Uses for Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads go in and out of style, but your garment is often still wearable. This guide contains uses for shoulder pads.

Uses for Shoulder Pads
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Question: Uses for Shoulder Pads

By Linda Thomas 8 6

Would anyone have any ideas for alternative uses for shoulder pads? I have quite a collection. I can't find anything on the Web. Thanks.

By Cindyluhu from Melbourne, FL

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thr522587 Flag

September 24, 2009

You could use a smaller one as a pin cushion by folding it in half and sewing or gluing closed and then even sew a bit of elastic to it to use as a wrist pin cushion.

Fold in half, sew almost all the way closed, fill with cat nip and finish sewing closed as a cat toy ;-)

Use as cleaning sponges.

I know this sounds weird but depending on the shape and size you could cut and sew rubberized cloth, such as baby changing cloth, on one side or simply cut the rubberized cloth to fit and place on the crotch of your panties and then the pad on top of that to use when having a period or if you 'leak'. They would be easily washable and you can use over and over again while saving oodles of money on disposable pads!

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Soft Sculpture Butterflies

Debra Frick

Soft sculpture butterflies made from shoulder pads. Imagine yourself at a yard sale and you just found the most beautiful blouse and they only want a $1.00 for it, but it is dated with those shoulder pads that they seemed to put into all expensive clothing. So you decide "what the heck, I will buy the blouse anyway and get rid of the shoulder pads."

Well if you are like me, you now have a stack of shoulder pads from clothing that you have bought. Ever wondered what you could make with the shoulder pads?

Well I have seen them made into the wings of angels at Christmas, but I came up with this idea to use them for spring. You can add a magnet to the smaller ones to hang on your refrigerator or hang them by fishing line in a window to brighten it up for spring. They also would make a neat decoration on a birthday gift or a shower gift. Add a pin back and they could hang on your drapes or be pinned to your tie backs to hold back your drapes or curtains. This is a craft that could even be done by kids if you choose not to use a hot glue gun. With this craft you have a thing of beauty for just pennies.

Time to complete: A half hour


  • two shoulder pads
  • 1 chenille stick or wired beads
  • lace or any wired beads or eyelash yarn You only need small amounts so any leftover trims will work
  • glue on gems or beads or ribbon roses or flowers to decorate
  • hot glue gun or quick drying glue
  • glue sticks


Scrunch up shoulder pads in the middle and secure with chenille stick or wired beads. Glue lace to each wing and decorate with glue on gems or beads.

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Question: Cloth to Use as Padding for Bras

I sew and would like to know where I can obtain cloth to use as padding for my bras.

Delene from Modesto, CA

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By Joan 13 1,479 Flag

July 24, 2009

It would be nice if the bra companies would make the molded bras in really large sizes. Not every large woman has a large breast to balance out her figure.

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Tip: Shoulder Pad Angel Christmas Ornament

My friend made me two Christmas ornaments from shoulder pads, she had removed from her clothing. Really cute.

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Archive: What to do with Shoulder Pads

Does anyone have any good ideas on what can be done with shoulder pads that have been removed from clothing? I was thinking of some way to make a funky quilt or pillows or more craft oriented project. Not sure what, just something


Pin Cushion
Post by Annette
I sewed two of them together for a pin cushion. I am sure with some creativity you could make them look like something. Maybe if they were red and had 4 you could have a lady bug. Just a thought.


Protecting Clothing
Post by mlwray
I have sewn the shoulder pads onto the ends of clothes hangers, this keeps the ends of the hanger from leaving marks in knit fabrics.
Post by Nicole
I haven't used any of the shoulder pads that I have. But I usually rip them out of clothing since I have broad shoulders. I've been saving the ones that are the same color or pattern of the blouse, shirt, dress. I'm going to make barrettes out of mine using the metal snap barrettes that are used on the hair bows. They can be bought at various craft stores, etc.

Also if you have some in which the original stuff is no longer on you can use those, I have those laying around myself. Just use the appropriate glue and your imagination. I'm saving up till I have several so that I can have an afternoon of doing the barrettes.

