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Repairing Couch Springs

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Photo of a furniture spring isolated on white.

Over time the springs in your couch can break or become compressed resulting in a sagging couch. You can buy a new couch, or perhaps you can save a lot of money and simply repair the worn springs. This is a guide about repairing couch springs.



Here are questions related to Repairing Couch Springs.

Question: Is Replacing The Springs On a Sofa Worth It?

I have a not-so-old (5 years) but clearly not-so-good-quality sofa on which the springs have lost their tautness. These are low quality S-springs. Is it worth getting the sofa "resprung"? Anybody know how much that tends to cost (3-seater) - as much as buying a new set of furniture? Apart from the springs it's in great shape, and there is a matching loveseat which has no problems at all, so it's a bit of a shame to have to junk the whole set on account of the one set of springs.

Thanks ever so much.

Adrienne from DC


Most Recent Answer

By Carrie [2]10/31/2007

The thing about springs, I have always thought, is that they are 15th century technology.

Futons are better support, but the cushion design doesn't match--more like spring sofas.

Maybe a combination of futon frame and memory foam fillings (If you don't want to pop for down) are the way to go.

Any other ideas?

Question: Old Sofa With a Bad Spring

I have an old sofa that is worn out and should be replaced, but I cannot afford it at this time. Besides, my entire family loves this sofa, as it is very comfortable. However, one of the springs has sprung apparently. If you sit down on this one section you sink down too far.

Is there a way to shore this up that is not too difficult or expensive? I am a single mom on a limited budget. Kathy Y.


Most Recent Answer

By Toni (Guest Post)03/05/2008

I also have a sagging couch. I decided to try and repair it myself, although I haven't done it yet I have order what I need. Go to they seem to have everything a do it yourselfer would need to do the job.

Question: Tying Springs in a Couch

Can anyone direct me to find a manual or videotape that can teach me to retie springs in the seats and back of a couch.


Most Recent Answer

By lh (Guest Post)06/25/2005

The best book I found is "Singer Upholstery Basics." It is very well written and has many detailed pictures.

Question: Repairing an Antique Chair

The vertical spring broke on a antique chair. How can I repair or buy a new vertical coil?


Most Recent Answer

By Rose Anne Hutchence [4]03/12/2015

Have you considered talking to people at furniture repair shops? Re-upholsterers? They may have old parts.

Question: Repairing Spring Hook on Couch

My heavy husband fell onto our circa 1970's sturdy, oak couch and flattened out a hook that holds one of the S curve springs taut. We'd like to get it back together, as it's a very solid couch and we really need to have it back in order. The hook is probably not repairable, as it was made to hold a very strong spring taut and so bending it back is likely to break it. What can we do to repair it as closely to it's original strength as possible?

By nekocat from OR

Most Recent Answer

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]06/21/2009

You might also try your local Ace Hardware store. See what kinds of pre-fab S-hooks they have. With a heavy hubby, you might need something pretty heavy-duty, pardon the pun! I was once married to a man whose weight ballooned to nearly 400 pounds, so I know the embarrassment of hubby breaking furniture! One of my most mortifying moments was when the man sat in a friend's office chair and broke it.

Question: Replacing the Springs on an Old Couch

I have a 65-70 year old couch, that has been in the family since I was little. I am attached to it, but my kids think I should get rid of it and buy a new one. I can't afford that, I just want to repair it. It sags alarmingly. I think I need to replace the coil springs as well as the s shaped springs. Is there a video or book with instructions for this? I had it reupholstered about 10 years ago, so it is acceptable, though it could use it again, but that will wait till I have the money.

By Greg F.

Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]03/05/2015

Get a book from library on DIY upholstering.

Question: Repairing Springs on Sofa Bed

I found two large springs under my Lazy Boy sofa sleeper and am uncertain where they go on the sleeper. Any help would be appreciated.

By Kathy C. from Logansport, IN

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/01/2015

You can contact the manufacturer, store where purchased, etc., for help.

Question: Repairing Couch Springs

How do we fix the springs that have come off the couch frame?

By Pattier from Costa Mesa, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Tammie [15]07/05/2010

I put a sheet of plywood under the cushions on my couch.

Question: Repairing a Sofa Spring

My sofa apparently has a broken spring. It make a loud noise when you get up from sitting on it. I want to repair the sofa and stop this noise. Any suggestions?

By Bob from Evergreen, CO

Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams [23]11/01/2009

Most of the time these springs are an "s" style spring. If you turn the couch over you should be able to remove the bottom cover (if it's even still there) and see the spring. It is generally not difficult to remove the spring and buy a replacement from a local upholstery shop, but in a pinch, use a couple coat hangers bent to match the spring. then using some bailing wire(a whopping $1.00 a roll at a local hardware store) you simply "splint" the springs with the hangers. It's ugly but when you flip it back over. No one knows but you, good luck.

Question: Fixing Lumpy Sofa Cushions

I have a Broyhill sofa and the cushions are extremely lumpy. Are there any fixes for this?

By Veronica B.

Question: Repairing Couch Springs

How do we fix the springs that have come off the couch frame?

By Pattier from Costa Mesa, CA

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