Teaching Kids to Use a Computer

A girl learning to use a laptop computer.

Children are exposed to electronic toys at a very early age, preparing them for the logical transition to using computer. This is a guide about teaching kids to use a computer.


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Tip: Teach Young Children to Use the Computer

Young girl using computer mouse.Start young children on the computer. They love the quality time spent with them, plus they learn to spell so quickly. My granddaughter started at 3 years old. She learned the alphabet and spelling so quickly.

By vguy from Earle, AR

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Question: Introducing Young Children to Computers

I have a 3 and 5 year old and I homeschool. At what age should I begin them on the computer and how? I'm 28 and I remember typing in late elementary school, but nothing else until middle school. I don't remember having email until late middle/early high school. I know they are starting kids earlier, but I don't know where to start my kids without spending a lot of money and don't believe they can be responsible enough yet to not touch when we aren't with them. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

By Jessica

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By Tapestry Lady [2] 02/09/2012

Just to add a note on age. I think whatever age you see fit is a good age to begin. If you feel that they're too young it wouldn't hurt to wait a couple of years. One factor to consider might be how much a computer is used at home. If it's something that you make regular use of it might make sense to start your children learning computer skills sooner rather than later. Also, if they have friends who use a computer you'd want to make sure they know how to use one safely.

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