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Removing Corns From Feet

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Bare Feet

Corns on your feet can be very painful. This is a guide about removing corns from feet.



Here are questions related to Removing Corns From Feet.

Question: Removing Corns from Toes

I'm on my feet 8 hours a day and they're very painful, in between the ball of my feet and the heel. I have lumps of round hard skin a bit like a corn with what looks like a small lump in the center.

I've used Bazuka that gets rid of the hard skin, but the center bit is still there. I just can't get that out. It just keeps coming back. Please can you help? It's on both feet.

By Joan from Liverpool


Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]05/15/2010

I'm with Maryeileen. My sister had Plantar warts, and my daughters and I have had them also. To my knowledge, only surgery gets these out.

Question: Removing Corns Without Surgery

How can I remove corns from my feet without surgery?

By Violet from Philadephia, PA


Most Recent Answer

By jennifercolflesh10/02/2014

Use apple cider vinegar. Dip cotton ball in it, then ducktape to foot for overnight.

Question: Removing a Toe Corn

What is the best way to remove a very hard corn at the tip (just beyond the toenail) of a toe? My toe often hurts due to the corn.

By Loisanne

Most Recent Answer

By Betty [104]01/19/2012

I disagree with LeeAnn but Only if you're not diabetic. I seldom ever go to the doctor and always try home remedies first. I they weren't safe I'd think Dr. Oz and The Doctors would not be promoting them. I'm a senior citizen and take no prescriptions drugs of any kind. Nearly every prescription drug I've ever taken I've had drug reactions, some minor and one that sent me to the ER. Do an online search like

Solutions: Removing Corns From Feet

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Archive: Removing Corns from Toes

How do you remove corns from toes? What is the quickest way without surgery?

By niesha from Syracuse, NY

RE: Removing Corns from Toes

I had painful corns on my little toes for a long time. I tried every otc remedy available. One day, I got a small plastic dish pan, put in hot water with a little dish soap added, and had an electric kettle at my side. I sat on the couch, and spent 30 minutes soaking my feet. Adding water as hot as I could stand after it began to cool. I had a nail brush, and a paddle like thing you use on heels, one with a buffer type thing that you use on your heels and bottom of feet. After I dried off my feet. I worked with my fingers loosening the corn with my fingers. I dried my feet, rubbed the "sander" on my corns and feet.

The next day I repeated the above. The corns came off that day. I put some foot cream on my feet, and let it go. A few days later, the corns were all out. Be sure to put on some antiseptic on the toes, and a non-medicated corn pads on them for a few days, and those nasty corns never ever came back. That was 5 years ago. You just have to spend time on this, but a week of caring for my feet, was worth the 5 years to date of the peace and no pain were well worth it. My foot MD was awed on my method. I also put Tea Tree oil on them for about two weeks after to assure no infection set in the toes. I am a happy walker now. No more pain. Try it. Good luck. (06/05/2009)

By islandsage

Archive: Removing Corns from Toes

I need something or a home remedy to remove corns on my feet. I have one on my little toe that I can't get rid of.

By rforbes

RE: Removing Corns from Toes

I had one on each little toe on the side of the toe beside the nail. Apparently it's from my toes rubbing against my shoes or boots. Anyway, as I was clipping my toe nails one day I decided to clip this corn. I clipped it with the nail clippers until it was gone. I didn't feel a thing while clipping it. I just kept clipping it away until it was totally removed. They did grow back and I would clip it out again, and again and now they are totally gone and haven't returned. (08/06/2009)

By lorraina

RE: Removing Corns from Toes

Try applying a small amount of Vicks vapor rub nightly, I know it's worked on my corns, calluses, and extra dry places. It works on toenail fungus, also. (08/07/2009)