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Treating a Dog With Urinary Incontinence

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Photo of an old dog.

When your elderly canine companion has accidents in the house, it is a problem. This guide is about treating a dog with urinary incontinence.



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Question: Treating a Dog With Urinary Incontinence

I have a Great Dane that has incontinence. After numerous, expensive visits to the vet's, nothing has been able to help her until I obtained "Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals Urinary Incontinence" treatment from a distributor in Canada. But, effective January 1, 2011, I am no longer able to purchase this product in Canada. Does anyone have any cures or suggestions or ideas that will help me because I really don't want to put my baby to sleep. Thanks much and have a great day. Also, thanks to everyone for your answers to my previous posting.

By Willi from Calgary, AB, Canada


Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]04/13/2012

Hello, Please see another Vet ASAP! Your fur baby need medical care. Good luck

Question: Treating Dog Incontinence

My dog has become incontinent and drinks tons of water. Then he goes and pees in my house. What can I do? He has been checked out several times by a vet.

By Connie from Grover, MO


Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]04/12/2012

In the meantime, it is easy to diaper him. Boys especially. A towel folded longways three times with a little extra absorbent (even a kotex or overnite pad) wrapped over his belly and pinned. If this condition is permanent, buy the proper diaper wrap and use kotex in the pocket over his plumbing. Easy.

Sure does sound like diabetes. Perhaps just a UTI. Don't give up on him. I have a blind shiatsu that i prefer the towel wrap and a strip of plastic over top of that. To those that retire their animals to a hospice could do so much better with letting them have their last days at home with those they love.

Too many hospice facilities have very poor, even cruel, practices. It is no big deal to change a diaper. Most of them wait for outside walk to do the brown cigars. When they get to suffering, it is time to let them go peacefully with you holding them at the vets office.

Solutions: Treating a Dog With Urinary Incontinence

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