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Uses for Coal Ash


Heating with coal, can leave you with a lot of coal ash. You may be wondering if there is a recommend use(s) for this byproduct. This is a guide about uses for coal ash.



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Question: What Can I Do with Coal Ash?

I know a reader recently posted a question about wood ash, but I have a whole lot of coal ash, and am wondering if there are any good ideas for it? Thanks!

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By kcohenvt02/02/2001

There is an article on the West Virginia University site about coal ash. It speaks about using it for apple trees. I would suggest contacting the Professor of that article about any safe uses for your coal ash. The article speaks of industrial coal ash so it may contain different properties from the home use coal ash. There are some toxic properties to the industrial ash. You can contact the professor at:
Devinder Bhumbla, Ph.D.
Division of Plant and Soil Science
P.O. Box 6108
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506
Telephone: (304) 293-6024
Facsimile: (304) 293-3740
Good Luck!
Mrs Kathy Cohen

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