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Uses For Tights

Uses For Tights

Your old or damaged tights can be reused in new ways, including craft projects. This is a guide about uses for tights.


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Tip: Wrist Warmers Made Out of Tights

Girl wearing wrist warmers.

I have no idea how she does it, but my daughter cuts out holes in tights, in the foot part, and wears them as wrist warmers that go all the way up to the elbow.

They are all the rage around here and they are expensive at the store. She cuts out the thumb, and then cuts out a small space for the rest of her hand. I think they are cute. She does like them a lot.


By Robyn [369]

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Tip: Footie Ball Made of Tights

A footie ball made from old tights or pantyhose.If you have girls, you undoubtedly have a drawer full of tights that have runs, lost their elastic, or no longer fit. Don't despair! Use those old tights and some fiberfill to create a fun, soft ball!


  • 4 pairs of tights, each a different color
  • Polyester fiberfill


  • Scissors


1. Determine which stocking will be the base of your ball. This will be stocking #1.

2. Cut off part of stocking #1 below the knee

3. Insert the fiberfill through the opening until a very firm ball has been formed.

4. Cut off the leftover piece of stocking to make a round ball.

5. Cut off part of stockings 2 through 4 below the knee

6. Pinch different parts of these tights and cut them to make holes.

7. Insert the ball into stocking #2 and cut off any excess

8. Follow the same procedure from STEP 7 with stocking #3 and stocking #4

Bonus: Since you only used one foot from each pair of tights, you can make another ball. You can either follow the same pattern to make a matching ball, or start with a different color to make a coordinated ball.

Additional Ideas: If you make all the holes the same size and use only black and white stockings, the ball will look like a soccer ball. Footie Ball Made From Tights

By Teri Clark

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Crazy Caterpillar Craft (From Tube Socks or Tights)

A stuffed caterpillar.Do you like bugs and creepy crawlies? Even if the answer is no, you are sure to love this particular caterpillar! Caterpillars are very cute, especially if they are made with tube socks or tights!


  • tights or tube socks (without heels)
  • matching yarn
  • black felt
  • white felt
  • polyester fiberfill
  • black marker
  • matching pipe cleaner


  • scissors
  • hot glue gun


  1. If you use tights, cut off the stocking at the knee and fill with fiberfill. If you use a tube sock, simply fill the sock with fiberfill.
  2. Tie a knot in the end.
  3. Make the rings of the caterpillar by tying it with yarn. Make a very small one on the toe end of the sock/tights for the nose.
  4. Cut out the eyes for the caterpillar from pieces of black and white felt. You may also want to cut out dots for your caterpillar.
  5. Glue the eyes on the face. If you made spots, glue them on, too.
  6. Cut your pipe cleaner in half and form it into a U shape.
  7. Using the hot glue gun, glue the pipe cleaner on the caterpillar's head to be his antennae.

The only thing left to do is to name your new creepy crawly friend!

Additional Ideas: You can use the entire leg of a pair of tights to make an even longer caterpillar! You can also use contrasting yarn to make your caterpillar more colorful.

© 2005 ThriftyFun

By Teri Clark

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Question: Using Black Tights for Tying Plants

Have you ever used these for tying plants, Opaque Black nylon tights? These were my 17 yr old granddaughter's. I know tan color are used but what about black?


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Most Recent Answer

By Vi Johnson 286 801 11/07/2008

Any color works. And for another use; fill with thistle seed for the wild birds, and hang over a tree branch. GG Vi

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