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Uses for Old Satellite Dishes

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Old Satellite Dish

Whether it was used for television or the internet you can end up with an unneeded dish. This guide is about uses for old satellite dishes.



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Question: Uses for Out Dated Satellite Dishes

I am always seeing in the " free " section of the local paper.. "Come get it free satellite dish" there must be some sort of "good" practical use for those antennas besides letting them go to the dump? I am going insane trying to figure out some sort of use for them? Thanks for you help!
three_zeros (at) webtv (dot) net


Most Recent Answer

By Howard Weliver03/16/2010

Donate your satellite dishes to the Not-for-profit, sustainable art experiment -- Texas Sunflower Project. 18" Satellite dishes are used to form the "face" of the sunflower. For more information, please see

RE: Uses for Out Dated Satellite Dishes

Solutions: Uses for Old Satellite Dishes

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