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Losing control of bodily functions can make for new health challenges. This guide is about remedies for incontinence.

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My mom has Alzheimer's and is incontinent. She gets bleeding sores on her cheek area. She wears a Depend pull up and a Poise pad. I change and clean her about every 4 hours. However, I can't win, as soon as one sore heals another breaks out.

By Geri from Fort Worth, TX

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I think that its really important to have the area really clean before you put on any ointments or salves. The salves can hold in the acids and germs from the urine that has soaked into the skin. Can your mom sit in a tub? When my children were small I would let them soak in a baking soda bath under a watchful eye for 15 to 30 minutes. Then I would make sure the irritated area was really dry--air dried or dried with a Blow dryer on low. You don't want to abrade the irritated area by rubbing it dry with a towel. Then put on the ointment of your choice. Best wishes and good luck

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Sitting in urine for possibly 4 hours at a time is not good. She may also have a yeast infection from the moisture. I would get rid of the pull-ups and Poise pads and move directly to adult diapers. It's only a matter of time anyway, and will make your job easier.

My Mother had Alzheimer's for 10 years, bedridden for about 8 years. We put her on the toilet every couple of hours which cut down on the need for diaper changing, during the day. (Is your Mother eating or drinking something that is making her urine very acidic? Orange juice, other citrus fruits?) Give her yogurt daily to help with that. I would suggest that you check her diaper more frequently, say, every other hour to get the sores under control. Her skin needs to be kept dry. Try medicated powder once the sores are healed.

If she is sitting upright a lot, get her a donut to sit on (find in a medical supply store). If she is bedridden, you'll need to give her skin even more care to prevent pressure sores (bed sores). Once they start, they are difficult to heal and can get very bad, going right to the bone. Frequent turning, gentle massage, range of motion movements/exercises, a healthy variety of fresh foods, vitamins and supplements, etc. will help keep them at bay. Find a geriatric specialist in your area (check local hospital or Alzheimer's Association for referrals). Good luck to you, I know it's not easy. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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First, bathe her diaper area each time you change her,with soap, like Ivory or Dial,which is good to fight germs. Then pat dry and apply peroxide and pat on for several minutes. They dry with a blow dryer set on warm. After the skin is thoroughly dry, apply a Monistat type cream-you can ask for it at Dollar General, it is much cheaper to buy the Dollar General store brand,called MICONAZOLE. This fights the yeast which will try to grow in any cracks in the skin, fed by the sugar found naturally in urine.Do not use vagisil, it contains nothing to kill yeast.

After you have the sores healed up, continue to sponge bathe with soap and dry her each and every time you change her, same as you would a baby.

But please don't play around with this. My other wise healthy father died from a bedsore which developed after he wrenched his knee and was put in a "rehab" facility to learn how to walk with a knee brace. He never walked again, had a bedsore within three weeks, and within three months was dead from the bedsore which spread bacteria to his bones.

I also recommended the monistat to a neighbor whose 90+ mother suffered pitifully from urine on her skin,and within a couple of weeks, the neighbor was thanking me with tears in her eyes for the relief she was able to give her mother.

Bless you.

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You might want to use a product that is called Butt Paste. You should be able to get it in any drug store. This is what the hospital used on my Mom. She had the same problem. It is a product that is used for babies, but works just as well for adults. Good Luck and God Bless.

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I have a friend with incontinence that has a sensitivity to the chemical in adult incontinence pads and underwear (same result with different brands). I suggested we figure out how to make a layering of diaper material as a sanitary napkin, but need suggestions. Or how to keep the chemical off her, while still using the commercial pads.

She tried plastic panty covers, but they dripped and became uncomfortably hot.
I appreciate any help you can give me to solve this perplexing situation. Thanks for your time and creative suggestions!

Holly from Richardson, TX

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How bad is it? Menstrual pads should work - how about just large baby diapers? The old-fashioned kind, with a panty outside - even a nylon one - the whole thing doesn't have to be could rig something up with safety pins and some plastic, too...remember the old days of menstrual pads?

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When my sister was a baby, my mother used terry cloth diapers and a diaper liner that was made from pure wool. It was a rectangle shaped liner, and not only did it draw the moisture away from the skin, the lanolin in the wool kept my sisters little bottom blemish free until she was toilet trained. I dont know who made them, they were completely washable and I am sure they would work lining an adult diaper. Try Googling diaper liner and see what comes up. Good luck & God Bless.

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Hi again, I just located a website called

They have a product called STAY DRY LINERS I think this will be a great help to your friend in their your current situation

They are a completely washable that would keep a persons sensetive skin away from diaper chemicals.

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Are you absolutely certain it isn't heat rash from all the moisture TX has been having? I'd suggest dusting with baking soda like talcum prior to putting them on. Then, change them more often, like once an hour, which is expensive, but so is the altrenative.

Also, ask the doctor if she could have a difficiency

in some chemical her body needs, which might cause

the incontinance? The pads aren't supposed to have any chemicals at all, especially if unperfumed. I'd

also consider that her bath soap is too strong or that

she's washing too often and not drying totally, creating the moisture for fungus growth beneath the plastic panties. I

suggest that whomever changes her, that you use the mildest soap, like Ivory, very sparsely, then rinsing very well, AND actually using the blow dryer to make certain that she's good and dry before putting on new pants. It may be a lot of trouble, but she

will benefit and perhaps be able to do this for herself? Just making certain that harsh soaps of any kind aren't used into her private areas except when she bathes. Otherwise, just lightly wash the area and

blow dry. Then around the panty lline dust with the

baking soda to help neutralize the acid in the urine

that might puddle there for a moment. Consider her

fluids, also. Is she drinking too much coffee/tea/soda or fruit juice? This can create an acidic condition. Also, ask the doctor if there's any reason she cannot have a single Acidolphylus capsule each day, in case it is a systemic yeast infection? This takes care of any mild case of it in only a few days use. Yeast is a culprit and can come out in any part of our body, not just the female privates.She needs a good diet of mostly vegetables, little sugar/acid/starches. I doubt that it's the panty liners themselves. Good luck and may God grant you His wisdom. : )

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