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Skin Lightening Tips

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There are some commercial products as well as homemade solutions that can be used to lighten a dark complexion or dark spots on your skin. This is a guide about skin lightening tips.


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April 13, 2017

I'm multicolored. I always have been. It cuts my self esteem. Is there any way or anything, such as ointments I could use to lighten my face just a little to get it just like the rest of my body? Also I have dark spots all over my body. I have sensitive skin. Please help.

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April 13, 20170 found this helpful

Try lemon juice with either Aloe Vera or coconut oil. This is a long slow process but it does work. (I'm talking about months of religious using every day.)

Just mix a little of each in a small container/bowl and pat on with cotton squares. Do not mix very much at one time as it may sour but keep in refrigerator to preserve for a few days - feels nice too.

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April 13, 20170 found this helpful

for your face i have no answer but for dark spots take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily-internally.

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April 19, 20170 found this helpful

There are prescription creams for this as well as laser treatments.

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January 7, 20150 found this helpful

How do I get my skin tone back after burning and it going darker?

By April

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January 9, 20150 found this helpful
Best Answer

Stay out of the sun, and it will fade in time. However, a darker tan will help prevent future burns. Here in Canada people work hard to get darker tans, and many go to tanning salons to lay on "sunbeds" - artificial lights that simulate the sun's rays - to develop a tan.

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January 19, 20150 found this helpful

I was naturally fair 6 months ago, but now I became tan. I Don't know the reason for my tan. Could anyone suggest how to get back my old color?

By Rahman from Chennai

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June 17, 20160 found this helpful

How can I get my fair colour

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September 23, 20160 found this helpful

use lemon

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February 19, 20170 found this helpful

Stay all ways out of sun, uv rays damage ur skin, and u will try every day cooled tomato appy face and neck , then wash out after 10 mint. Then you will appy only night ponds white beauty face cream , with in 2 week you will back your old face...

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February 24, 20130 found this helpful

I'm 33 yrs old. My dream is to make my skin white. I have a brown complexion. Does anyone have some cheap suggestions for ways to do this at home?

By Jessica P.

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February 25, 20130 found this helpful

First, there is no way you can do that without risking "ruin". Older methods could ruin your kidneys and of course never worked that well.

But you can, brighten your natural complexion so your skin is soft and has a good glow. Once or twice a week take a lemon slice and rub your skin with it and let dry. Rinse after 10 minutes. Once or twice a month take 3 plain aspirins and crush them well. Dab at the crushed powder with a barely damp washcloth or baby wipe and rub your face with the powder. Leave 10 minutes again and rinse. The rest of the days wipe your face with a solution of 1 cup water and 2 teaspoons liquid glycerine which you will find in the pharmacy near Witch Hazel which you can add to the glycerine solution if you like.

I don't know where you live, but these things aren't too expensive. Glycerine is found in the Walmart pharmacy area by witch hazel an rubbing alcohol, peroxide. There are glycerine products used for constipation. This is not that use. This is for soothing skin and keeping it moist and smooth. The same mixture can also be used as a hair detangler, which I use on my great granddaughter's hair.

Another thing to do to bring your skin to life is use a mild soap, without scent. Put some salad oil on your face, and make a bowl of fairly warm water. Splash skin with water and soap with hands, not washcloth. Rinse about 20 times and pat dry. If you prefer that, skip the glycerine routine as using the oil and glycerine treatments are likely to be just too much and cause breakouts. The glycerine never will by itself though. You won't need lotions or any face cream if using the glycerine solution.

What does the lemon or aspirin routine do? It will gradually get rid of old/dead skin cells and leave moist, new skin on the top, and people will just notice your skin is looking alive and healthy.

If you live in a very hot climate, you could use a hat, or a baby sunscreen.

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February 27, 20130 found this helpful

This isn't a whitening tip, just a general comment. White skin isn't all that lovely. As you age it becomes blotchier, more likely to develop skin cancer, and generally a person tends to look like a dead body unless wearing makeup. And you may spend a small fortune on cosmetic coverups which change with sun exposure and the seasons.

If you have a nice, even complexion, be grateful!

Eat healthy, hold your head up high, and be proud of whom you are.

When you hit your 50's, your skin will whiten on it's own.

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March 4, 20130 found this helpful

As a "whitey" with desire to have darker skin, I obviously do not understand your desire.

But it is your desire!

I find those old lady makeups helpful. (Porcelana burned my skin.) Use of any BB makeup base is fantastic. It evened out a dark spot I had. Sometimes when I am just around the house I don't put on makeup and the spot is not visable. Good luck!

