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Removing Cat Poop and Odor from Carpet

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I would like to know how to get rid of the smell and residue of cat poop on carpet. Apparently our cat either had some on her paws or a little on her butt when she used the litter box and it all didn't come off in the box. She walked around the house and left some on the bedroom carpet. Does anyone know a natural way to get rid of the residue and smell? We tried using baking soda, but the residue is still there. How do you clean the area of the rug for this?

By Linda from Brighton, MI


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By Lizzyanny [9]06/14/2012

Most any cleaner should take the stain up. For the odor use Natures Miracle, an enzyme cleaner found at most pet stores. Actually the Natures Miracle works well as a cleaner too. Remember it has to be fully dry for the odor to fade. I have also had good luck with a product called Fizzion, for both odor and cleaning.

By Betty [104]06/14/2012

If you haven't already, I'd try a mixture of vinegar and water.

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