Nicole N Niehaus

Various Ideas
Post by ALekscat
Shoulder pads are great for cleaning things & polishing things!

Don't buy an expensive Wonder bra if you need a bra that helps fill out your cleavage. Just use those shoulder pads in your regular bra!

Use them as padding when storing fragile items.

They could make a pad for a chair for doll's chair.

They are good elbow & knee pads when gardening. Just tie them to your legs or arms.

ALekscat the frugal feline in Richmond, VA

Angel Ornaments
Post by Mrs. Smith
You can also use shoulder pads to make angel ornaments for your Christmas tree. Just sew lace onto the rough edge on the bottom of the shoulder pad. Fold the two corners in, and stitch them into place to look like the arms (praying). Then add a little wooden face, some hair, whatever decoration you like. The shoulder pad will form the body/dress of your angel.

Mrs. Smith

Bra Support
Post by fayth81
You can also use shoulder pads in your bras ladies. Just sew them or tack them to the bottom of your bras to help hold up and support your boobs. Especially useful for big busted women or for older women.
Butterfly Craft
Post By Linne
Twist a Pipe Cleaner (Chenille Stick) around the middle of a shoulder pad, leaving enough at top for antennae and make a butterfly. You can also Glue a Magnet on them for the fridge. I've seen these at craft shows and they're pretty cute.

Linne Dodds

Preventing Hanger Marks
Post By jradcliff
I sew them on the ends of hangers so I can hang my sweaters without having them develop hanger marks on the shoulders.


For Earrings
Post by Joes' Girl
I use the discarded shoulder pad inserts to put my pierced earrings into. Since then I have not lost a one or a pair since. Regards,

Joes' Girl

Cat Toys
Post By Liz
If you have cats they love to play with them and bat them around.


Donate Them
Post by badwater
If I'm giving any donations of clothing to charity, I include shoulder pads that I've taken out of blouses, etc. in case there are others out there who might want to put them in something they bought, that don't already have shoulder pads in them.
Protecting Your Knees When Gardening
Post by econ o'miser
Never tried this, but could you stitch a short piece of elastic to link the two edges, and use as kneelers for gardening or floor polishing? Wear on the outside of your trousers, to prevent wear and tear and give some protection to your knees.

Remember to take them off before answering the door! Unless you don't mind the odd looks, that is.

Polishing Metal
Post by Thrifty_Fun
When discarding old clothes collect the shoulder pads and save them to use when polishing metal, such as silver, brass or stainless steel. Their soft padding and small convenient size makes them great for the job. One pad for cleaning and another pad for polishing off. Then wash or throw away.

By Mary

Protecting Your Heels
Post by Suzanne S.
Found a new use. I took the really thin pads and used them at the heel of my new shoes (cut to fit) to keep my heels from blistering. I imagine it would work just as well at the toe.
They Will Come Back!
Post by Cavelady
Save them because, god forbid, they will be back in style in 15 years!
RE: What to do with Shoulder Pads
Yve. (Guest Post)
Just unpicked another pair of shoulder pads and wondered what I could do with the heap I seem to have. Loved all your suggestions especially the pierced earring one. I haven't got pierced ears as I couldn't bear the pain but my grand daughter has. Thanks I had a real chuckle!

Archive: Uses for Shoulder Pads

I have many pairs of used shoulder pads. What can I use them for?

