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Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection

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Dog's Yeast Infection

An overabundance of yeast can result in infections on your dog's skin, in the ears, and other areas. This is a guide about treating a dog's yeast infection.


Solutions: Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection

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Tip: Understanding and Treating Yeast Problems in Pets

I was going through as usual, when I have something to share and I came across this article. It is a mini course in understanding Yeast Overgrowth, and Systemic Yeast Problems. I will do these preventative things first and the supplementation before I ever have my dog allergy tested, because most problems with itching and ear infections are not allergies but problems with yeast.

Here is the link:

My German Shepherd who is eight years old, has tons of yeast problems. I have her on pills to get rid of yeast and a special shampoo. Blackness around the ears, and on the legs and tummy, are signs of yeast die off, and it is a good thing to watch for these, so you will have a heads up of problems that need to be treated.

Yeast is not just a problem for dogs, it is also a buzz word in the autism community and one of the reasons for so many sicknesses we all have.

By Robyn from Tri-Cities, TN

Tip: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paws Or Ears

You can treat itchy paws, by rubbing "over-the-counter" women's vaginal yeast/itch cream into every crevasse of your dog's paws. Make sure they are dried a bit using your blow dryer. Put booties on if it is wet outside to avoid further dampness (which encourages the growth of the itchy fungus) and put a pee pad on your patio where it is dry so dog learns to go in dry places.

You should select a dry area (or create one) so your dog can go without getting paws damp. Use a bag of bark from Home Depot or garden center and teach dog to go there instead. Create an overhang so it doesn't get wet.

You can also treat yeasty dog ears by inserting a Women's vaginal suppository into each ear. You may have have to split it longways into two or whittle it down a bit (save the rest). Repeat in 3 days. Use the 7 or 3 day treatment options. Leave the suppository in there, it will melt and disappear on its own. (Clean and dry the ear as much as possible first, but it works either way.) Give dog a nice hug and treat afterward and rub ears a bit to melt the suppository.

Source: Veterinarian

By shyblonde from Dublin, CA

Editor's Note: Please check with your own veterinarian before trying any home remedy on your pets.

Tip: Remedy for a Stinky Dog

I wrote asking for tips and have now cured the 'smelly' dog. I got a second vet's opinion regarding the awful smell my chocolate brown Lab had. The vet diagnosed a yeast infection and prescribed an anti fungal and anti bacterial shampoo. Shampoo twice a week for a month. After one shampoo the awful pervading smell vanished. I will continue and finish the treatment.

By Sylvia

Tip: Avoid Zinc Ointment For Dogs

A Border ColliePlease DO NOT put zinc oxide cream or ointment on your dog for itching from any cause. I did this without thinking, trying to help my Border Collie with severe itching, and he licked it all off. Zinc is a heavy metal and can be fatal, if ingested in adequate doses.

My dog was extremely sick for over 48 hours. He was vomiting, lethargic, having heavy panting, and, I would imagine, in pain. He would not eat, drink, or move. It scared me to death. I felt so bad for doing this to my baby.

Please learn from my mistake. Stick with A and D or Neosporin. These are not toxic. I hope this helps someone not make the same mistake I made.

By Wendy L. from Wilmington, NC

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Here are questions related to Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection.

Question: Dog Has Yeast Infection on Legs

Our dog is biting on her legs and feet. Her white legs are turning brown. What can we use to help her?

By Marilynne A


Most Recent Answer

By xintexas [28]06/11/2013

The yeast is a food allergy problem. If changing the dry food doesn't help. A raw meat diet will take care of the allergy as my daughter learned with her little dog's allergy.

Question: Natural Treatment for Yeast Infection in Dog's Ears

What are some natural remedies for yeast infections in my pet's ears?

By Immanuel from Tampa, FL


Most Recent Answer

By mikki and sugar10/18/2011

My dachshund had been suffering from the ear infection for many painful months. Frustrated with the vets visits, and the more than $50.00 I kept paying every time to have the vets tell me the same thing, I finally got to searching for natural remedies.

I thank you so much for posting this helpful information. The first time I applied the cotton ball with apple cider vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water, she was like a new and improved dog. She was so happy and excited that finally something helped! My dog Sugar and I say thank you!

Question: Dog Yeast Infections

I have been treating my 4yr Shih Tzu Alfie for yeast infections since he was a pup and I have tried everything. I found out about the ACV/water solution yesterday.

He usually just has the yeast in his ears, but sometimes it spreads to the top of his head, which it has right now above both eyes from him scratching. He has some small scabs so there's open skin, and I'm wondering if I should still use the 50/50 solution on it?

