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Removing Duct Tape From a Car

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Duct Tape

Duct tape is useful for many things, but not always easy to remove all traces. This guide is about removing duct tape residue on a car.


Solutions: Removing Duct Tape From a Car

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Tip: Use Gasoline to Remove Sticky Duct Tape

I've recently experienced the same problem. I used a little bit of gasoline and it came right off, worked great!

By x0breezibabix0

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Here are questions related to Removing Duct Tape From a Car.

Question: Tape Residue on My Car

I used tape to cover a broken car window. Now that the window has been repaired, tape residue is on the hood and trunk of the car. I don't want to ruin the paint, but want to remove the tape residue. Help.

QueenK from Escondido


Most Recent Answer

By michelle (Guest Post)08/16/2008

Here are the things I tried that you guys suggested for the duct tape removal, baby oil, lighter fluid and wd 40 - no luck! I didn't try the vegetable oil or peanut butter.
Here is your solution:
Nail Polish Remover
Easy, hardly any elbow grease was used. Works Beautifully, don't bother with anything else. Trust me!

Question: Duct Tape on Car

Does anyone know how to remove duct tape from the outside of a car? It is on the paint and around the back windshield. I am currently using Orange Blast, an auto degreaser. It is working, but very slowly. Any faster suggestions that would save the paint on my car would be great.



Most Recent Answer

By gary wilson06/30/2008

I have not tried this yet, but another source said to use boining water with tongs and then rub it off after it has softened.

Question: Duct Tape Residue on a Car

How do you remove residue from duct tape on a car?

By Shirley from Oologah, OK

Most Recent Answer

By crus09/12/2010

In my case, I had clear packing tape residue stuck on the side of my Mercedes, so I didn't want to use anything abrasive whatsoever that would scratch the finish. I looked around and found I had the following options. WD 40, Olive Oil, Carnauba wax. The WD40 did not work for me. What did work was to repeatedly soak the area in olive oil, then rub aggressively with a microfiber cloth and then I put carnauba wax on top of it which finished the job. The oil and wax slowly dissolved the tape glue. It took repeated rubbing over the area. In my case it took 45 min. but it got all the tape residue off and the finish was fine.

Question: Using Duct Tape on Auto Body

I need to temporarily use duct tape to reattach my side mirror to it's frame. Will this tape damage my car paint?

By Karin