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Recovering Vinyl Chairs

Dining room chair with a vinyl seat.

Vinyl is a durable upholstery used on many different types of chairs. However over time the vinyl will show wear or you may want to change to a different color. This is a guide about recovering vinyl chairs.



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Question: Recovering Vinyl Dining Chairs

Blue upholstered chair.I am trying to find a way to repair my dining room vinyl chairs. I am looking for stick on vinyl for covering my chairs. I have a soft vinyl upholstered dining chairs (6) and they are worn at the edges down to the cloth, not to mention the appearance. It is now flaking and peeling where there is most use. Underneath is a soft fabric.

I just want to find a soft stick on vinyl to recover them. The color on 4 of them is something like a dark chocolate brown. And the other 2 are a sky blue color, as per the attached picture. I live in Hollywood, Florida and I'm on a very restricted budget. Thanks for your time and consideration.

By jeanpierre2555

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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,680 08/02/2013 Flag

Have you tried Dollar General or Family Dollar? They usually carry a fair variety of self-adhesive Contact Paper (or an equivalent). Not sure how soft it will be though but at $1-3 per roll it's worth a try.

Something else you might consider is using a bed-sheet to sew or pin-fit covers. The following link takes you to a step-by-step tutorial for sewing (or pin-fitting) slipcovers: ... lipcover-for-dining-room-chairs.html

The instructions are simple and the photos walk you through it. This is a project you could sew by hand if you don't have a machine.

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Question: Recovering Chairs With Vinyl

I am putting new seat covers on my dinning room chair. I am using vinyl and I can't figure out how to cut the corners so they won't be so thick. Is there tricks to this and what are they.

Deb from Livonia, MI

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By jean (Guest Post) 08/18/2007 Flag

Try cutting a triangle shaped wedge out of the corners of the plastic. Cut it just deep enough so that it covers the seat, and the overlap the corners and staple. I suggest making a newspaper pattern first and seeing how it works before cutting the vinyl.
Also, are you heating the vinyl slightly to make it more pliable? This could be done by using a hair dryer to heat the part that you are working with. Practice with some scraps before actually upholstering.

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