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Remedies for Excessive Sweating

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Excessive Sweating

If you are plagued by excessive sweating, you are probably always on the lookout for a remedy. This is a guide about remedies for excessive sweating.


Solutions: Remedies for Excessive Sweating

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Tip: Panty Liners as Dress Shields for Perspiration

Try them as dress shields! I was looking on a website that sells all sorts of girly products; such as lightweight belts, shoe cushions, etc. They had one particular item, I can't remember what it was called, but they were disposable dress shields. They had an adhesive on one side, and are applied to the underarm area of a garment to prevent sweat stains. In fact, in the product description, it said,"think of them as panty liners for your underarms". That made the little light bulb over my head come on!

Choose the paper-thin shields they sell now, and make sure they have adhesive over the entire back, not just a strip down the middle; you want it to stick firmly since arms are in almost constant motion. On the site, they wanted $12.00 for maybe 3 pairs of these things. For $12.00, you could probably get over a year worth of panty liners to use as dress shields! Plus if you pay attention you may find a coupon too!

The real bonus is that a panty liner has a little more surface area than a regular dress shield for more protection. You can use a safer deodorant without aluminum salts in it, because you have the shield to absorb the perspiration instead. Liners also come scented, but I haven't tried any of them yet because I have somewhat sensitive skin.

    By Kat [7]

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    Here are questions related to Remedies for Excessive Sweating.

    Question: Excessive Sweating

    I have been using Certain-Dri 72 hours roll on for a couple of weeks, but I see little result. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I take showers every night and than apply it after an hour, like the directions say. I could use some help. I am starting school in September. Last year was horrible always having to use a jacket to cover it up, but still have the wetness under it.

    By Emma


    Best Answers

    By Marcie [5]08/13/2010

    I have heard that Botox injections can help with over-active sweat glands. Go see your doc. Good luck, I can see how this would make you feel so bad.

    Best Answers

    By Susan08/03/2010

    I've found that not all of the "clinical strength" antiperspirants work the same. I've found Secret to be the best with Degree an acceptable alternative. The directions on all of them say to apply before going to bed. I usually take a shower before bed, then immediately apply the antiperspirant. I don't get dressed right away, I let it dry a bit first. If I know it's going to be a particularly hot day, the next morning I will apply again.

    Towards the end of each shower I gradually start to turn the water to cold to bring my body temperature down a bit. It's nearly cold by the time I step out. I dry off right away and then use Shower to Shower body powder on those spots where I tend to sweat a lot. Baby powder doesn't work nearly as well as the Shower to Shower.

    If you have trouble with sweating under your bra, you might find placing a triangularly folded washcloth placed between the bra band and your skin keeps away a lot of the excess moisture.

    Every chance I get throughout the day I use a very cold, wet facecloth and press it against my face and neck to bring my body temperature down.

    Sorry this got so long, I hope it helps!

    Best Answers

    By Sally Pifer (Guest Post)06/15/2007

    Have your doctor give you a prescription for Drysol. This was originally used for sweating feet. However, it works under your arms too. I had a terrible sweating problem for years, but the Drysol did the trick. Apply right after a shower. I think you will only have to use it once or twice a week, but check the directions. I always recommend Drysol. It was a lifesaver for me. I found out about Drysol from a Dear Abby column when a reader had asked Abby for advice to stop sweating.

    Question: Perspiration Problems

    My niece has a problem with perspiration under her arms. She is only 16 years old. She has used every kind of antiperspirant imaginable but she still sweats badly and hates this problem. She doesn't have a bad odor under her arms, just the sweating that embarrasses her. What can she do to prevent this? I sure hope someone can solve this as she is very popular and smart and has a lot of friends and this really annoys her. I love my Niece and would like to help her.

    God Bless,
    Angelheart from Clyde, TX


    Most Recent Answer

    By Cherry (Guest Post)01/24/2009

    Hey listen I know the best thing you could do go to a drug store and buy either certain dry. Since she's a young lady secret clinical protection it honestly works especially certain dri. Hope I helped.

