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Removing Salt Stains from Your Car's Carpet

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Car's Carpet

Winter, in many areas, means salt on the roads and unfortunately also on the carpet inside your car. This is a guide about removing salt stains from your car's carpet.



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Question: Removing Salt Stains from Carpet

How do I clean winter salt stains out of the carpet in my car?

By Cnichols from East Lansing, MI


Most Recent Answer

By Cathie04/23/2009

You can also use foaming carpet cleaner from any grocery or discount store. I like to use a pail of warm water and a medium sized bath towl. I will soak the towel in water, place it wet (not soaked) on the salt adn let soak for a few minutes. Then blot with paper towels and let dry. repeat until salt is out of carpet. This also works on mats by the front door.

Solutions: Removing Salt Stains from Your Car's Carpet

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