Sharon from Illinois

What to do with Shoulder Pads 04/04/2006
(format_html)90 things to do with shoulder pads: This is in response to article from 2002 on this website. Yes, shoulder pads are from the 80's and are passe. But I still have shoeboxes of them. What can be done with them? Well...over a period of a year, these are some ideas my family contributed to a list on. Here they are.
  • Stuffing them in your bra creates an instant Wonder Bra.
  • Use as a catcher's mit or baseball mit.
  • Knee pads.
  • Packaging
  • Put in hat to fit better
  • Bird nest stuffing
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Beanie Babies
  • Ears for stuffed animals
  • Mickey Mouse hat ears
  • Use a part of mobile for baby's crib as half moons.
  • Crash barriers for hot wheels
  • Jewelry packing
  • Odor eaters
  • Help shoes retain shape
  • Heel guards for shoes
  • Tape to bottom of shoes to walk silently. (Sell to robbers and new parents.)
  • Pillow for pet hampster.
  • Bed for pet mouse.
  • Cold compresses.
  • Cusion for doll furniture
  • Eye pads
  • Gag for overtalkative person
  • Blindfold
  • Earmuffs
  • Elbow pads
  • Wrist rest
  • Duck tape them to your garden tools to prevent blisters
  • Seath cusion stuffing
  • Stuffing for worlds largest shoulder pad
  • Rest your eyeglasses on them.
  • Coasters
  • Sew them in your clothing to make shoulders.
  • Carry to open public bathroom doors with.
  • Throw away
  • Paper towel substitute
  • Hot pads
  • Pot holders
  • Trivet
  • Wrap pipes with
  • Use as filler for trash to get your money's worth
  • Put them in bottom of sackes for Goodwill to make them look fuller
  • Exhaust pipe stuffing for practical joke
  • Soft sculpture
  • Duck bill
  • Puppet mouth
  • Earrings
  • Eye patch
  • Mittens
  • Slippers for your children
  • When your children want to set up a band, give them to them as cymbals or put on drumsticks and tell them how much better they sound.
  • Miniature train set mountains.
  • False beard
  • Corn pads
  • Hair curlers
  • Plug leaks in your roof
  • Baby wipes
  • Wipe sweat from your brow
  • Face mask
  • Tea cozy
  • Insulation for building
  • Cup Insulator
  • Add adhesive tape and you have a good bandage
  • Cap bill
  • Wallet stuffer to impress robbers when you hand over your fake wallet
  • Under arm pads to keep sweat from showing under your clothes
  • Incontinence pads
  • Joan Crawford Halloween Costume
  • Surgical masks
  • Angel wings
  • Sew on shirts and use for pockets
  • Quilt or comforter pieces
  • Washcloth
  • Drain plug
  • Doll pillows
  • Epaulets
  • Outside scales for fish, mermaid, or dragon costume.
  • Butterfly wings on a plant decorator stick
  • Telephone pads
  • Desk mat
  • Cushioning for sun visor
  • Door bumpers
  • Chair bumpers
  • Diskette holder
  • CD holder
  • Pin cushion
  • Roll your own cigarette casings
  • Shoe bottoms
  • Dust rags
  • Mop floor
- - 04/04/2006
Oh, I have always wanted to have a pile of them! I have wanted to make a quilt with them by fitting them together and hand or machine sewing them. Imagine a quilt or a baby changing pad, etc. So, I do not have them so you can do it for me ;)
By sshep
- - 04/04/2006
use them for elbow and knee pads, just but elastic on them can pin in place or stitch with needle or machine. dgd, age 2 1/2, recently broke her are on a trampoline, these might have saved her arm, if i had thought of it sooner! also for knee and elbow pad for riding bicycles and even for letting children play outside, less "bobos". use as knee pads in the garden, by attaching elastic. may have to sew two together for garden.
By justmyimagination2002
- - 04/05/2006
My dad uses them to wax his vehicles. They are similiar to the pads you get in the tubs of car wax, but free!!
By Kathy (Guest Post)
- - 04/05/2006
The best use for the silky covered shoulder pads is to put them under the legs of something heavy you want to move. They will slide right across the floor.
By jaxi3
- - 04/06/2006
Funny! I have a pair of pads sitting right here waiting for me to do something with them. I just removed them yesterday from a dress I bought at a yard sale, which incidentally ended up too big so I'll have to put it in my yard sale.

