Treating a Sneezing Rabbit

Rabbit That is About to Sneeze

Determining the cause of your bunny's sneezes can be a challenge. This is a guide about treating a sneezing rabbit.



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Question: Sneezing Rabbit

My rabbit has been sneezing for about a week now. I was told to watch it and see if it stops. It has calmed down quite a bit however every so often he sneezes. Any idea on what he might have (I know it can be a cold or allergies)? Also, should I see his vet about it?

Raylene from Toronto, Canada

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By Courtney W (Guest Post) 01/12/2009

My 3 year old female rabbit name is candy and she just started sneezing and some discharge came out it was cloudy then about a week after a little lump was at the side of her nose and it grew large in less than a week so I got worried and brought her to the veterinarian they told me that candy had an abscess and it would have become cancerous in a month so they gave me a prescription and she improved amazingly and the lump turned into a blister and popped but the thing I don't understand she is still sneezing.

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Question: Treating a Sneezing Doe

White rabbit.Why has my rabbit started sneezing so frequently?

By Sneha

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