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Repairing Scratches On Wood Floors

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Scratched Wood Floor

Wood flooring is generally quite durable, but it can get scratches over time. This is a guide about repairing scratches on wood floors.


Solutions: Repairing Scratches On Wood Floors

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Tip: Walnuts for Hardwood Floor Scratches

Crack open a walnut and rub the nut "meat" against cracks and scratches in hardwood floors to repair them. The nut meat fills in the scratch with a color resembling the wood. Natural tannins found in nuts contain healing properties. Almonds and pecans also work if you're out of walnuts!

By attosa from Los Angeles, CA

Tip: Camouflage Scratches on Wood Floors

If you have hard wood floors with scratches on it I have found that using left over strong coffee with a soft rag and rubbing it into the wood helps hide the scratches.

Source: From my daughter.

By Darlene from Everton, Missouri

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Here are questions related to Repairing Scratches On Wood Floors.

Question: Repairing Dings In the Varnish On a Hardwood Floor

We recently installed hardwood floors in our house and sadly have some pretty major dings and scratches on the varnish from a chair. We had a chair with metal feet with rubber ends on the feet. The metal broke through one of the rubber feet and scratched the floor. Does anyone know of a way to buff these out to make them less noticeable? We have rearranged our furniture in a way that puts them in a high traffic area, the rest of the floor looks fantastic.

Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks.



Most Recent Answer

By tara (Guest Post)01/29/2006

My cat scratched up my hardwood floors and I rent an apartment. There are about a million scratches all over every part of the floor. Is there anything I can buy to make them less noticible. It is horrible looking.

Question: Fixing Scratch On Laminate Wood Floors

My husband and I just installed Swift Lock Laminate wood floors this weekend. When he was moving our entertainment center back in he didn't pick it up off the floor and now we have a line all across the floor. It's not a scratch so much as I think he just rubbed the finish off some. He left the same mark in our kitchen laminate floors. I tried baking soda and water, but this didn't work. Any other ideas?

Rose from Ashland, KY


Most Recent Answer

By Hecman (Guest Post)07/27/2008

I have Dupont Laminate Flooring throughout my Condo and I love it but it is high maintainance as we all know. I recently noticed a scratch, not deep but it had marred the finish. I used scratch remover used for your car and really worked great. One problem that it also polishes and now I've got a section of flooring that has a high sheen which looks out of place with the normal sheen of flooring. I have noticed that the sheen is wearing off with time but I would appreciate any ideas about removing the high sheen look quicker . Thanks

Question: Removing Scratches from High Gloss Laminate Flooring

I have very high gloss laminate flooring and it has surface scratches. What is the best product to use to get rid of the scratches? They are everywhere on the floor.

By G. Halls

Question: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

I have hardwood floor in the dining room, it is a very dark stain with a polyurethane finish. I also have three little grandsons that push their trucks, ride their riding toys, etc., in this room and have scratched the finish. Is there a way to make them look better? We plan to refinish them when the guys are older. What can I do in the meantime?

By Carolyn from Marion, OH

Question: Repairing Scratches in Laminate Wood Flooring

How can I repair scratches in a laminate wood floor?

By Sherri from MO


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Archive: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

I just recently moved into an older house that has some neglected, beaten up wooden floors. Some of the floor area is scratched, even gouged.

I don't want to bring in a rotary sander, but rather am looking for hints or tips that I could use for enhancing the appearance e.g., use of shellac sticks or putty for filling scratches, chemical sanding, buffing, etc. that might take longer, but be less messy and costly.

By Tracy

Archive: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

How do you repair scratched wood floors?

By Jennifer from Creston, IA

RE: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

Have you tried Old English? Some people say using the meat from the walnut to rub into the gouges and scratches also makes it blend in with the rest of the wood. (07/30/2010)

By yoder178

Archive: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

How can I repair hardwood floors that have a couple of scratch marks from moving furniture? My son and two friends rented a house and instead of using the protectors on the legs of couches, etc. before moving they happened to put a couple of scratches about four inches long.

They will be moving out soon and I want to repair the floor now, without doing the full sanding repair to the floor. Scratches are not deep and the floors are a light oak. I believe I heard once that shoe polish will help small areas. Any advice?

By Doris from Roanoke, VA

RE: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

Better to disguise the scratches. If it is really light wood, just try some mineral oil in the scratches to get them to blend in. Shoe polish would work if there is a very big difference in color between the scratch and the wood, even after the oil. (09/13/2010)

By pamphyila

RE: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

Rub walnut meat into the scratches. (09/16/2010)

By scar1949

Archive: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

We just had some oak hardwood floors put in. No stain, just red oak. I was moving a dresser with pads under it, but there must have been a screw stuck on the leg. I have a long deep scratch. Any thoughts on fixing it? They used a water base varnish.

By zubie from Wolfeboro, NH

RE: Repairing Scratches and Gouges on Hardwood Flooring

Personally, I would call the installers and ask them what to do and especially since you just had it done it will be fresh in their minds of all materials used. Perhaps I've just been lucky, but most companies will tell you how to fix things like flooring yourself without charging you for them to fix your boo boo when they've done the installation. (12/29/2010)

By Deeli