90 things to do with shoulder pads - really started my day with some chuckles. But seriously, I did get at least one useful idea. I belong to an organization that helps the local animal shelter. We have annual fund raisers (car washes, coin drops, etc.) and have a couple of animal costumes, but they're usually a little too warm for most of the year. Maybe I can use a hair band and a couple of pads for some cat ears and do some face painting.

By karenIM

Archive: Uses for Shoulder Pads

Once again I want to hear it from all you talented individuals.

Here's my dilemma: I have 24 pairs of shoulder pads in very good condition. I realize that they are out of style (but if I decide to keep them long enough I know they will come back into vogue). I absolutely detest "wasting" and other than using them to hold pierced earrings, I don't know what to do with them. I don't want to toss them out. Do you have any creative ideas? I thought with girl scouts, arts and crafts, etc. getting back into swing that maybe some leaders could offer me some guidelines.

Thanks ahead of time for coming to the rescue (as I know you always do).

Joesgirl from Beverly, MA


RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads

You might want to check to see if you have a local Cadet corps near you that does rifle drill. My daughter is a Sea Cadet here in Ontario and she has come home with bruised collarbones more times than I can count. I started to put my old shoulder pads just under her brastrap where she slaps the rifle into her shoulder and this helped to alleviate the problem somewhat. Males can always baste the shoulder pad in place under their uniform to protect their shoulders. (05/02/2006)

By Darlene in Mississauga

RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads

Make great gifts to put on the outside of presents and on your Christmas tree by making angels out of them. They are easy and are vey cute. E-mail me for the directions, as I will have to dig for them. (Imagine someone with her hands in every craft there is, having to dig for something!) jamies_lifeainteasy AT (05/03/2006)

By Jamie

RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads

I use mine for needle cases when I am doing any embroidery that requires several needles with different coloured thread/ribbon. They are great when I carry only what items I need for stitching whenever I know I'm going to have a wait somewhere eg doctors. The time goes so fast that I'm disappointed when it's my turn, as I always have "just one more stitch" to do.
I also keep one handy for pins when I'm using them for needlework where I'm pinning & unpinning several times. (10/11/2006)

By Wendy Hervey Bay, Australia

Archive: Uses for Shoulder Pads

I always remove the shoulder pads from new outfits. I would like to find out some uses to recycle these shoulder pads.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Ginger from Columbus, OH


RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads

I did a couple of things with them.

  1. I sewed two capped shaped ones together, leaving the top open. I added a string strap and a snap and got a small handbag for my little niece.
  2. Stitch strips of Velcro to each side and wear them like kneepads for housework and gardening.
  3. Fold one in half and sew up the short side, leaving the long side open. I set the resulting "cap" over my hard boiled egg to keep it warm, like a cozy.
  4. Two larger shoulder pads sewn together with appropriate openings left for spout and handle, are perfect for those little one cup teapots that you can never find a cozy for or leave just one opening and set it over your coffee cup or mug to keep the brew warm when you have to answer the phone.

Most favorite use, make angels. Get small whisk or wooden spoon, place handle up. Wrap the pad around the handle, folding in the side edges like sleeves. Glue or stitch down, gluing back to handle as well. Add a bead or wooden ball head with face, add hair and angel wings. If desired, put candies in the whisk end and wrap with plastic wrap, fastening with a ribbon for a small treat or table favour. On the spoon bowl I write a short quote about angels in permanent marker.

  • Line a shoulder pad with heatproof fabric like is used in oven mitts and use it as a mini mitt for the microwave. (03/23/2007)

    By thriftmeg

    <img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=28910488" width="400" height="266" alt="RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads">

    RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads

    When traveling, use them to cushion luggage straps. Place on your shoulder before hoisting that heavy bag with the shoulder strap, or wrap around the strap on hand-carried bags. (04/01/2007)

    By Tere

    RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads

    I line helmets with them for extra protection. (08/20/2008)

    By Keeli

    RE: Uses for Shoulder Pads

    Thought you might be able to make a quilt out of the shoulder pads. (10/12/2008)

    By Denise

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