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Skin Lightening Tips

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There are some commercial products as well as homemade solutions that can be used to lighten a dark complexion or dark spots on your skin. This is a guide about skin lightening tips.



Here are questions related to Skin Lightening Tips.

Question: Skin Lightening Advice

How do I get my skin tone back after burning and it going darker?

By April


Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/09/2015

Stay out of the sun, and it will fade in time. However, a darker tan will help prevent future burns. Here in Canada people work hard to get darker tans, and many go to tanning salons to lay on "sunbeds" - artificial lights that simulate the sun's rays - to develop a tan.

Question: Can you get whiter skin?

Well, my race is actually black, but I was born with very fair skin, like white skin tone, when I was a baby. When I got older it turned to light yellow skin tone and I have stayed out of the sun and always kept my light yellow complexion.

But I went to the fair over 2 years ago and I was exposed to the sun rays for 2 hours and I got tanned badly, like from yellow to red. I want to get rid of it. But how?

By Quan from St. Paul, MN


Most Recent Answer

By skye_L05/14/2012

I randomly came across this post and after skimming the comments, decided to post some actual product advice from my personal experience of getting my skin pale, FAST.

I have been a professional fashion model for almost 5 years now, and with the jobs comes a lot of hair coloring, and believe it or not: skin coloring... depending on what country you are working in. In America/ Europe, tan skin is desirable so you see "build a tan" lotions everywhere! However, in Asia, very pale skin is desirable and considered "beautiful".

So when I went to model in Asia and was constantly told they couldn't book me because I was too "tan", I realized I had to get very pale in a matter of weeks since my job bookings depended on it! I started asking the other models and researching how to whiten my skin without bleaching it because that is horrible for you.

The funny thing is that just as L'oreal, Nivea, Revlon etc, all have "build a tan" lotions in America.... the same big brands all have "whitening" lotions and face scrubs, and face washes in Asia. They simply don't sell them in America & elsewhere because of the market differences.

It took me about 4 weeks of using an exfoliating sponge daily with Nivea Whitening body wash then using Ponds Whitening body Lotion, and for my face using some whitening face scrub, and Pond's whitening night cream.... I was so pale, I couldn't believe it. They also even sell SPF + whitening there (yes, while you are being protected by SPF, it is keeping your skin light too)!

So my advice: Go to your local Asian supermarket/ store! China towns, Japan towns; they are everywhere! And most of the supermarkets carry these whitening products, and most of the areas even have beauty shops stocked full of Plus Whitening products. It might be a little pricier since they are shipped overseas, but well worth it if that is what you are looking for.

I am confident that these types of products will work on black skin, Indian skin, any dark skin etc.... because if the "build a tan" lotions work for people, so do the "get white" lotions. And they are no more "harmful" for you than any other basic lotion from the same brands.

Hope this helps!

Question: How to Lighten Complexion

My complexion has become very dark since I started playing for my school's team in the sun.can anyone please tell me how to remove this dreadful tan and lighten my complexion?


Most Recent Answer

By rahul (Guest Post)02/02/2009

Hi all, if you have a light complexion, bet assured your skin will get back its original colour. It happened to me. I was fair. I came to chennai and my comp became very dark. I protected my skin for 4 months approx from sunlight totally ( literally). u wont believe it after 4 months I was as fair as before. I swear. Don use any thing else. Just protect your skin for 3 to 4 months from sunlight totally, and see the magic.

Question: Skin Lightening Tips

I'm 33 yrs old. My dream is to make my skin white. I have a brown complexion. Does anyone have some cheap suggestions for ways to do this at home?

By Jessica P.

Most Recent Answer

By Grandmama [2]03/04/2013

As a "whitey" with desire to have darker skin, I obviously do not understand your desire.

But it is your desire!

I find those old lady makeups helpful. (Porcelana burned my skin.) Use of any BB makeup base is fantastic. It evened out a dark spot I had. Sometimes when I am just around the house I don't put on makeup and the spot is not visable. Good luck!

FYI, I am an old lady.

Question: Skin Lightening Products

What is the cream that you use to increase the fairness of your face?

By John from Niagara Falls, NY

Most Recent Answer


I listened to a doctor yesterday on television that was talking about lightening/whitening/bleaching skin products and almost all of them contain some sort of possible cancer (mainly kidney) causing ingredients.

Perhaps you could simply try safe good old fashioned fresh squeezed lemon juice? In my humble opinion the things we find flawed about ourselves are actually what makes us unique and perfect. :-)

Question: Lightening Skin

My skin color turned black slowly. Could anyone suggest how I can turn it white?

By Shayan

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/28/2015

I also suggest a doctor. Skin will darken in the sun, of course, from a tan, and lighten if you stay out of the sun. Any other colour is reason to see a doctor. Of course, in the 19th century, women "whitened" their complexions by taking arsenic, which made them anemic, hence pale. Of course, it also slowly poisoned them, and some did die. Not something that I'd recommend.

Question: Lightening Skin

I was naturally fair 6 months ago, but now I became tan. I Don't know the reason for my tan. Could anyone suggest how to get back my old color?

By Rahman from Chennai

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/20/2015

People tan because they have been in the sun. If your tan was not caused by this, you should see a doctor. If it was caused by the sun, it will lighten if you stay out of the sun or cover up, or wear sunscreen.

Question: Home Remedies to Lighten Skin

I am looking for home remedies to lighten skin.

Pinky Grace

Most Recent Answer

By c w [1]09/10/2007

Lemon juice? It seems I've heard something about it lightening skin.

Question: Using Fruit to Lighten Skin

How can I lighten my skin using fruit? I also would like to know some remedies for pimples on my face. How can I protect my skin so as not to have them?

By Flower from Thailand

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]09/09/2011

For pimples on your face, my daughter swears by Milk of Magnesia. She puts it on her face, waits a few minutes and washes it off. She does this while she is in the shower every day.

Question: Lightening Skin on Face

My face got darker. What should I do to lighten it in a natural way?

By Zahira

Most Recent Answer

By LESLIE [5]06/08/2011

Baby oil with lemon juice in it. Takes awhile, but natural.

Question: Lightening Your Skin

Is it really possible to get fair skin scientifically?

By Mrs. Rabbi from Chittagong Bangladesh

Question: Using Herbal Oils to Whiten the Skin

Which oils are best to use on skin to whiten the skin?

By Jessica

Question: Lightening Skin Color

How do I whiten my skin using bleaching for skin whitening?

By Raden

Question: Skin Bleaching

After bleaching my skin I felt very, very itchy. What will I do or put on to my skin so that I won't feel very itchy after bleaching? Do you know any kind of skin bleaching powder that is good, with no itchiness of skin after use? I used active white bleaching powder, soap, and lotion.


By Lanie

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