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Saving Money on Household Cleaners

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Whether you make your own or use less expensive products, there are ways to reduce the cost of cleaning supplies. This guide is about saving money on household cleaners.


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March 9, 2015

These are a few tips/recipes that have saved me loads of money! Three products that we use a lot of in our house are Febreze, all purpose kitchen cleaner (Fantastic, etc.) and liquid hand soap. I used to spend at least $25 a month on these. Now I spend around $3.50 a month. This is how you can do it too!

  • Febreze: Using a funnel, pour 1 cup of classic Gain fabric softener into a 28 oz. spray bottle. Add water to fill the bottle near the top, shake well and use on couches, drapes, etc. It will not leave spots, dries quickly, and smells even better than the real thing!

  • All Purpose Cleaner: Pour 1 cup Mr. Clean Gain scented concentrated cleaner into a 32 oz. bottle. Add water to fill the bottle near the top, shake well and use to clean counters, stove top, even bathrooms. Great degreaser, leaves fantastic smell. Any concentrated cleaner will do, I just enjoy the Gain scent.

  • Liquid Hand Soap: Squeeze about 1 inch of Gain scented or any good dish soap into a 13.5 oz. (or similar sized) hand soap bottle. Add water to fill the bottle near the top, shake well and enjoy "nearly free" hand soap.

Doing these things has saved me so much money! I hope you are able to use and enjoy them yourself. :)

Source: Needing to get my "bottom line" lower.

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March 10, 20150 found this helpful

One of the things I like about these recipes is that the liquids do not come out of aerosol cans. I find as I am getting older that aerosols' are bothering my breathing more and more.

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April 5, 2011

A 22 oz. bottle of Clorox Spray Cleaner for hard surfaces costs about $3.00 per bottle. If you check the ingredients list, it will indicate 1% sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach) and 99% H20 (aka water). Make your own and save yourself the cash when your 3 dollar bottle runs out!

By Nan from Texas

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February 3, 20140 found this helpful

Vinegar & bicarb work just as well without the bleach smell and are much better for you and the environment & cost mere cents.

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March 6, 20060 found this helpful

Cleaning products: save from $25 a month to 40 cents. Grated, Ivory becomes Ivory Flakes, discontinued in 1978. I use a tablespoon in the washer. I use one bar over two weeks. Cost: 15 cents per week. I also use a wet bar to clean stains before they go in the wash. Eliminates stain pretreaters.

Want to clean counters?: Sinks? Bathtubs? Floors? Try some swished soap in very hot water. Use a scrubby pad to clean bathtubs or greasy build-up areas. Then wash down with damp cloth.

Body care: Ivory can be used for every bar soap in the house. Dilute shampoo in half. It's not the toothpaste that cleans teeth, it's the brushing. Use just a tad to freshen breath. One 6 oz. tube lasts 6 months that way.

Paper products: Don't buy them. All round the world people use cloth to clean. Use squares of flannel or old t-shirts for cloth TP. Handkerchiefs are for noses. Trees are for forests.


Savings so far: approximately $40 to a whopping $75 per month depending on how often you buy your cleaning and paper products and what brands you buy. Wouldn't you rather work one day less per month?

By Allison Dey from Tucson, AZ

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March 14, 20080 found this helpful

Ivory Soap flakes was discontinued in 1993. I wasn't born till 81' and my mom and I used it to make Christmas trees when I was a kid.

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January 16, 2008

When purchasing household cleaning items, buy just a few things. In my home, bleach and vinegar works wonders. I use bleach to wash my floors, clean my sinks and bathroom, wash walls, and a number of other things.

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August 21, 2009

Instead of buying the pricey spray room fresheners, I buy the refills for the automatic sprayers. They last nearly forever and are more economical. The same goes for the automatic shower cleaner.

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February 5, 2007

I have used US Advanage Wonder Cleaner in the past and it works like no other, but it is quite expensive and I am really into making my own products if at all possible. This product works so well however that I'm wondering if I can even duplicate it. Anybody know what is in this Wonder Cleaner?


Jen from IL

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November 13, 20100 found this helpful

I usually avoid door-to-door sales, because 10 times out of 10 they are overpriced, a scam, and a poor company behind the product. This situation is no different. I reluctantly purchased 2 bottles because I need to pressure wash my house. Salesman demonstrated the product. It cleaned everything, but he used a hard bristle brush and a steel wire brush to clean concrete. With these tools, almost any cleaner is going to scrub off the dirt. But I have to say the cleaner does work very well. And the 2 salespeople were very personable and polite, perhaps because I didn't say no thanks.

