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Parade Float Ideas

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Blue Parade Float Skirt

Schools, organizations, and businesses often participate in parades for homecoming and holidays. Part of the fun and sometimes the stress is coming up with an idea for your float. This is a guide about parade float ideas.



Here are questions related to Parade Float Ideas.

Question: Parade Float Ideas for Veterinary Clinic

I am looking for ideas for a small town parade float with the theme "Old Values New Ideas" for a veterinarian clinic.

By michael72501 from WY


Most Recent Answer

By Mary Ross [5]06/30/2009

For the old values, new ideas you might have some older animals that are up for adoption. Many people reject older animals as an option when looking for pets. If you have any geriatric patients, have them on board or walking around the float. If you have a behaviorist, show that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks.

Question: "Shining the Light on Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

I work for my local animal shelter and we need help figuring out how to decorate a Christmas parade float with the theme that is picked out and incorporating the dogs and cats. Our Christmas parade theme is "Shining the Light on Christmas". Any ideas on how we can make this float?

Ginger from Cleveland, MS


Most Recent Answer

By bobbi11/20/2008

Ok, I've put a lot of thought into this one. It would take a bit of effort but would be totally the highlight of the parade. You would need 5 large pieces of plexi-glass, drill holes (about 1") all around it(at least 10 in each panel), you would need to make a box out of them (they would have to be melted together and of course would not have a bottom (it would fit over their decorated small cages that would be sitting on a "stage" under the plexi-glass. This would simulate a storefront and you could even make a storefront scene. Have children kneeling outside the "window" looking in at them and a few parents. decorate the float to simulate a street(something like you would see on a Norman Rockwell print) have a spot light shining down on the animals (simulate this with a streetlight or simply use a spotlight attached to your "storefront" use snow outside on the street.

Question: Ideas For Float Themed "Everyone Is Family"

Our local community has a parade in the summer with the theme "Everyone Is Family". Any ideas for a simple float? Thanks so much.

Di from Colorado

Most Recent Answer

By Kim Churchman [3]06/14/2008

Use a flatbed trailer, put a carpet on it, dining room table, and create a scene of a family dinner. Use real people with dinner napkins tucked into their shirts, exaggerated hairdos, anything dramatic. Make a huge pot of big-gauge spaghetti, and show the Mom dishing up a big swinging blob of spaghetti (fake?) If you can use a generator, put it into a cabinet and set a TV on the cabinet with a movie in it of family scenes like 'Lassie'. You could do present-day or '50's. I guess you would not want to do a parody of the family, but instead celebrate genuine family good times.

Question: Parade Float Ideas For a Credit Union

I work for a credit union and we have been invited to join a local parade. We're all searching for ideas to add to the float. We want the name of our company on the float and we want to involve the crowd. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)04/09/2005

I have some me at mvm9607 @ (remove spaces) Mark

Question: Parade Float Ideas: Theme is " All I want For Christmas"

I am looking for float ideas for a veterinary practice, the theme is " All I want For Christmas". Thank you.

By E.F

Most Recent Answer

By Vivian P. [36]11/08/2011

"All I Want For Christmas is my two front teeth!" You could focus on the dental services and have big poster board depictions of cartoon animals flashing their whitey teeth.

Question: Parade Float for a Veterinary Practice

Any ideas for a parade float for a veterinary hospital with the theme "Honoring Those Who Serve"? Thanks.

By ValNR from NY

Most Recent Answer

By ValNR [1]07/18/2011

I recently read an article on a website about adopting out retired K9 army dogs. We are thinking right now maybe incorporate them, plus other service animals (seizure dogs/cats, seeing eye dogs, search and rescue, canine good citizen) and decorating the float to look like a dog.

Question: "Keep Christ in Christmas" Parade Float Ideas

I am building a float for a small town Christmas parade. I need ideas on what to use in my float. The theme of the parade is, "Keep Christ in Christmas".