I haven't been able to find anything on what to do with broken skin. Is there something else I can put on the open sores or should I apply the solution? I'm going to try the yogurt everyday and vinegar baths, but I was concerned about spraying the ACV/H20 on an open sore. I don't want to make him more miserable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm hoping that after we get him going on these natural remedies there will be no more Benadryl, no more prednisone and expensive meds that don't even work! Thanks.

By Amber from MD

Most Recent Answer

By William Bill S.09/02/2013

Just remember to use organic, unfiltered, raw, cold pressed ACV. I highly recommend Bragg which is available in most markets.

Question: Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection

How much apple cider vinegar and yogurt do you give for a 50 or so pound with a very bad yeast infection?

By Kathy

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [6]01/24/2015

How are you giving this? Are you feeding it to him, or smearing it on, or what? Who told you to do this?
Think about it. If you had a vaginal yeast infection, would you smear some yogurt on it, or would you go out and get Monistat, fast?
This is just as irritating to your dog as it is to you when you get a yeast infection. The only way to get rid of it is to get real medicine. You get that from the vet.

Question: Treating Puppy With Yeast Infection in Ear

Is there a pill for yeast in my puppy's ears instead of ointment?

By Dee Dee from Easton, MD

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]10/13/2014

Either use Zymox Ear Treatment that can be found in pet stores or mix your own concoction of Blue Power Ear Wash. You can find the recipe on this website or do a google search on the name. Many dog breeders use this as it's inexpensive to make and works great on long ear pets. I use it on my own dogs and they've never had an ear infection.

Question: Skin Irritation

dog rashMy dog has the signs of a yeast problem on his back which started as a sore and dark skin rash. So I treated it with aloe vera and then Bio oil. It is healing, but when I touch his body he yelps. He is also dragging his back left leg, and is quiet lethargic. Can you please help me?

By Elisa S.

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]10/10/2014

This sound complicated and you will need a Vet to figure it out and treat it. Don't let it get worse. Take you dog in right away. If you need payment help, call before your appointment and ask how they can help you. Many Vets have funds for this or will carry interest free time payments (Care Credit). But don't wait.

Question: Using Canesten Cream on a Puppy's Yeast Infection

Is Canesten cream safe to use on my pup's genitals? I'm picking up some plain yogurt to give him tomorrow, but I'm wondering if I can use that to give him some sort of relief right now?

By Meagan B

Question: Dog with Yeast Infection

My 7 year old Dachshund has had a yeast infection all over the stomach and legs and in one ear. She keeps on licking her backside and it's gone black and she pulls herself along the ground. She's had it now for about 4 months. I've taken her to the vet 3 times and we keep getting the same antibiotics (THERIOS 750mg) and malaseb 20mg. It helped for 1 week and it came back. She doesn't eat wheat or corn in the diet and she is not over weight. I really need to get help for her, I can't take her biting and being in pain anymore.

By Emma.A from Finland

Most Recent Answer

By Debi savicky09/16/2013

I have a dog who also battles a yeast infection, mostly in his ear. We go through the same thing you do with the meds and also steroids. I hate giving these things to him. I found that fractionated coconut oil is finally clearing up his ear. I suggested you get some and rub it on all affected areas at least twice daily. It's a little slower to work than the meds, but there is no burning, seems to stop the pain, and no side affects. I buy mine from Bulk Apothecary (online), but you can get it at just about any store online or health food store.

Regular coconut oil works too, you would just have to melt it to apply. I hope it works as well for you, and remember no sugar whatsoever, it feeds yeast. Sounds like you already have made the dietary changes. I would also add probiotics (I give mine the ones we take) to get the digestive tract healthy and keep it that way. The antibiotics the vets give them kill of the beneficial bacteria. Best of luck!

Question: Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection

My dog has a yeast infection in his ears. I read a thread about apple cider vinegar and water mixed, but don't see the exact recipe and other websites say white vinegar. Help? He has been on a grain free diet for a year now and he still gets them.

By Jennifer

Most Recent Answer

By PENNY K [15]06/29/2013

If it's a yeast infection of the same fungus women get, maybe a cream for such from dollar tree, rubbed softly inside ears? It's one dollar there vs many more at any other store.

Question: German Shepherd Has a Recurring Yeast Infection

What can I give my German Shepherd to prevent reoccurring yeast infections in his penis area? I have taken him to the vet several times and he was given antibiotics. The vet wants me to start douching him with vinegar and water a couple of times a week. He is a big dog and it is difficult trying to douche him, what can I gave him to take that will help?


