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Removing Melted Plastic on Car Upholstery

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A car parked on a sunny day.

We know that the inside of a closed car can get very hot on summer days. If you inadvertently leave certain types of plastic items in your car you may come back to a melted mess. This is a guide about removing melted plastic on car upholstery.



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Question: Removing Melted Plastic from Car Seat

Do not leave your wrist brace on your car seat in the summer heat. Mine melted, and of course is of absolutely no use anymore. I helped a friend out by walking her dog and went directly to work after, never thinking the day would get so hot. I came back to the car after my day's work was done to find a melted mess on my seat. Oh, by the way, anyone know how to get melted plastic off of a fabric seat?

By Deborah from Fredericton, NB


Most Recent Answer

By Lewissan [32]08/07/2012

I am scared to even offer solutions but probably your best bet if it's really into the fibers to try heating it back up using the method you would use to remove candle wax from a tablecloth or furniture. Use a clothes iron on its low setting. Put a brown paper bag on top of the stain and press the iron on top of the bag (and the stain), leaving it for a moment, but not too long.

As the iron heats the bag, it should transfer some of that plastic from the seat to the bag. But, you will want to be patient, not to let the seat get to hot or you will have a new larger stain from the iron damaging the seat. If you can't see plastic transferring to the bag, you may want to abandon, then it's not pulling the plastic from your seat and you should try something else.

Question: Melted Plastic on Car Seat

I bought an air freshener from Bath and Body Works that is a clip for your visor and it melted right over my carseat. How can I remove it?

By Susan

Solutions: Removing Melted Plastic on Car Upholstery

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