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Remedies for a Foggy Windshield

Foggy Windshield

Sometimes you need a little help to keep your windshield free of fog. This guide contains remedies for a foggy windshield.


Solutions: Remedies for a Foggy Windshield

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Tip: Dry Erase Board Eraser for Foggy Windshields

Keep a dry erase board eraser in your car's glove box. Use it to clear the windshield from the inside only. It is amazing how good it works. NEVER wet the eraser, always use it dry. Just a safety tip for everyone. It is a cheap way to keep you and your family safe.

By Grammaoftwo from Central Texas

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Question: Homemade Anti-Fog Solution for Windows

I'm looking for a spray to make myself for windshields to stop the fogging on the inside of car. Thought I'd seen it once, but can't find it now. Thanks.


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By Jason (Guest Post) 01/12/2005

Rain X anti fog wipes are an amazing anti-fog product expecially for car windows.

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Archive: Dry Erase Board Eraser for Foggy Windshields

For foggy windshields in your car, keep a black board eraser handy (felt kind) and keep it under your seat or in your glove compartment (in other words, handy) to use it when you need it. It's better than any cloth or rag.

By Mary Ann Kieffer from Lawrence, KS


RE: Dry Erase Board Eraser for Foggy Windshields

Is that the same kind as old fashioned chalk erasers? Since we cannot wash the van due to extreme water restriction still in force, I'd get a felt eraser so dirty with only a couple of uses that I'd have to try to wash it. Can it be washed/dried and still be smoothe enough to use again? God bless you for that idea. : ) (10/07/2006)

By lyndagayle62