Most Recent Answer

By LB Cain04/20/2013

Question: has the vet checked to see if your 4-footed baby is either diabetic or hypogycemic (prediabetic)? It's odd he would keep having reoccuring bouts of this if his sugar was balanced. I'd also keep his mouth as clean as possible. While he's washing himself he might be reinfecting himself too. One last thing, besides keeping up with the vinegar, I'd also be sure to feed him yogurt (natural, organic Greek is best-unsweetened, of course!) and give him a daily probiotic suppliment. Once his Ph is balanced and he has more good bacteria than bad, it should end the yeast problems. When giving the yogurt, I'd start with small amounts first and check his stool to be sure his system can tolerate it. I know you're a great puppy-mommy and your baby will be just fine!

Question: Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection

I have a 2 yr old, 109 lbs Lab mix. I have tried many times to put in ear drops from the vet, but my dog is so strong, and he won't let me touch his ears. I've heard of giving my dog Benadryl tabs, will this help at all I can give him tabs, no problem. Any other ideas for me. Please help. Thank you.

By 87dreamcatcher

Most Recent Answer

By ylenhardt08/08/2013

Hi all,
Please go to DR. Karen beckers site, she is a holitstic vet and is fantastic.
She has many suggestions all free, and really cares as we all do for our lovely companions. Her directions are easy and you can also watch her videos on YouTube. You can also try for yourself, he is great and very informative. He writes about some really scarry things that are going on with our food ect. Check it out :)
Good luck everybody.

Question: Treating Dog With a Yeast Infection

My little Maltese cross has had a reoccurring ear infection for a few months now. The drops and wash given by the vet were not effective. I have been researching the use of diluted white vinegar, vaginal cream, and diluted apple cider, as well as, changing her food to a natural one. Her vet says she now needs an operation to open the ear canal. That freaks me out. Surely in this day and age I can use something that will help her other than an operation to cut her ears.

By Deb

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]01/09/2012

Here's the recipe I use for my cocker spaniels and they are ear infection clear and have no problems because I used this recipe from the time they belonged to us and especially after their baths are given as it helps dry up any water that might get into their ears and preventing an infection. On my older pets now deceased, I didn't know about this and was always buying medicine from the vet that didn't really work that well. I did apply Zymox w cortizone for pet's ears and that product was better. BUT, it's still not as good as Blue Power Ear Wash.

Question: Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection

How much apple cider vinegar, water, and alcohol do I use?

By LuAnn B.

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn Fed [388]12/26/2011

For this a vet trip is needed. You will need pills, to take, a couple of them and a special bath. The vinegar, etc is kind of a help but will not cure the yeast infection. A vet is the only way to go with this.

After having said this, here is a site that explains what you are dealing with:

. The reason I know what is involved with this is that i have a German Shepherd that has a yeast infection on its skin and it requires 2 different kinds of pills and a bath from the vet, to be given once a week. The bath is important that you don't use an oatmeal shampoo. Yeast eat oatmeal and it multiplies them on the skin.

You can also put yeast infections in dogs in the search bar of to see what others have posted on it.

If it is a yeast infection of the ears, are you softly cleaning out the ears each day? You don't go deep into them but you clean them until nothing comes out on the cloth, I use baby oil sometimes or olive oil on a cotton ball.

Check out on the pets tab to see what others are doing.

I would go to the vets first and see if you can change to a dog food that has a number one ingredient that is not a by-product.

A bad skin infection, with yeast will cause the dog to itch all the time and it's ears will have a dark coloring around the edges of it.

PS Never give brewers yeast to prevent fleas like you might read on some sites. It can cause a major yeast attack.


Question: Holistic Treatment for Dog's Yeast Infection

How do you treat yeast infection in dog's eyes and ears; holistically if possible?

By Jim from Toronto, Ontario

Most Recent Answer

By Chantal [17]03/07/2011

If you'd consider buying remedies online, visit Only Natural Pet Store.

Question: Dietary Recommendations for Treating a Dog's Yeast Infection

MaltipooWe have a 10 pound Maltipoo puppy and we feed her Holistic Select which is wheat, soy, color, and preservative free. I am wondering if that is good enough. I have read that raw meat is better, but I wouldn't know how much or what kind to feed her. Any food ideas? Thank you for your help! and thanks to this web site I am treating Sugar naturally for ear fungus. Thank you!

By Mercedes from OC, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Mercedes [2]10/27/2010

Thank you for your help!

