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Removing Body Odor from Leather

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Leather Chair

Unfortunately leather furniture and car seats can pick up body odors. This is a guide about removing body odor from leather.



Here are questions related to Removing Body Odor from Leather.

Question: Body Odor Smell On Leather Chair

We have a leather chair for my hubby to sit in when he comes in from work all stinky and sweaty. The leather has body odor smell. How do I get the odor out of the leather chair?



Most Recent Answer

By eve [16]01/26/2010

Yes Hedi and in a world where the hubby doesn't come home dead tired that would be ideal. When we first got married my Husband worked as a sheetrock hanger and he was so exhausted when he got home. He just wanted to sit down and rest before a bath and supper. Hope the ideas works for you.

Question: Removing Body Odor from Leather Couch

Our black leather sofa has body odor. I have washed it already and even put disinfectant like Lysol on it, but still the odor is there. What we are going to do? Please help.

By Celsa from Cebu, Philippines

Solutions: Removing Body Odor from Leather

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