By Heather from Atlanta, TX

Most Recent Answer

By katrina [5]11/13/2010

Jesus is the reason for the season; which means keep Christ in Christmas as He is the reason that Crhistmas is celebrated. Actually, the "retailers" and marketers were the ones who promoted Christmas and it was to make enormous revenue for themselves, and knowing how to "manipulate" the "masses" they try and make us feel "guilty" if we do not "buy buy buy";
To counter this: I try and give gifts throughout the year; and always ahead of "christmas" day!
And send Christmas cards out any time of the year; my family has gotten used to me!

Question: "Unforgettable Memories" Parade Float Ideas

There is kiddie parade coming up with the theme "Unforgettable Memories". Any ideas for a float?

By acarter2008 from Hillsboro, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Donna [6]07/15/2009

A few thoughts to kick start your imagination.
"A Day At The Beach" - white sand, palm trees, beach umbrella, sandcastles, beach towels, beach toys, beach ball, seashells
"Playground Fun" - grass, see-saw, swing, hula hoop, picinic blanket & basket, kite flying
"Playing Dress-Up" - gowns, wigs, hats, old high heels , make-up dresser with mirror and seat

Good Luck and have fun:)

Question: Parade Float Ideas

We are a conservation club and need a float idea. Please help!

    By Missy Janda [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Donna [269]08/03/2015's a few off the top of my head.

    1. How about using TOTALLY RECYCLED materials to make some sculptures of either people, animals, local buildings, etc? It would take some effort and maybe you can get some artistic teenagers or an art club involved if you have the time, but it could really be pretty cool!

    2. What about sending out notices that you will be COLLECTING some sort of recyclables (aluminum cans can be cashed in for your organization, or even the attendees used one of our local groups do to recycle) at the parade float along the way? Then YOU will recycle them at the end of the parade. That will get your community directly involved with you and even look for your float!

    3. Of course if you could create a beautiful woodland scene with scrubs (maybe a local nursery will loan you some potted plants and maybe a few animal lawn statues(?) if you add their name as a donor on the float) to show WHAT COULD BE when we conserve our natural resources...that might be thought provoking...Make a sign explaining that "this is what COULD be" when we care about our earth.

    4.Lastly, you could always either have some brave and outgoing person or have a contest locally (ask your local paper, TV and/or radio station to help you promote it) have people send in their idea of MOTHER NATURE...where folks can dress up and email or send in photo's dressed up as MOTHER NATURE (and pick on or two or even ALL of them to join you on the float)....OR if it's too late ask all the STAFF and possibly their families (AT LEAST THEIR KIDS!) to dress up as mother nature for the float.

    If there is anyway to get flower seeds for your staff to pass out along the route and invite the attendees to plant some flowers where they live, that would be great too and may help feed the local birds, butterflies and bees in the future!

    I wish you the best of luck with your float! Wish I could see it!

    Question: Parade Float Ideas

    The theme is Father Marquette. Any ideas for a float?

      By erinb [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Donna [269]08/03/2015

      Well, I guess you have already considered dressing someone up as Father Marquette.
      How about placing him and a few "indians" in a canoe, paddling down one of the rivers he traveled on the float? Might even set up that they catch a fake fish or two along the way just to stay fun for the float actors...

      Question: Decorating a Parade Float

      We are a bowling alley with a strong group of youths who will be walking in parade with us. Our theme is Blue Jeans and Country Dreams. We have a flatbed trailer approximately 25' long. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. We want to incorporate the dreams of bowling a 300 perfect game plus the kids will be wearing blue jeans and their league shirts handing out free game certificates and of course candy.

        By Boonville B. [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Donna [259]07/29/2015

        OOOUUUU...Sounds FUN!!
        That is a good dream! I bowled a 290 once and will remember it forever!!
        How about making an oversized bed with sleeping figure (or giant paper mache PIN with a sleeping face on it) with a sign that SAYS DREAMING OF A PERFECT SCORE above it's head. You could hang some pins out on springs all over the float/bed (like they were hit with a bowling ball) too...

        My alternative idea would be to replicate a bowling lane and have someone look like they are actually bowling on it (going through the motions, perhaps with a dark balloon but NOT really letting go of the ball) with the kids hidden or swatting down on the other end of the 'lane' holding one pin each. When the bowler LETS go of their imaginary ball the pin kids either jump up with their pins in the air or throw them up in the air and catch them from down on the float - OR have the pin kids throw CANDY out to the parade attendees at that time! Have the STRIKE SOUND piped in somewhere too when they do so too!
        Let me know what you do! Sounds like a good time!