Question: Treating a Dog with Yeast Infection

I have a female Chihuahua that has an yeast infection around her vulva. Several vets have prescribed medications and nothing is helping. It remains raw and very uncomfortable for her. Any ideas what to do for her? I use A and D ointment just to help the burning subside, but I need something to get rid of it permanently. Thanks.

By Crystal from Des Moines, IA

Most Recent Answer

By Marg [3]12/27/2011

I agree with everyone else on yogurt with 'live' active cultures. Not any yogurt will do. Also, you might try cocoa butter to relieve the redness and swelling. It has worked wonders for me.

Question: Tea Tree Oil for Canine Yeast Infections

How do you use tea tree oil for canine yeast infection in ears?

Debe from Jamestown, RI

Most Recent Answer

By Aaron Blackwell03/26/2009

Hey all, I have a book that can be bought at which is all about a guy who has cured his dogs with natural remedies. I've used this and it works! One thing in the book is that it recommends tea tree for external treatment, but warns against internal use as there have been no long term tests on its safety. The author uses it and thinks it's fine, but is just telling it as it is and says to be aware of the unknown long term effects. I don't think I'd use it for internal use.

Question: Dog with Yeast Infection on Skin and in Throat

My dog had a yeast infection in her skin and throat (vet's diagnosis). I don't know exactly the yeast's species name. Her skin was itching and her hair shed. In some places, skin was scaled off and she felt very itching here. Her elbows had no hair. Some lumpy and scaled off spots emerged there.

Sometimes, she wanted to dislodge something out of her throat but she couldn't. At that times, she seemed to panic a little and seek grass for chewing vigorously. My pet's vet said that yeast might infect in her throat and cause that syndrome. The treatment is: shave off her hair and bath her with PVP Iodine. But I wonder if this treatment is absolutely effective. Because PVP Iodine is just an antiseptic . Moreover, I can't shave off my poor pet! If you have any tips to solve this problem, please let me know. Thanks a lot!


Most Recent Answer

By KANDYH8412/17/2013

Your dog sounds like it is allergic to it's food.

My bulldog/box mix has been suffering from yeast infections for over 2 years on her face/ears/paws/ingrown tail/vulva. She scratches, licks, bites, runs around in circles chasing her tail, squirms around on her back on the floor, and drags her behind. I've felt terrible that I could find nothing to relieve her itching. She smells like Fritos or white cheddar popcorn. Her paws and tail smelled so bad I used to gag while cleaning them.

I have tried all kinds of home, and over the counter, and prescribed sprays, cleansers, powders, creams, and meds. She has been tested for tons of things and also has had her anal glands expunged. Nothing stopped any of her infections for any real period of time. During this time I was trying to narrow down what she was allergic to. I tried many different brands and flavors of foods for several months one at a time. Finally I have found a great one. Nature's variety instinct grain-free salmon meal formulas dry dog food. It contains Salmon Meal, Herring Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal, Canola Oil, Tapioca, Pea Starch, Pork Liver, Natural Pork Flavor and tons of veggies.

My dog appears to be allergic to chicken and beef like most dogs and most dog foods have some type of chicken or beef in it. This is the only food I could find that didnt have chicken or beef product without potatoes or rice. I buy it at Petco but i'm sure other places sell it.

After her eating only this and Vitality Salmon treats (only salmon and veggies) for 5 weeks, her rash around her vulva has disappeared. She has stopped dragging her behind, rolling around on the floor, chasing herself in circles, and scratching her face/ears.

She still chews her paws but I think she may be allergic to grass or likes to keep them clean. Her coat is also thinker and she appears to be shedding less. I will continue to clean her deep folds, ingrown tail, and big paws with the water/vinegar/peroxide solution to maintain her cleanliness.

If your dog has any of those, then are prone to yeast anyway and need to be cleaned often (at least bi-weekly). Please try this food if you know your dog is allergic to chicken/beef. Im so happy my baby is finally feeling better!


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Dog Yeast Infections

I am looking for information about dog yeast infections.

Janice from IL

RE: Dog Yeast Infections

I owned two Cocker spaniels (one now deceased) and use a product called Zymox that the veterinarian sold me. I later found it on the internet much cheaper and it comes in two formulas, with/without hydrocortizone (1.0%) and you need only treat once daily for 7-14 days depending how severe. A few drops into each ear canal and gently massage; wipe off excess in outer ear and leave alone. The infection dries up and flakes out of the inner ear. It's a great product and worked on both dogs.