    Question: Problems With Sweating

    I have a real problem with sweating and it is really embarrasing. I take dance lessons and within the first 2 minutes my clothes are wet and sweat is running down my face, it seems like anything I do causes this. Has anyone else had this problem and what can be done about it?

    Thanks so much,

    Most Recent Answer

    By Susie (Guest Post)02/02/2009

    My face sweats so much! it is so embaresssing! When i am in large groups of people or i start to get nervous when i talk to someone my face starts to sweat A LOT. Sometimes i often pretend I hear my cell phone so that i can go outside and try and cool off. Then once my face starts sweating so does my head and it is just gross. I am a college student and I am constantly at parties and out with big groups of people. I just want the sweat to go away. It is ruining my self-esteem.

    Question: Excessive Sweating - Red Hands

    My hands get bright red almost all the time. It started when I was 13, I'm now 38. It's very embarrassing, especially in front of an audience. My mother has raynauds, but her hands don't get red, they turn white. I haven't told my doctor yet, I don't know how he hasn't noticed. I feel very healthy and my blood pressure is normal, but as I approach middle aged, I am concerned. I would welcome any feedback from people with my same symptoms.


    Most Recent Answer

    By Johnny Boy11/12/2014

    I have the exact same problem as VenSpa. Does anyone have any suggestions? This problem appeared about 6 months ago, and is making me feel embarassed and suicidal. Any remedies, cure, why didn't it happen before?

    Question: Remedy for Fine Perspiration

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I will suddenly break out with a fine sweat on my hairline, cheeks, and neck, for no rhyme or reason. It happens in the middle of the night, or as soon as I get up, or even while writing this email.

    I had a hysterectomy when I was 46 and now I'm 62, so it's not menopause. I exercise, avoid sugar, take my supplements, and still. I tried selenium sulphide shampoo for some time and it worked, but now its back. Why? Please help!

    By susheila

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]02/09/2013

    I went through The Change early too (non-surgical, mine was caused by extreme stress) and thought 'well, that's done.' Only to hit my mid-fifties and start to have some menopausal symptoms.

    I casually mentioned the symptoms to my GP during the annual check-up and he became very serious-sent me to a specialist because apparently these symptoms can be caused by (gulp) cancer. I went through several tests (thank-God for the NHS!) and came back clear but some women don't. If you can afford it, you should check with your doctor to be sure your symptoms aren't a warning of something serious. Even if you had a complete hysterectomy (uterus and ovaries) your body is still on its built in timer (see below), according to my GP and the specialists he sent me to. Cancer in a complete hysterectomy patient is rare but can still happen so a check to rule it out would be a good idea.

    However, the symptoms turning out to be cancer is much more common in a woman who has gone through a non-surgical menopause. My GP and the specialist were both very concerned until those tests came back.

    My symptoms ended up being what was left of the hormonal clock kicking in-I am at the same age as the older women in my family who went through menopause at a 'normal' time in their lives. Ask your older female relatives when they went through menopause if you can; you may find you have reached the age they went through it.

    Meanwhile, a light dusting with a talcum powder will keep the fine perspiration under control and more comfortable for you. I used to lightly powder up before leaving the house, too, to keep it less noticeable.

    Question: Remedies for Excessive Head Sweating

    I am not sure where to put this question, but I have head and facial sweating so bad that I look like I take a shower every time I move around and sometimes when I am just sitting here. I am so embarrassed and the older I get the worse it gets.

    I can't do my make up or my hair and I don't want to go to the gym because after a while from my head getting so hot and the rest of my body sweating, I look like a drowning pig. Yes, I am over weight, but I have had the problem even when I was skinny. I have been to the doctor, the neurologist, the dermatologist, and the cosmetologist and guess what, nothing has been done.

    I read on here something about putting Sea Breeze on your scalp and alum mixed with water, but I am unsure how much to use and how often. If anyone has any suggestions please email me through this site. Thank you.

    By Angie from Caledonia, MI

    Most Recent Answer

    By jan nash [8]12/01/2010

    I had exactly the same symptoms as you Angie. I visited my doctor who prescribed Propantheline bromide tablets.They stopped the sweating almost immediately.The only side effect I had was a dry mouth. Which was a small price to pay. I live in the UK, I hope the tablets are available in the States. Good Luck.