        Question: Parade Float Ideas for Real Estate Office

        I work at a real estate office and we are going to be in a local festival parade. We can't come up with a theme. Please help! Our company s called Century 21 New Heritage.

          By abbs4720 [1]

          Most Recent Answer

          By Donna [256]07/02/2015

          Well I would think HOME SWEET HOME, Home is where the HEART IS, The Three Pigs or other HOME based references would be great for business and fun too!
          Or if you have the time and talents you can even mirror the characters from the wizard of Oz, including Dorothy, tin man, scarecrow, lion and wizard (with a small hot air balloon, small house and of course Toto?)and make a sign that says "There's no place like HOME" Using kids as the stars could really be cute too!!

          Enjoy your Day!

          Question: Parade Float Idea

          I own a small grocery store and we're having a town celebration and I need a idea for a float entry. The name of my store is Bonnie's Hometown Grocery and I also have a greenhouse called Bonnie's Bloomers. I would like to try to tie it in with some sort of song because I think a parade needs fun music. Any ideas?

            By bondo [1]

            Most Recent Answer

            By Donna [246]06/14/2015

            Ouuu...Sounds like FUN!
            If you can choose any float theme How about "My Bonnie lies over the Ocean" and have a waterfall/water theme with your lovely plants surrounding it"?

            The song is know by most people, catchy and you can invite the spectators to sing along, swaying with the music..and it reminds them WHO is hosting the float!

            I love the name Bonnie's Bloomers too... another idea could be an oversized pot of Flowers/plants in the center of the float in a giant pair of bloomers. Having cute kids in oversized (and stuffed) bloomers would be especially memorable too!
            Most of all... Have fun!

            Question: Christmas Float Using a Bass Fishing Boat

            We are having our annual Christmas parade and the theme is based on the lake where we live. The theme is Lake Cumberland Christmas. We have a bass boat and truck we want to incorporate into the parade, but are stuck on what to do. Can someone help? Thank you so much!

            By Heather M

            Most Recent Answer

            By erichayes101/03/2014

            We made a pirate ship out of a fishing boat on a trailer. We used wide black cloth from home depot meant for blocking weeds under garden dirt. then got some float suppies and made sparkling waves on the side. Painted pvc pipe brown and made masts. had a pirate ship steering wheel, used more black cloth for tied up sails. put kids in as captain hook, peter pan, wendy , mermaids etc. You can figure anyway to tie it in, instead of "Pirates of the Caribbean" it could be "pirates of the ....." "sailing over ...." or " our never, never land"

            Question: Santa Parade Float Ideas

            I work in a hotel and we are hosting Santa. We need to design a float for a parade to take him to our local mall where he will be until Christmas. Any ideas?

            By Sara

            Most Recent Answer

            By pam munro [447]11/04/2011

            When my husband & I play Santa & Mrs. Claus we sometimes make our entrance in a horse & carriage (it's there for rides for the kids). So I would suggest getting a carriage! If there is no horse, perhaps you could get a group of people dressed as elves to pull it! Or Santa in a wheelbarrow or some sort of golf cart that's decorated? A Segway? You get the idea...

            Question: Peanut Festival Parade Float Ideas: Theme "Going for the Gold"

            I wanted to know if you have any suggestions on how to decorate a float with the main theme being "Going for the Gold" the focus of it is our area's national peanut festival.

            By Renea from Dothan, AL

            Most Recent Answer

            By Sheilah Link [5]10/25/2010

            A peanut standing on an Olympic award style platform with bread on one side and jelly on the other, each wearing a medal.

            Question: Parade Float Ideas With Community Theme

            Need float ideas! The nursing home where I work is participating in a community parade. The theme is "Doing for the Community". Any ideas?

            Katie from Green Valley, AZ

            Most Recent Answer

            By cristy (Guest Post)09/03/2007

            You could do like half of the float " if the community citizens didn't help" make it ugly and have actors being mean ect. Then the other half "if the community's citizens did help" and make it really nice with some actors pretending to help each other with something.

