Preventing Rust on Baking Pans

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Proper cleaning and storage should help keep your baking pans from getting rusty. This is a guide about how to prevent rust on baking pans.


Solutions: Preventing Rust on Baking Pans

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Tip: Preventing Baking Pans from Rusting

Most of my baking dishes are made of tin, which is prone to rusting. After I pull a cake or other baked goods from my oven and put them on a cooling rack, I wash my dish well in soapy water and put it straight back into the cooling oven, upside down. The residual heat from the oven ensures that my metal dishes are absolutely dry and ready to be put away, once they have cooled down as the oven cools. This prevents them from rusting. I have cupcake pans and cake pans that are 20 years old and they have never rusted.

    By cettina [78]

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    Question: Keeping a Metal Loaf Pan from Rusting

    I have a metal loaf pan that has rust on it. If I wash and dry the pan, I can get the rust off. But if I wait a few months before I use it, it is rusty again. Any suggestions for using this pan?

    Is there a way to keep it from getting rusty? And if not, what else could I use it for? I read that you can use a loaf pan to grow green onions, but would it be safe to eat them?

    By Lynn from Fort Lauderdale, FL

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    Best Answers

    By Tamara Jestice [3] 03/29/2010

    After it's dried, season it with a little oil, this should keep it from rusting again. I have to do the same thing with my wok.

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    By manny 03/30/2010

    I keep my baking pans rustfree by after washing them I put them in the heated oven for a while. It will dry them and get rid of any water in the seams. I have no rusty pans since I started doing this. Manny from Australia.

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    By Maryeileen [76] 03/31/2010

    I line mine with parchment paper.

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