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Parade Float Ideas

Schools, organizations, and businesses often participate in parades for homecoming and holidays. Part of the fun and sometimes the stress is coming up with an idea for your float. This is a guide about parade float ideas.

Blue Parade Float Skirt
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August 6, 2016 Flag
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We are going to be in our town's Sweet Corn festival parade. We are a construction company (Redcliff Construction) and the theme is corn. Please help!

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July 12, 2016 Flag
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We have a 4-H group and are looking for ideas for our float for the parade.

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January 9, 2016 Flag
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I want to build a flatbed float with the theme heroes and villains to represent a hospital.

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January 10, 20160 found this helpful

For a hospital? Any way you can make the heroes doctors and nurses? The villains could be illnesses or germs, if you could figure out a way to represent them.

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August 2, 2015 Flag
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We are a conservation club and need a float idea. Please help!

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August 3, 20150 found this helpful's a few off the top of my head.

1. How about using TOTALLY RECYCLED materials to make some sculptures of either people, animals, local buildings, etc? It would take some effort and maybe you can get some artistic teenagers or an art club involved if you have the time, but it could really be pretty cool!

2. What about sending out notices that you will be COLLECTING some sort of recyclables (aluminum cans can be cashed in for your organization, or even the attendees used one of our local groups do to recycle) at the parade float along the way? Then YOU will recycle them at the end of the parade. That will get your community directly involved with you and even look for your float!

3. Of course if you could create a beautiful woodland scene with scrubs (maybe a local nursery will loan you some potted plants and maybe a few animal lawn statues(?) if you add their name as a donor on the float) to show WHAT COULD BE when we conserve our natural resources...that might be thought provoking...Make a sign explaining that "this is what COULD be" when we care about our earth.

4.Lastly, you could always either have some brave and outgoing person or have a contest locally (ask your local paper, TV and/or radio station to help you promote it) have people send in their idea of MOTHER NATURE...where folks can dress up and email or send in photo's dressed up as MOTHER NATURE (and pick on or two or even ALL of them to join you on the float)....OR if it's too late ask all the STAFF and possibly their families (AT LEAST THEIR KIDS!) to dress up as mother nature for the float.

If there is anyway to get flower seeds for your staff to pass out along the route and invite the attendees to plant some flowers where they live, that would be great too and may help feed the local birds, butterflies and bees in the future!

I wish you the best of luck with your float! Wish I could see it!

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August 2, 2015 Flag
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The theme is Father Marquette. Any ideas for a float?

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August 3, 20150 found this helpful

Well, I guess you have already considered dressing someone up as Father Marquette.

How about placing him and a few "indians" in a canoe, paddling down one of the rivers he traveled on the float? Might even set up that they catch a fake fish or two along the way just to stay fun for the float actors...

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July 28, 2015 Flag
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We are a bowling alley with a strong group of youths who will be walking in parade with us. Our theme is Blue Jeans and Country Dreams. We have a flatbed trailer approximately 25' long. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. We want to incorporate the dreams of bowling a 300 perfect game plus the kids will be wearing blue jeans and their league shirts handing out free game certificates and of course candy.

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July 29, 20150 found this helpful

OOOUUUU...Sounds FUN!!

That is a good dream! I bowled a 290 once and will remember it forever!!

How about making an oversized bed with sleeping figure (or giant paper mache PIN with a sleeping face on it) with a sign that SAYS DREAMING OF A PERFECT SCORE above it's head. You could hang some pins out on springs all over the float/bed (like they were hit with a bowling ball) too...

My alternative idea would be to replicate a bowling lane and have someone look like they are actually bowling on it (going through the motions, perhaps with a dark balloon but NOT really letting go of the ball) with the kids hidden or swatting down on the other end of the 'lane' holding one pin each. When the bowler LETS go of their imaginary ball the pin kids either jump up with their pins in the air or throw them up in the air and catch them from down on the float - OR have the pin kids throw CANDY out to the parade attendees at that time! Have the STRIKE SOUND piped in somewhere too when they do so too!

Let me know what you do! Sounds like a good time!

