the wallpaper on. (08/04/2009)

    By tejasridgerunner


    I just painted over wallpaper. I was told that if the wallpaper is shinny that you need a primer. That's what I did. Make sure all the seams are glued down tight. Mine turned out beautifully.

    By TXBetty

    Archive: Painting Over Wallpaper

    Is it OK to paint over wallpaper?

    By Mary from FL

    Lots of Work Down the Road

    I would recommend that you do not. The previous owners of our house painted over some wall paper. At first, it looked fine. But a couple years down the road, the paper underneath started to peel. We had a terrible time removing it. It's much easier to remove paper that has not been painted on. Yes, it's more work now but it will save a ton of work later.

    By cdoss

    Archive: Painting Over Wallpaper

    People often ask if wallpaper can be painted over. The answer is yes, if it is smooth with no tears. You might want to give it a good wiping down first with a good sized dry cloth. Remember to always allow time for drying (curing) etc.

    Five years ago I applied a coat of Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer and then painted over it. To this day it still looks great and is holding quite well. I also painted a stucco type paint over a wall that was covered in a fabric/cloth wallpaper and it too still appears to be in excellent shape.

    By brushoff from Oshawa, Canada

    It Was Common

    When I was young nobody primed wall paper before painting over it. They just plain painted over it and that was good. This was back in 40s-50s.

    By redhatterb

    Removal Will Be a Chore

    I feel sorry for anyone who buys your house. Removing wallpaper that has been painted over is really a chore. I know, I have done it. I hope anyone who does this plans on leaving it there forever.

    By Laniegirl

    Home and Garden Home Improvement PaintingAugust 24, 2011
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