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Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas

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Cupcakes decorated to make a turkey using several with different frostings..

It is always fun to decorate cupcakes for the season and Thanksgiving is no except. There are lots of creative ways to tailor these goodies to complement your Thanksgiving dinner. This guide contains ideas for Thanksgiving cupcakes.


Solutions: Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas

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Tip: Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Thanksgiving CupcakesMy daughter made these cupcakes for Thanksgiving. It took a long time but it was worth it. Helpful Tip: Color only a small amount of icing at a time.

Editor's Note: Such a cute idea! This idea could be adapted for Christmas by making a Cupcake Christmas tree or Snowman.

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Question: Thanksgiving Cupcake Recipe

I am looking for a Thanksgiving cupcake recipe.

Cindy from Key West, FL


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By Linda [1]12/17/2008

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