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Remedies for Skin Tags

bandaid covering a skin tag

As we get older our bodies seem to sprout all sorts of bumps and other age related blemishes. Skin tags are benign tumors that normally develop where the skin is abraded, such as the neck, or where it creases. This is a guide about remedies for skin tags.


Solutions: Remedies for Skin Tags

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Tip: Remedy for Skin Tags

I have been reading all the remedies for skin tags and I have to say, I am also a big baby when it comes to pain in some areas. I had a skin tag appear in a private area a few years ago and yesterday I woke up and it was swollen and clear liquid would come from it when I tried to mash it.

I read some of the remedies you all had posted and I tried the thread thing and when I woke up this morning, it was a reddish-purple and super sore. So I removed the thread. I have also tried to cut it off as some of you have suggested, but it was too painful and I can't get it numb enough. I have also been trying the oregano oil and I haven't seen a change. Any more ideas?

By anonymous from TX

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Question: Getting Rid of Skin Tags

How can I get rid of skin tags?

By Retha D from Anchorage, AK

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By Alicia 6 137 02/27/2012

On YouTube there is a video that says to pull on the skin tag, and tightly tie dental floss around the base. It should fall off in a couple days. Much easier than the method I used to remove mine- cuticle scissors, it bled quite a bit, and was painful. This method is supposed to be painless.

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Question: Home Remedy for Skin Tags

How can I remove skin tags at home?

By Darci from Chicago, IL

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By luv 5 11 06/09/2011

Duct tape. Smother them.

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Question: Removing Moles and Skin Tags With Coriander

I found an item on how to remove moles, using coriander. Please tell me how I can find this information. I have moles and skin tags that I wish to remove.

I do not like taking prescription drugs. I want to find alternatives to drugs.

Best regards.


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Most Recent Answer

By Glocat 1 07/20/2011

I tied thread around the base of my skin tags, they actually died and fell off! I wouldn't try this with moles though.

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Question: Skin Tag Fell Off

I've had my skin tag all my life and woke this morning to see it had turned black. I went on with my everyday tasks and got changed because I was going to go to the doctor's to get it checked out, but then once I put my t-shirt on it came off. I looked at it to see that the skin surrounding it was red and enlarged like a giant infected spot. It was bleeding and I really didn't have any control on when it would stop. Why do I have the spot?

By Jen

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