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Rose of Sharon Not Blooming

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Rose of Sharon

This deciduous shrub is a beautiful addition to the home garden especially when in bloom. This guide is about a rose of Sharon not blooming.



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Question: Sick Looking Rose of Sharon

I have 4 rose of sharons and am having trouble, the leaves are turning yellow. Everyone elses around here are blooming and mine look sick. I live in alabama, could anyone give me some help here? Thanks,



Most Recent Answer

By christine (Guest Post)05/12/2007

Im in n, east ri new england and I have a rose of sharon that looks like dead wood. Are they late bloomers and when should I see some buds? Someone help I am ready to pull it up because it looks dead.

Question: Rose Of Sharon Not Blooming

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with a rose of sharon when it won't bloom and the leaves are now turning yellow? I am in AL and everyone else's here are in full bloom.


Most Recent Answer

By Sherry Korniloff10/29/2004

Hi Agc,

You might want to take a look at this site. If you need something environmentally friendly just let me know.

Hope that helps,

Question: Rose of Sharon Not Blooming

I have a fairly mature rose of Sharon (5+years old) that has never bloomed. It produces an abundant supply of buds, but they do not flower. Any ideas why?

By Jw

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