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June 29, 2015 Flag
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I work at a real estate office and we are going to be in a local festival parade. We can't come up with a theme. Please help! Our company s called Century 21 New Heritage.

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July 2, 20150 found this helpful

Well I would think HOME SWEET HOME, Home is where the HEART IS, The Three Pigs or other HOME based references would be great for business and fun too!

Or if you have the time and talents you can even mirror the characters from the wizard of Oz, including Dorothy, tin man, scarecrow, lion and wizard (with a small hot air balloon, small house and of course Toto?)and make a sign that says "There's no place like HOME" Using kids as the stars could really be cute too!!

Enjoy your Day!

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June 11, 2015 Flag
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I own a small grocery store and we're having a town celebration and I need a idea for a float entry. The name of my store is Bonnie's Hometown Grocery and I also have a greenhouse called Bonnie's Bloomers. I would like to try to tie it in with some sort of song because I think a parade needs fun music. Any ideas?

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June 14, 20150 found this helpful

Ouuu...Sounds like FUN!

If you can choose any float theme How about "My Bonnie lies over the Ocean" and have a waterfall/water theme with your lovely plants surrounding it"?

The song is know by most people, catchy and you can invite the spectators to sing along, swaying with the music..and it reminds them WHO is hosting the float!

I love the name Bonnie's Bloomers too... another idea could be an oversized pot of Flowers/plants in the center of the float in a giant pair of bloomers. Having cute kids in oversized (and stuffed) bloomers would be especially memorable too!

Most of all... Have fun!

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September 29, 2010 Flag

Here is a tip for creating a great skirt for your holiday parade float! Holiday parades are a source of great excitement for children and adults, not to mention a great frugal way to advertise for your business. This tip will make it look quite professional. This parade float skirt design will work with any wagon/trailer, flat bed or with sides.

Your first step will be to secure chicken wire to the float in the fashion of a skirt; like you would a party table skirt. If your trailer has a wood floor, you can use a good nail or staple; if it is metal, pull out the wire or zip ties. Be sure the tires of the wagon/trailer will not rub the wire and recheck it once the skirt is finished. If you find it is rubbing, fix some 2x4 wood at the top of the tire well to keep the skirt away from the tire.

Stage two involves colored paper napkins, and lots of crumpled newspaper to create a pom-pom. Unfold each colored paper napkin and place, in its center, a wad of crumpled newspaper that is slightly bigger than the holes on your chicken wire. You will then keep the wad of newspaper in the napkin by twisting the napkin up, like you are making paper ghosts! This effect is achieved by placing the napkin center in your palm, and the wad in the center of that, and closing your fingers around the wad to make a "flower" shape, then twisting the neck of the flower and securing with clear tape. Your "pom-pom" can now be attached to the skirt.

Stage three is setting the pom-pom into the skirt. Take the pom-pom by the bulb (the wad of newspaper part) and push it gently into the desired hole of the front of chicken wire. Once you have completed several pom-poms and placed them in the holes of the wire, you will see the overall effect! You will have a fluffy skirt for your float that can be lightly spray painted if needed, and be used over and again, if removed and stored well.

By dedeswrkshop from Macon, MO

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September 21, 2010 Flag
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I work with kids and I need a float idea for a parade that is coming up. The theme of the parade is Cavoilcade's 58 and Oil's Great.

By Brandi from Groves, TX

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August 24, 20090 found this helpful

Perhaps you could borrow or make historical hats: derbies, top hats, etc. If police and fire depts have old-fashioned hats, that would be cool! I can't remember the exact title, but there's a really good Dr Seuss book about the hats of Bartholomew Huggins (I think) that would be fun.

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September 22, 20100 found this helpful

Cavalcade-a group of horse drawn carriages or riders in a procession.

I see kiddos dressed like ponies, and some pulling wagons with kiddos in them, too cute!

Yarn manes and tails, everyone dressed in brown? Yellow felt for the "bridles and saddles"?

Not sure really what the point of the theme is when it comes to the "oil" part, but you could have the wagon(s) have an "oil spout" come up out of it. A black tube with some sparkly/shiney paper on it and some strips of the paper stapled to the top to 'spill' over and create a 'gusher'?

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