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Preventing Lint on Clothing

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laundry basket of clean clothing

If you are tried of having to get out the lint roller after doing a load of wash; try something new. This is a guide about preventing lint on clothing.


Solutions: Preventing Lint on Clothing

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Tip: Preventing Lint With Vinegar

To remove lint from clothes, put in little white vinegar in the wash. Lint will not stick to the clothes as much.

By Sue

Tip: Keeping Lint Off Clothing

Want to wash your fleece without getting lint all over it? Wash it alone in cold water. May combine two pieces.

By 1thriftygal from MI

Tip: Cutting Down on Lint and Pet Hair in Laundry

This really helps cut down on lint and pet hair on clothes! Get some "netting" at a sewing shop, I found mine in the wedding section. Cut it into 6x6 inch squares, and toss one in the washer and a fresh one in the dryer, and bingo! It catches pet hair and lint.

By Diana

Tip: Eliminating Lint

White vinegar poured into your rinse cycle in your washing machine will help eliminate lint from the laundry.

By Robin

Tip: Lint is Contagious

Since lint is highly contagious, remove it before you put a garment in the closet. No clothing brush? Wrap a strip of masking or cellophane tape around your hand, adhesive side out, and move it across the garment. Or use a damp sponge. You'll find that lint is much easier to remove with a damp clothes brush than with a dry one. To remove lint from velvet, a clean sponge powder puff works well; on wool use a dry cellulose sponge.

By Joesgirl

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Here are questions related to Preventing Lint on Clothing.

Question: White Fuzz on Black Clothing

I always have white fuzz like marks on my black clothes after they dry. I have to take a wet cloth and rub off the marks. Is there something I can do so this does not happen. Thanks

Moe11 from NY


Most Recent Answer

By Dorothy [40]04/02/2010

Rince black clothing by adding some vinegar in cold water and drip dry.

Question: Washer Leaves Lint on My Clothes

I have a LG top loader washing machine. It is an I sensor, invertor, direct drive 9.5kg, wt-h950 model. Every wash comes out full of lint. I do clean the lint holder each wash and have tried more water than recommended. It is ruining my clothes. Can someone please give me some advice?

By Tess from Victoria


Most Recent Answer

By cettina [74]03/09/2011

I always toss in a few of those "scrubby" mesh sponges for hand dishwashing into my washing machine. I keep 3 or 4 specifically just for laundry. You will be amazed at how much lint they catch which means that there is much less on your clothes.

Question: Clothes Come Out Of Washer Covered In Fuzz

Every time I take a load of clothes out of the washing machine, they come out with fuzz balls all over them. What is the problem?

Sher from Buffalo, NY

Most Recent Answer

By badwater [242]07/28/2008

One of two things happened. Either you had too many pieces of clothing in the wash load or your washer's lint trap needs cleaning. You'll most likely need to re-wash your load of clothes.

Question: Keeping Lint Off Clothes in Washing Machine

How do I keep lint from getting on my clothes in the washing machine?

Patti from St. Petersburg, Fl

Most Recent Answer

By lalala... [626]12/10/2007

I am having problems with lint in my washing machine. My old machine had a lint trap, this new one does not. when I pull out my laundry it's covered in lint. The clothing I dry isn't a problem, it'll come off in the dryer, but the shirts that I hang to dry aren't even wearable. I have to rewash them. I separate my wash, and I don't overload the machine. What do i need to do? Kimberly from Oklahoma


RE: Washer Lint Problem

Add 1 cup of vinegar to your wash cycle. White or apple cider will work equally well. This really softens and cuts the lint. Also don't wash fuzzy stuff--like towels--with smooth stuff. Wash colors and darks separately whenever possible. Use a clothes shaver if you get pilling. (02/15/2006)

By Mary

RE: Washer Lint Problem

If you have a regular tub/agitator machine you can fill 1/2 with water, add a good amount of white vinegar & allow it to agitate but not empty. Give the machine a break to 'soak', then agitate again. Allow the vinegar-water to sit in the tub between rounds. Do this for the whole day (on weekend?) to give the machine a good cleaning. Often soaking in vinegar will loosen trapped debris so it can go down the drain. It will clean the machine very well even if it does not stop your lint problem. Sounds like there must be some part in the machine that got clogged w/ lint or that there is a hidden lint trap. Read the instruction booklet or try to contact the manufacturer via toll free phone or internet for troubleshooting on the problem. Good Luck! (02/16/2006)

By kidsNclutter

Question: Preventing Lint in the Wash

My husband has a company shirt with an iron-on logo. Behind the logo is a white fabric where it's stitched. I wash it with the proper colors, however the shirt is always covered with white lint. How can I wash it without the white lint getting all over the shirt?

    By angelabrown.1023 [1]

    Question: Sweater Shedding on Shirt Underneath

    I have a new wool sweater that gets lint all over the shirt I wear under it. Any suggestions to stop this?

    By Jim

    Question: Lint on Dark Clothes After Washing

    After washing my clothes small particles like cotton appear on the clothes mainly on dark colour clothes like dark blue or black.

    By Santanu