Also, I make Blue Power Ear Wash which I got from the internet and it is also a great recipe and easily cleans the pet's ears with little scrubbing action. Be careful around furniture, carpet etc. as it will stain due to gentian violet ingredient. This link states it can be used as treatment of yeast infections as well, but I've never used it for that, but good luck to you and your pet(s). (10/12/2007)

By Lorelei

RE: Dog Yeast Infections

Have you tried yogurt with cultures? My dog loves yogurt, and if it helps humans with yeast infections, maybe it'll help dogs too. (10/15/2007)

By azDana

RE: Dog Yeast Infections

I am assuming you mean a yeast infection in the ear. My dog was just this week diagnosed with this. I was given DV Max ointment (10/15/2007)

Archive: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

Has anyone dealt with a yeast infection on a dog's paws? It is really bad and the vet has him on a special shampoo and medication. He is a shih tzu that was gave to me. He was sick and I have been doctoring him for 2 months. He has a raw spot on one paw. Can I put Neosporin on it?

By Anna50 from OH

RE: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

My tale is long. But here goes. We have a Choc Lab (Woodrow) he is now 14 yrs young. He had chronic issues with yeast in the ears and the paws for most of his life. That is until about 7 years ago when I hunted down info on the net. Now there are stories left right an sideways about it but back then not so much.

You need to buy Thornit Powder. It is made and sold in England. This product works. It comes with the simple instructions and the suffering stops for the poor animal and for you too. The relief is overwhelming.

I purchased the small bottle and I have had my last bottle about 2 years. Just google it and see what people are saying about yeast infections, mites, paws and how well this works. They have been using this on the professional dog circuit in England for over 100 years. It is safe, effective and simple. My husband loves it.

I wish the best of luck to you and your dog.

God Bless! (04/07/2009)

By caraing

RE: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

You said you have been doctoring him but what did the vet tell you the dog has and what to do about it? You can't just guess at how to provide basic medical care for animals anymore than you can for children.

You need to look at diet, exercise and other health issues. For example, diabetes can be a strong underlying cause of chronic yeast infections in animals and humans.

You need to find out what's going on with the dog before you can treat them properly. It's also a good time to get or schedule their vaccinations and spay/neuter if you haven't already done that. (04/07/2009)

By dh8

RE: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

I used to dogsit a bulldog that kept a yeast infection in the fold of skin on his neck and brow area and the vet prescibed the same cream a woman uses for a vaginal yeast infection. Don't forget to clean the area well with soap and water before applying the medication. Good luck! (04/10/2009)

By suzi_homemaker01

RE: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

Yogurt, it works great on yeast. Just rub it a couple times a day on each place where the yeast is present. (04/10/2009)

By Abbygirl

RE: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

This is long but worth reading. It is so hard to watch an animal suffer from this stuff. I have a solid white English Bull Terrier (Spuds). He was constantly chewing his paws and had a hot spot on his back. His candida load was so great that he had a seizure.

I took him to the vet where he was prescribed an anti-fungul and an antibiotic to get rid of a seconday bacterial infection. He was given one month of antibiotics and two weeks of the antifungul. Made no sense to me since antibiotics cause yeast overgrowth.

I began to research yeast infections. The problem begins in the intestines. If left untreated the yeast "grows" legs and attatches to the intestinal wall. The skin is just a manifestation of what is going on internally.

I changed my dogs food to Innove Evo which has low carbs. Rice, grain and cornmeal are your dog's enemy.

Through my research I found that coconut oil is an antifungul. I feed my guy two tablesoons in the morning and two in the evening. I mix it with Stonyfield plain yogurt and an enzyme and probiotic powder. It is important that the coconut oil is cold pressed and unrefined. I use Nutiva and you can find it at a health food store. He is free and clear of the overgrowth of yeast. I actually use it in my diet know too. Tastes good and is good for so many applications. (04/18/2009)

By xzucmylife

RE: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

RE: Yeast Infection on a Dog's Paw

My dog has suffered from a yeast problem for the past 4 years. I have visited several vets and they have all told me that she has allergies. I was fed up so I began reading on the internet on how to cure this myself. I came across this website and everything she recommends I have done and the results have been incredible. Go to and click on articles and read about systemic yeast infections under urgent. Get your dogs blood taken and check for thyroid issues and follow all of the kits she suggest you buy. I only wish I read that article years ago. (05/03/2009)

By Jaymee

Archive: Dog Yeast Infections

Can canine yeast infections spread to other family pets?

By David from Houston, TX

RE: Dog Yeast Infections

This is a question for your vet because it might depend on what kind and where the yeast infection is. (12/08/2009)

By Deeli