    Question: Remedy for Excessive Facial Sweating

    I am 35 old age and I suffer from excessive face sweating when I walk, communicate with a new person, even when I do simple work, when I think a little bit. I think it is genetic from my parents (hormone case). So, how can I stop this excessive facial sweating?

    By laloabiti


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    Archive: Excessive Sweating

    How can I stop excessive sweating? I use antiperspirants, but that doesn't help, also I can't use it all on my face or all over my body. What can I do? Since I live in the deep south, this is a real problem for me.

    P Sanders from Deep South MS

    RE: Excessive Sweating

    I too live in the south (SC so I know your pain. If you are a middle aged female, it's probably hormonal. If not, it could be glandular or metabolic. It can be a reaction to meds. You probably need to see a doctor for a work up. They can prescribe prescription strength antiperspirants and/or use botox to essentially freeze or stop the perspiration from certain glands. You have to be careful about over heating though, because it's the perspiration that cools your body temperature off when it's hot. So if you stop the perspiration, you could get heat stroke. (06/14/2007)

    By Deb in SC

    RE: Excessive Sweating

    Use Certain Dri, it is available at most stores like Walgreens and Target. Apply it at night before going to sleep and go about your normal routine the next day. It really worked for me, I hardly use it now. (06/14/2007)

    By Kimberlee

    RE: Excessive Sweating

    Have your doctor give you a prescription for Drysol. This was originally used for sweating feet. However, it works under your arms, too. I had a terrible sweating problem for years, but the Drysol did the trick. Apply right after a shower. I think you will only have to use it once or twice a week, but check the directions. I always recommend Drysol. It was a lifesaver for me. I found out about Drysol from a Dear Abby column when a reader had asked Abby for advice to stop sweating. (06/15/2007)

    By Sally

    RE: Excessive Sweating

    Also a quick tip is find cold or cool water and place both your wrists in it, this seems to cool me down and I have been a "hottie" since childhood. (06/15/2007)

    By meoowmom

    RE: Excessive Sweating

    If you are overweight it could be the "fat insulation". I am thirty pounds heavier than I used to be, I sweat a whole lot more than I used to. (06/17/2007)

    By Lily May

    RE: Excessive Sweating

    You should check out the following website for excessive sweating problems:

    It has all types of resources, treatments, and even cures for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. (10/23/2007)

    By Mechdawrek

    RE: Excessive Sweating

    There are quite a number of alternatives to antiperspirants that can help with excessive sweating. There are some oral medications available to help stop the sweating. Talk to your doctor about the problem and he may prescribe anticholinergic or antidepressant drugs to help you control the sweating.

    There's also a current buzz about injecting Botox to stop excessive sweating. However, as you sweat also on your face and body, Botox may not seem feasible.

    Participating in some form of mediation or self hypnosis may be able to help reduce the sweating if you experience excessive sweating when you are feeling anxious, depressed, or nervous. Try avoiding smoking, caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods which can cause sweating.

    You may also want to find out more information at: (07/16/2009)

    By newsbuzz

    Archive: Remedies for Excessive Head Sweating

    Regarding head sweating, it seems that we all have one thing in common, there appears to be no cure! I am just like so many I don't want to go any where, it is just horrible to be standing in line and the sweating starts and doesn't stop for at least an hour. I have been looking and looking and have found nothing close to a cure. Oh well I will keep on searching. Good luck to all.

    By Lisa

    RE: Remedies for Excessive Head Sweating

    Vinegar helps under the arm, maybe it will help your head, good luck. (06/05/2010)

    By kffrmw88

    RE: Remedies for Excessive Head Sweating

    That is a nerve gland in your body. Ask a doc about that. (06/05/2010)

    By yellow-hawk

    RE: Remedies for Excessive Head Sweating

    You definitely want to see a doctor; there are prescriptions to help control excessive sweating. Good luck! (06/06/2010)

    By WildIrish

    RE: Remedies for Excessive Head Sweating

    I wonder if it's hot flashes. I'm way past menopause and sometimes go from hot to cold and cold to hot in no time. My mother had the same problem at 82. (06/07/2010)

    By TXBetty