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Potato Peels Clogged Plumbing


I put potato peels down the garbage disposal and while it clogged, the clog was pushed thru the pipes underneath the sink and into the wall in between the kitchen and bathroom. I tried snaking it and that didn't work. The garbage disposal was replaced because it was thought to be broken as well. So how on earth do I get that clog unclogged without tearing apart a wall and piping or spending $200 on a plumber?

By Susie C


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By Gloria Z 10 245 10/31/2012 Flag

I would never own a garbage disposal because a lot of trouble comes with them. Have you asked for help at your local hardware store? Have you ever had your main drain line rodded out? A lot of times it's caused by tree roots that have cracked through the main line creating a big blockage.

Now as to how to unclog your line I'd suggest going to a hardware store and getting a drain cleaner that has lye in it but is still safe to use with PVC pipes. You might have to use it a couple of times before it works. I assume you can do this through the bathroom drain.

If push comes to shove you might have to rent a rodder to push or pull the skins out. Keep in mind that they are pretty heavy and it might cost you $50-$100. for the rental fee. At that point I would just call a plumber. Ask your local hardware store if they know of anyone who you could pay to clear the line.

Good luck.

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By Elaine S. 39 243 11/01/2012 Flag

If my sons were here who are plumbers, I could tell you what to do. Sorry, but I can just tell anyone. These were orders from my sons, NEVER put potato peels down a garbage disposal.

I clogged my plumbing once at a family Thanksgiving meal and my sons spent considerable time unclogging it. I lived two hours from them so they had no tools with them and couldn't rent any on this day because it was a holiday. I think they ended up using some neighbor's tools. They had to take the soil pipe apart to do it. Needless to say, it ruined everyone's Thanksgiving.

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