Removing Stains From Inside a Refrigerator

Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator.

Foods stored in your fridge can spill and cause stains on the interior walls and shelves. This is a guide about removing stains from inside a refrigerator.



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Question: Cleaning a Stubborn Stain in the Refrigerator

I have a problem I can't seem to solve. I have a dry food stain inside my refrigerator next to the crisper drawer. I've tried SOS pads and using dish soap and the stain won't come off. Any suggestions? Could I use bleach?

Thank you.

By Rachelle from Denver, CO

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By Ann Winberg 306 239 04/01/2010

I don't know why you can't use bleach. I make a mild solution of warm bleach water to wash down the inside of mine and it works wonderful. I add around two tablespoons or so with a squirt of dish deterdent to a gallon of warm water. Do not use ammonia but bleach would be fine or has been for me for years. We have an old fridge in the garage used for all sorts of storage, extra garden vegetables in the summer, night crawlers in containers, cold beverages and such. I clean it once a year with bleach solution to kill the germs and it works great.

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