But I had so many problems I have to say avoid this company, say thanks but no thanks. First, it's overpriced. $36.95 for one bottle, you can get the same amount of simple green for about $10.00. Second, the salesman overcharged me. Two bottles are $64.95. Local tax is 9.75% ($6.33) for a total of $71.28. Salesman wrote $64.95 subtotal, left tax and total blank, and charged me $73.00. Dummy me should have noticed right away it was odd for it to come out to exactly $73. My neighbor also bought a 2-pack and was charged $73. Where is this extra money going? Into salespersons pockets, extra profit from the company? I called the company several times and left messages about the overcharge but no one ever answered and no one returned my calls. They said that part of the profits benefited children in inner cities but they were not clear how and the website only says "...helping young people, from the inner cities of America, learn discipline, learn how to cope with life's uncertainties, and learn how to make a living." To me, it sounds like the kids benefit from working for the company, and the company pockets all of the profits.

After purchasing it I went online and read the company reviews. People spoke of salespeople cursing and yelling if you said no or tried to return your product while they were still in the area. People said they shipped the product back and never received a refund. Those that listed their bank account number for an e-check found their bank accounts drained. Can't say if these are true but from my personal experience, I say avoid, avoid, avoid!

If you find yourself in this situation with any company, ask for a brochure or company website, and ask them to come back the next day or say you will order over the phone/web. You can say you always check a company's reputation before buying something. That way the salesperson gets the commission, and you can buy it if you want it.

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September 10, 20130 found this helpful

The active ingredient in Advanage is called 2-Butoxyethanol. This chemical is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, does not build up in or harm groundwater, soil, etc, and is a very good dirt and grease remover. Also will polish brass (with a little elbow grease), and clean up a lot of other messes with various amounts of elbow grease.

Advanage also contains a couple of other ingredients (sodium metasilicate and d'limonene) which are fairly common and you can research them online for more information.

Advanage is extremely overpriced, and there are a number of other cleaners out there that are also based on 2-Butoxyethanol that are MUCH cheaper. You can find them at dollar stores, Walmart, etc.

My favorite is one called Super Strength MeanGreen, which is about $1.25 per quart where I live and is very concentrated. For instance, for general cleanup around the house, I add 3 TBS to a quart of water in a spray bottle. For really dirty stuff, full strength will remove it almost instantly.

The warning on the bottle says not to use it on paint, but I have been cleaning my painted walls and woodwork for years with it with no detrimental effect. I've never seen it to damage any surface and I've used it in showers, on carpets, walls, woodwork, stainless steel, porcelain, and even inside the oven.

It does have a fairly strong odor (which I find to be a pleasant scent) if sprayed on full strength, so, just like Advanage, you really must have good ventilation. I deal with that by leaving the room for a couple minutes after spraying, for example, a bathtub or shower in a small bathroom.

I've tried other products that also have the same active ingredient, but I've never found one, including Advanage, that works as well, regardless of the price.

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September 11, 20130 found this helpful

I found this thread while looking for the active ingredient myself. I wanted to chime in that the sales guy who visited me was smart, polite, and funny. Theatre major, he said, and I believe it! I bought one quart of the concentrate because my shutters are horribly mildewed. I thought I was going to have to paint them, but apparently this stuff is going to clean them well enough that won't be necessary. I haven't decided yet if it is overpriced. It seems to me that the $45 quart will make 32-64 spray bottles full (24 oz). It seems like that is a fair price.

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February 16, 20150 found this helpful

The actual ingredients are protected by a patent so can not be posted to public forums although Material Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded from the website: http://www.tbad  fety-data-sheet/

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January 7, 20160 found this helpful

On Advantage 20x website you can find the Material Safety Data Sheets which list four ingredients for Advantage 20x. 1) Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether - I looked the chemical up on the OSHA website: industrial workers have experienced "liver changes" "Central nervous system depression - narcosis" "respiratory arrest" and other unpleasant effects after exposure. 2) Tetrasodium EDTA - On the Bubble & Bee Organic website I found the following: "Tetrasodium EDTA is a preservative made from formaldehyde and sodium cyanide. It is also a penetration enhancer, meaning it breaks down the skin's protective barrier, going right into your bloodstream." 3) Nonionic Surfactant & 4) Sodium Carbonate. If I was selling this stuff, I really, really wouldn't spray it into my mouth.

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October 23, 20120 found this helpful

What can I use to clean floors, ceiling, showers, and kitchen floors?

By Andy

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January 18, 20160 found this helpful

vinegar and water works well

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April 20, 2005

Can't say enough for Dollar Tree stores. I went today and found all kinds of Bissell cleaning products. When a mother can stock her cleaning shelf with 11 good products for $11.00 that's a bargain! Can you imagine what that many items would have cost elsewhere? The brand names? Bissell, the Works, Dawn with bleach, not products that half do the job. Try it. You'll like saving money!

By Sharon, from KY

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January 10, 20060 found this helpful

i LOVE Dollar Tree and have one in the vicinity. I even shop in them when traveling. You just never know what you'll find. The merchandise is always changing so it's good to go from time to time and check out the bargains. I also love Dollar General, atho not everything is a buck, still prices are cheap and I've found some good items. Cheap doesn't always mean cheap in quality. I try something that's less money and if we like it then that's all the better!

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