Preventing Slips and Falls in a Bathtub and Shower


Anyone can be hurt by slipping while getting in or out of the bath. This guide is about preventing slips and falls in a bathtub and shower.


Solutions: Preventing Slips and Falls in a Bathtub and Shower

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Tip: Preventing Bathtub Slip and Falls

Bathtowel on floor of tub.

I love a tub bath, however, getting out of the tub can be kind of tricky for an old lady like me especially when the tub is slippery. I have found that placing a towel down in the tub before getting up makes it much easier. It keeps me from slipping and I have no fear of falling.

While standing in the tub on the towel, I dry myself off then turn around and wipe down the tile and around the tub. When I get out of the tub, I'm dry and so is the bathroom.

    By Litter Gitter [145]

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    Tip: Using Shower Curtains with Shower Chair

    When my husband needed to start using a long shower chair, the kind that is halfway out of the tub, we needed to come up with a way to keep the water inside the tub. I put up two shower curtains, side by side, so there is plenty of plastic and he sits on part of one curtain to make sure it is secure. This has worked very well to keep the floor dry.

      By KatherineC [21]

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      Question: Ideas for Preventing Falls in the Shower

      I slipped in the shower this morning! I fell right over the lip on the edge and smacked down hard on my left side. I pulled the shower curtain right down with me! Not the best way to start off my day to say the least. Anyhow, if anyone could offer me some assistance on stopping this mishap from happening again I'd be forever thankful. Please and thank you.

      By edward1956 from Tacoma, WA

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      Most Recent Answer

      By dollie [20] 01/06/2013

      Sorry about your fall. Where I live we have bars side and end of tub and that is a great help, but to make it even safer I place towel in the bathtub. When I'm ready to get out I hang onto the bars, and with my feet scoot the towel to the end of the tub. Then I hold on to the the end bar and step out of the tub onto a non skid bath mat. To help even further I place terry cloth slippers beside the mat, insert my feet then I don't slip on the tile.

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      Question: Making a Bathtub Non-Slip

      How do you make a textured tub non-slip?

      By Amanda from MI

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      Most Recent Answer

      By kathleen williams [76] 12/02/2009

      Making your own non-slip tub mat. Rubberized shelf liner is perfect, or you can purchase strips of rubber matting at a home improvement store. The rubber doesn't have to be thick, since rubber of most any thickness will give a no-slip surface. The rubber can be cut into the general shape of the bottom of the tub, with no further hassle. Good luck.

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