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Removing Cooking Odors From Your Home

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Odors from cooking food.

Proper kitchen ventilation will help reduce cooking odors. This guide is about removing cooking odors from your home.


Solutions: Removing Cooking Odors From Your Home

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Tip: Vinegar for Fried Fish Odor

When frying fish in the house after frying fish, use apple cider vinegar. Boil in a large or medium pot for between thirty minutes and an hour. Watch closely and you will not smell fish in your place. Try it, you will like the difference. It will smell very fresh and nice.

    By Emma Dean S. [1]

    Tip: Vinegar to Remove Smelly Cooking Odors

    After cooking fish, broccoli or anything with an odor, simply set a bowl of vinegar in the room overnight and the odor will be gone.

    By Debra from Hampton, Tennessee

    Tip: Kitchen Odor Remover

    A cup of vinegar set on the kitchen counter will help eliminate kitchen odors.

    By Aurelia C.

    Tip: Vinegar For Odors After Cooking Fish

    After frying fish or something that leaves a lingering odor in the house. Put out several bowls with about a 1/2 cup white vinegar, particularly in the kitchen, for several hours or overnight. The odor will disappear.

    By Pam Rose

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    Here are questions related to Removing Cooking Odors From Your Home.

    Question: Removing Cooking Smells After Frying Fish

    I tried everything to rid the house of the odor that was left after frying a wonderful fish dinner. The only thing that worked was "Yankee" candle. I used lemon/lavender and had it on about two hours. No spray even came close to ridding the house of day old fish smell.

    By rosemarybarry2 from Loveland CO


    Best Answers

    By minibee08/02/2011

    I have tried the vinegar on the stove thing but nothing works as well as the "pure air" candle I just bought from my local Oreck store. They said it would even take the bacon smell out and it did. I also tried it with fried redfish and it works. I think burning candles works the best.

    Best Answers

    By eileen [3]02/08/2010

    Boil vinegar and water on stove for a few minutes. Works for old cigarette smoke odor also.

    Question: Odors From Cooking Chinese Food

    I am a university student and this year I have two foreign students from China living with me. Their food has a very strong smell, and they cook 3 times a day, sometimes more.

    I clean twice a week, scrub every surface I can with either Mr. Clean or bleach and water, and the house smells fresh again. As soon as they cook again though, the entire house reeks to the point that its making me sick.

    I've tried bowls of vinegar, baking soda, Febreze, air fresheners, boiling water and cinnamon and vinegar. They all help but they do not kill the odor, and I need something that will deodorize all day long. I'm at the end of my rope, and cannot find a solution, any ideas?

    Candice from Windsor, ONT, Canada


    Most Recent Answer

    By Ann (Guest Post)10/15/2005

    Try boiling vinegar on the stove. You can use straight vinegar or add some water. If it's grease on the walls, then you need to spray the walls with vinegar and wipe.

    Question: How Do I Get Rid of that Fried Smell after Cooking?

    I fried pancakes 2 days ago and can't get rid of the fried oil smell. Can anybody help?

    By Maziebabe from Redditch

    Most Recent Answer

    By Loverchangsta [4]12/21/2010

    For me, I'll do the same thing is to clean but when you are actually doing it open the windows or doors so that it'll take the smell away that's what I usually do when I cook things.

    Question: Trouble Getting Rid of Fish Odor in the House

    How do I get rid of the fish odor which lingers throughout the house? I have tried lemon, vinegar, and disinfectant sprays to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thank you.

    By Rickie

    Most Recent Answer

    By Mary Koehler [8]03/30/2010

    Get some Fresh-Wave spray, and use that.
    check on google where you can buy it in your area.

    Question: Removing Garlic Odor From A Room

    Help! my house mate is a wimp when it comes to garlic odor. I need to remove the smell so I can continue cooking.

    - Valerie Smith

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lana Kutynsky [5]06/06/2011

    Boil a pot of water with cinnamon in it. It will take most odors out in a room. Lana - Des Plaines, IL