FYI, I am an old lady.

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November 19, 20130 found this helpful

How can I lighten my dark brown skin and lips naturally at home? I am from Trinidad.

By Kate

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November 21, 20130 found this helpful

You must have lovely skin! You may have to find a way to be happy with your natural color.

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November 24, 20130 found this helpful

I agree with the previous poster. There is nothing you can use at home that will lighten your skin safely. Please try to see the beauty in the colour of skin that you have. I am sure it is lovely.

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September 29, 2007

My complexion has become very dark since I started playing for my school's team in the sun.can anyone please tell me how to remove this dreadful tan and lighten my complexion?


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October 4, 20070 found this helpful

Best to start using a high SPF sun block for athletes. It should help prevent further tanning. As winter comes your tan will fade back to your natural complexion.

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October 29, 20070 found this helpful

I also have this problem and I hate it! People think im black, when i am RUSSIAN its horrible. People say its beautiful and I guess I'd look weird without it, but i hate how everyone is always commenting on it , wow your so tan, do you use tanner. Even the lunh lady at school asked about it. I just try using a lighter foundation or powder(they dont even have my color) so I just try that. Im the one on the left, and right now im like 18 shades darker than that.

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July 26, 20080 found this helpful

I have this problem too, we're outside for 8 hours everyday for 3 months and then for 4 hrs for 4 more months. I have a very light complexion naturally, but I'm Arab/Indian and Puerto Rican so I tan easily. I use Lemon juice on my skin all over after I take a shower and I use body scrubs with a loofa, to try and "scrub" the dead tan skin cells off. I've found that the scrub works the best because I see that those tanned skin cells have come off and my tan lines aren't as visable so I suppose it works.

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July 18, 20100 found this helpful

What is the cream that you use to increase the fairness of your face?

By John from Niagara Falls, NY

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July 18, 20100 found this helpful

One of the best skin lighteners around comes from Avon, called Banishing Cream, if you want to buy one. I get it for my mom all the time, and use it on my hands some too. But if you do not want to buy a product, just use a cotton ball or QTip and dab on fresh lemon juice once in a while. It is great for the skin, lightens naturally, and you will smell lemon-fresh.

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July 19, 20100 found this helpful

Another brand avail at most stores is Porcelana, but I agree with jacketbacker, that the Avon Banishing Cream is the best over the counter. Regular price is $8.50, but is currently on sale at for $3.99. You can also call 1-800-ForAvon to find a representative near you. The best thing about it, is that if it doesn't work, you can always return it for a refund or replacement with Avon.

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July 22, 20100 found this helpful

I listened to a doctor yesterday on television that was talking about lightening/whitening/bleaching skin products and almost all of them contain some sort of possible cancer (mainly kidney) causing ingredients.

Perhaps you could simply try safe good old fashioned fresh squeezed lemon juice? In my humble opinion the things we find flawed about ourselves are actually what makes us unique and perfect. :-)

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October 14, 2014

Is it really possible to get fair skin scientifically?

By Mrs. Rabbi from Chittagong Bangladesh

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September 3, 20110 found this helpful

How can I lighten my skin using fruit? I also would like to know some remedies for pimples on my face. How can I protect my skin so as not to have them?

By Flower from Thailand

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September 9, 20110 found this helpful

For pimples on your face, my daughter swears by Milk of Magnesia. She puts it on her face, waits a few minutes and washes it off. She does this while she is in the shower every day.

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June 7, 20110 found this helpful

My face got darker. What should I do to lighten it in a natural way?

By Zahira

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June 8, 20110 found this helpful

Baby oil with lemon juice in it. Takes awhile, but natural.

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September 4, 2007

I am looking for home remedies to lighten skin.

Pinky Grace

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September 8, 20070 found this helpful

Origins has a "modern friction scrub" that really perks up your skin and removes dead cells leaving nice skin. Try a sample at an origins near you then you will see. In Mexico there is a product called "concha nacar" and it

is supposed to lighten or look in afro products section of your Walmart or other store and you can find something there.

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September 10, 20070 found this helpful

Lemon juice? It seems I've heard something about it lightening skin.

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October 30, 20130 found this helpful

Which oils are best to use on skin to whiten the skin?

By Jessica

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March 19, 2011

How do I whiten my skin using bleaching for skin whitening?

By Raden

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August 16, 2010

After bleaching my skin I felt very, very itchy. What will I do or put on to my skin so that I won't feel very itchy after bleaching? Do you know any kind of skin bleaching powder that is good, with no itchiness of skin after use? I used active white bleaching powder, soap, and lotion.