            Question: Parade Float Ideas For a Gym

            I need some ideas for a Christmas parade float. I work at a gym. Any suggestions?

            Katie from McComb, Mississippi

            Most Recent Answer

            By Tripleb (Guest Post)10/14/2005

            Santa jumping rope or pumping iron w/some free weights comes to mind. Put some members in some reindeer - or better yet snowmen (cause they are round and plump) garb and have them exercising or pushing the sleigh........some could still be plump and some could be slim and encouraging on the rotund ones.

            Question: Dog Parade Float Ideas

            I need a float idea for the Big Dog parade in Santa Barbara, CA in June. I am trying to incorporate two themes:

            1) "Pets need dental work too" ( I do animal dentistry)

            2) Recognizing Pet therapy dogs for our local hospice

            -Tina Brandon Walters

            Most Recent Answer

            By kelly (Guest Post)02/25/2005

            A smile can brighten everyones day. Show a dog sharing his great smile with someone else who really needs one.

            Question: Valentine's Day Float Ideas

            My daughter has a project coming up where she has to build a Valentines Day float. The catch, she needs to use all natural materials...nothing can be man made by a factory. We thought of a cloud 9 theme with people dancing in the clouds, but I am not sure how to make them dance, any ideas...? I need to know something as soon as possible. Homemom

            Most Recent Answer

            By (Guest Post)12/12/2004

            Some questions for you:

            -- How big is this float? Is it going to be big enough for real people to ride on?

            -- When you say "all natural" materials, do you mean no fabrics, paper, pre-cut lumber, machine-carded cotton, nails, glue, string, etc. etc. etc.? When they say "nothing machine made", how strict are they being?

            Question: Christmas Floats for Longhorn Christmas Theme

            I need ideas to decorate a 14x7 and a half trailer. It will be in memory of my 23 year old nephew that passed away 2 months ago. He was a victim of a hit and run.

            By Maria

            Question: Parade Float Ideas

            The theme is "It's a new day, it's a new way"; because we recently built the very first high school for our small town. I own an accounting firm and would like to have the name of my business on the side. The school's mascot is a Siberian Husky and I want to incorporate that as well, but I am having trouble finding one. Can anyone help?

            By Deidree J.

            Question: Timeless Traditions Theme Parade Float Ideas

            We are a line dancing group and are going to be in a town parade with the theme "Timeless Traditions". We have a 2 level flatbed and always put a theme on the highest level while we dance on the lowest level while traveling the parade route. Any ideas? I was thinking on the lines of family based?

            By Wendy K

            Question: D-Day 70th Anniversary Float Ideas

            What can we do to on a float to honor the memory of the 70th anniversary of D-Day that would be over the top?

            By Sandi McQ

            Question: Sesquicentennial Parade Float Ideas

            Our small town museum group would like to enter a parade float this year. The theme is "150 years and growing" in celebration of the town sesquicentennial. Would anyone have a winning idea for this event?

            By Carol from MI

            Question: Coast Guard Parade Float Ideas

            The Christian counseling office I work at is looking for ideas for a float. The parade honors the U. S. Coast Guard. Any ideas?

            By Julie S.

            Question: Parade Float Ideas for Football Team and Cheerleaders

            Our area private school just started a football team this past season. We would like to let the boys and the cheerleaders ride in the parade. I need a good idea for a float to incorporate the football players and the cheerleaders. Any ideas?

            By Jodi

            Question: Storybook Themed Parade Float Ideas

            I need some ideas for a float that has a storybook theme. It is for a football team.

            By Anita

            Question: Cub Scouts Parade Float Ideas

            I am looking for ideas for a Christmas float for a new cub scout troop. It needs to be inexpensive.

            By Vickie from Bremen, KY

            Question: Ideas for "Drug Free" Themed Parade Float

            Does anyone have ideas for building a parade float with a drug free theme?

            By Cindi from Pittsburgh, PA

            Question: Western Pioneer Themed Parade Float Ideas

            I need some ideas for a western pioneer parade float. Help please.

            By Char from WY

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