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Removing Wrinkles from Curtains and Drapes

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It is disappointing to open the packaging containing your new curtains to find them creased and wrinkled. Not all drapes can be washed and dried to remove the wrinkles. This is a guide about removing wrinkles from curtains and drapes.



Here are questions related to Removing Wrinkles from Curtains and Drapes.

Question: Removing Creases from 'Crushed' Curtains

I bought brand new permanently crushed curtains. Why? One, they are gorgeous and two you never have to iron them! I do not iron. However, being packaged they have some lines in them. I tried wrinkle remover, no good. I tried hot steamy shower, no good. And no, I don't have a travel steamer thing. Can someone suggest something? I am at quite the loss. I draped all the panels over a door for few days, but they didn't come out. Any advice? Thanks.

Kathy from Phila, PA


Most Recent Answer

By Wendy Atkinson04/18/2008

Wash your curtains and hang them wet. They will dry and pull out any wrinkles or creases.

Question: Removing Wrinkles from Packaged Curtains

How do you recommend that someone remove the wrinkles from drapes out of a package? They are made from 100% polyester with an acrylic binder.

By LKW from Hempstead, TX


Most Recent Answer

By tricia minter [11]11/10/2013

I would wash them because all new items have finishing products in them to give them that crisp new look & feel. They are chemicals you don't want in your home for your family to be breathing. I work in a store & sometimes when new products are being stocked, the fumes will give me a migraine. The smells are very strong.

Question: Removing Packaging Wrinkles from Crushed Voile Curtains

What is the best way to get wrinkles from packaging out of new crushed voile window panels? I don't want to iron them since they are the crushed material, but there are some deep wrinkles from the packaging. Would just washing and hanging damp work?

By dwutz

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]01/19/2012

You can tumble the panels in the dryer with a towel that has been wet and rung out so it's not dripping. Tumble on the lowest heat setting. You can do this with the new panels, which should then be wrinkle free. No laundering needed. This has worked for me. Hope it helps you.

Question: Removing Wrinkles from Drapes

I just bought some new drapes, they are grommeted at the top, and made of 100% cotton and are lined. The directions say to iron very little or not at all on the fabric side. They arrived in a very wrinkled state. Can I use a fabric steamer on them or would that cause shrinkage? I have never used a steamer before.

By Marcie from Prairie du Sac, WI

Most Recent Answer

By Jennifer [29]03/28/2011

They will most likely "iron" themselves out by hanging. You can put some water in a spray bottle and spray until damp. Smooth out with clean hands and let gravity do the rest.

Solutions: Removing Wrinkles from Curtains and Drapes

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