By Lanie

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March 19, 20110 found this helpful

I'm a Malaysian. Malaysia is a very hot and sunny country, therefore I became very dark. Is there any cheap and simple skin whitening recipe I can use?

By Gan from Malaysia


Lightening Skin Color

Apply tomato juice for the face daily. And wash with cold (not much chill just little bit) water. Or you can apply banana also. Crush the banana and apply it for your face. And wash it after 15min. (09/29/2010)

By Madhuri_enduri

Lightening Skin Color

All shades of skin color are beautiful. Women used to take arsenic to whiten their white skin. If it didn't kill them, it did whiten the skin as it made them anemic. But I am not recommending this. Why don't you use sunscreen to keep your skin from darkening? But once it is already dark, I don't believe any of the home remedies will work. Don't waste your time. (09/30/2010)

By louel53

Lightening Skin Color

And here in the USA women pay to get suntanned! And lay for hours in the sun, just to get darker colored!

Your best bet to avoid getting darker, is to wear hats and to use sun screen to avoid getting sun on you as much as possible!

Usually wearing 100 percent cotton items such as Ericka makes: both in pants, and in tops keeps you cooler. You can wear a short sleeved top and open, longer sleeved shirt like to elbows that is not tight fitting to keep your arms from getting to much sun. This is the procedure I use when walking in the sun! (10/06/2010)

By MzScarlett

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September 27, 20100 found this helpful

I am just 18 years old. I have a problem with darkness of my neck, forehead, and back. I want to make my neck, back, and forehead lighter. ALL my family has white skin color unlike me. I have heard that honey and eggs can help. Please help.



Lightening Skin Color

Buttermilk on a cotton ball and dabbed on your skin at night, washed off in a.m., will lighten your skin. This was used back in the old west to fade tans of the 'gentle women.' (08/12/2008)

By carolyn

Lightening Skin Color

You can use a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. The lemon juice lightens and the olive oil conditions. (08/23/2008)

By angel

Lightening Skin Color

I know exactly how you feel, I have the same problem.

One product I tried really worked and it's called Ambi. It's a cream and comes in a tube and there's one for normal skin and one for oily skin. An African American friend recommended this to me and it works and it's inexpensive. Her skin glowed. In fact, she has a cousin who had to stop using it because it was making her skin too light.

I use it in the morning and before bed on a completely clean face. I used it all over because that's where I'm dark, but you could use it on brown spots. My skin actually glowed in about three weeks and it helped fade my dark areas. Actually, this may sound strange, but the glow I got seemed to mask the dark areas. Like the glow was stronger than the spots! Weird, but true., but I buy it at Target, Walmart, Walgreen's and CVS drugstores. You can even buy it online at and

Make sure, however, that you use a sunBLOCK when you use Ambi. Ambi reveals fresh skin and fresh skin sunburns and then you'll be back at square one. Ambi doesn't make my skin peel either.

Another thing that I feel is vital is exfoliating. I'm 52 years old and have been exfoliating since I was around 16, before it became popular! People tell me I don't look my age. I don't look 16 either! But people put me at 40. You have to exfoliate before skin products can penetrate your skin so they'll work.

If you have acne or sensitive skin, be delicate when exfoliating. For acne, try a scrub that has salicylic acid in it. They are inexpensive and can be bought at the stores above.

Or, you can make a homemade scrub by using equal amounts of plain Ponds Cold Dream and table sugar. Clean your face well first and while it's still damp, use the scrub. Mix well and rub on skin and neck, and chest too, in a circular motion.

Also, there are around a million recipes like this on Thriftyfun! Good luck, and I hope you have success with this. (09/19/2008)

By metroplex

Lightening Skin Color

Try putting uncooked oatmeal in a clean long tube sock and scrubbing with that when you shower. That Ambi cream is good, and also sometimes in the Afro product section you can find "concha nacar." It's in Spanish but works, too. (09/21/2008)

By meoowmom

Lightening Skin Color

If the darkened areas of your skin are due to hyper pigmentation there is a product called "Ultraquin" which comes in either a cream or gel base. It can be purchased in any pharmacy without an Rx. You will have to request it from the pharmacist (cost is approx. $15).

It works extremely well if applied on a daily basis. The hyper pigmented areas will gradually fade in time, so be patient. Please note: your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight when using this product therefore ensure you use sunscreen. (09/23/2008)

By Bones

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