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Vinegar And Honey for Arthritis Pain

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This is an old wives tale, but it works! Mix in a glass 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of honey. (The amounts can vary according to taste). Mix well and drink. Follow with a glass of water.

I have recommended this remedy to many friends and they are amazed. It's all natural. Continue at least twice a day until the pain is relieved or gone. Sometimes this can take a week or even up to six weeks.

Source: An old book what about what vinegar can do. I don't remember the name.

By Irene from Williston, FL


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By Virginia C. [1]07/23/2012

I guess it would be ok to mix with water, and perhaps not use so much honey if high blood sugaris an issue? The Braggs certainly endorse this.

By MB Norton [6]07/21/2012

I heard this years ago, but never tried it. Thank you for the reminder. Hey, it certainly cannot hurt as vinegar and honey are both very good for you! I have RA and lupus. Definately worth a shot!

By mary knight [20]07/21/2012

I am thinking of reasons why this would work. The vinegar is full of probiotics, plus, it has a creates a certain pH in the body. The honey may have pollen, to build immunity, as well as cutting the sharpness of the vinegar. The water makes it palatable. So I mixed my honey and vinegar in with a glass of water. It tastes like a vinaigrette dressing - in fact, make this using a little less water, add some walnut or olive oil, a tsp of black cherry juice to boot,+- and you've got another healing portion of nature's remedy as a vinaigrette salad dressing.

By Gypsy Swan [1]07/21/2012

I recently was diagnosed for the first time with gout...a type of arthritis. The first thing everyone, including doctors said, was to eat black cherries and drink black cherry juice. I started searching and researching and vinegar and honey is right up there with cherries. I am just over a week in using these products and my foot is almost back to normal.
Thanks for posting such useful information.

By mary knight [20]07/21/2012

Since it can take up to 6 weeks to work, who is to stay whether or not the arthritis is in a remission on its own, perhaps in reaction to a change in weather or other dietary or physical rationale. However, I have noticed that I have tight muscles in my calves and legs, and it seems to be related to eating sometimes The vinegar is a wonderful digestive aid. My aches and pains are crippling at times, maybe a form of arthritis, and I am going to start my regimen of vinegar and honey now! I love this tip and give it a thumbs up.

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