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Testing Egg Freshness

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Testing Egg Freshness

There are a number of ways to determine whether an egg is still consumable. This guide is about testing egg freshness.


Solutions: Testing Egg Freshness

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Tip: Floating Eggs Are Too Old To Use

With grocery prices rising almost daily, I am even more prudent in seeking even small ways to save. Tip: Don't throw away eggs just because the sell by date has passed. If you will fill a pot with water and put the eggs in, the ones which are still good will touch the bottom. The ones which fully float are no longer any good. I do this regularly and have seen good results in this procedure.

Source: I have no idea where I learned this since I've been doing it for years.

By Sandy from Elon, NC

Tip: Testing Egg Freshness

If you want to know if an egg is still fresh, put it in a bowl of salt water. If the egg floats or sits with the big end up, the egg is no good.

Tip: Determine the Age of an Egg

You can determine the age of an egg by placing it in the bottom of a bowl of cold water. If it lays on it's side, it is fresh. If it stands at an angle, it is at least three days old and ten days old if it stands on end.

By Gary from NJ

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Question: Shelf Life of Eggs

What is the latest that eggs kept in the refrigerator are safe to eat? I get rid of them by date stamped on the container. My neighbor says I'm throwing out perfectly good eggs.

By R. Schober from San Antonio, TX


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By Maryeileen [76]09/26/2011

I also like to use the Still Tasty website: