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The sawdust and glue construction of particleboard furniture makes it comparatively inexpensive to buy but also easier to damage. This is a guide about repairing particle board furniture.


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Tip: Repairing IKEA-like Laminate Furniture

1) repair chips/wear with acrylic craft paint
2) cover tops with contact paper - marble pattern, wood grain, etc.
3) Cover worn bottoms edges of veneer with narrow strips of contrasting/matching contact paper.

(We rescued a bookcase off the side of the road with worn bottom edge showing the particle board underneath by covering with a strip of matching wood grain paper.)

By pam from Los Angeles

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Tip: Fixing Holes in Particle Board Furniture

To fill in places where the paper has been ripped off of wood look furniture, try using a brown crayon to cover the spot followed by a black crayon (lightly) to blend the spot. We did this with a dvd cabinet recently with great results.

By Katie in NY

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Question: Repairing Particle Board Cabinets

Can I get a tip on how to repair a wood composite kitchen cabinet? The door and hinge came off the cabinet base and tore a part of the particle board off with it. How can I repair the cabinet to get the hinge to stay in place? The hole is about a quarter inch larger than it should be.

Al from Tampa, FL

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By Gary (Guest Post) 02/09/2006

Try Particle Board Repair kit from VTI 877-729-2738

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