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Removing Body Odor from Leather

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Leather Chair

Unfortunately leather furniture and car seats can pick up body odors. This is a guide about removing body odor from leather.


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Question: Body Odor Smell On Leather Chair

We have a leather chair for my hubby to sit in when he comes in from work all stinky and sweaty. The leather has body odor smell. How do I get the odor out of the leather chair?


Most Recent Answer

By eve [16]01/26/2010

Yes Hedi and in a world where the hubby doesn't come home dead tired that would be ideal. When we first got married my Husband worked as a sheetrock hanger and he was so exhausted when he got home. He just wanted to sit down and rest before a bath and supper. Hope the ideas works for you.

Solutions: Removing Body Odor from Leather

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