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Tomato Plants Leaves Turning Yellow

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Tomato Plants

The leaves turning yellow on your tomato plants is not a good sign. Determining the cause can be confusing. This is a guide about tomato plants leaves turning yellow.



Here are questions related to Tomato Plants Leaves Turning Yellow.

Question: Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow

The leaves are turning yellow on my tomato plants. What should I do?

By Paula B.

Question: Leaves on Tomatoes in Topsy Turvy Tree Turning Yellow

What would make my tomato plants leaves turn yellow? I am growing them in a Topsy Turvy Tree. I don't even have any tomatoes on them yet.

Hardiness Zone: 8b

By JMLOPRINZI from Portland, OR


Most Recent Answer

By Karen H. [10]08/16/2011

Thanks Kffrm88 for sharing Great stuff on That site as well. : )

Question: Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow

I am not sure if it's a disease or what? Not all my tomatoes' leaves are yellow. They are brown at the end of the leaves, too.

By ruby1 from Augusta, GA


Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]06/02/2012

Forgot to mention. Sometimes too much watering can create this yellow leaf effect. There are products to put iron back into your soil when it gets washed out. This is esp pertinent for tomatoes, peppers, etc.

You see this mostly when doing container planting of peppers and tomatoes. I had to switch to ground planting. But I have above ground 4 x 8 and have my soil checked for what is planted there. We can leach out many important minerals if we don't pay attention.

Another thing, our plants filter out pollution. Do you live near a high way, busy street, industrial area which send out negative air borns that your plants filter?

Question: Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow and Fruit Rotting on Bottom

Can you plant too many tomato plants in a given area? If so, how should they be spaced? Our plants are turning yellow from the ground up and the tomatoes are rotting on the undersides. Please can you help?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Kyra from Bristol, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]07/20/2010

Calcium may be an issue, you can buy it at the local nursery. You should have planted some with it when beginning the garden. Also Blood Meal.
Now you can quickly remedy by getting epsom salts. This also is essential for blossom end rot. Go to their website and get the info and some is listed on the package (some brands do).

Any veggie that flowers in the garden needs epsom salts, aka Magnesium Sulfate. Essential for blossoms. Pick your tomatoes with end rot and get to the garbage. Do not leave. Bugs will love them and infest other things into the gardens.

Another thing. I do a clean up the bottom of the plants. Nothing for the first 10 inches up the plant stay. Needs air to move amongst the plants to keep it happy!

Question: Tomato Leaves Yellow with Spots

North Carolina has been hit with an overabundance of rain. It is now starting to kill our plants. My tomatoes, look good on top, but on the bottom have yellow leaves with spots and and rotten leaves. Also something is eating through the green tomatoes.
What can I do?

By Cherihitt

Question: Leaves and Fruit on Tomato Plants Turning Yellow

Why are the tops of my tomatoes yellow? The plants are mature and in pots! The leaves started yellowing pretty early, almost showing signs of some sort of disease. I thought maybe they weren't being watered thoroughly. Now that the tomatoes are maturing they are not very large and the tops of them are a deep yellow. Can anyone identify this problem? Thanks.

By Jaqi

Question: Tomato Plants Turning Brown and Yellow

I need help. My tomato plants are starting to turn brown and yellow. I don't understand why. The sunlight, watering, and feeding have been consistent, but not overwhelming. I need help. Please.

By Eddie

Solutions: Tomato Plants Leaves Turning Yellow

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