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Making your own lunches at home can save you money and give you something delicious to look forward to. This guide contains work lunch ideas.


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Tip: Pack Your Lunch Instead of Eating Out

Making lunch or dinner at home instead of "grabbing a quick bite" at work, can easily save you $20 or more each week. Take your lunch to work every day and you'll find your $1,000.00 richer at the end of the year.

If you do go out for lunch or dinner, always ask for a doggie bag/box and save leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. Any food left on the table is money wasted.

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By Faylee from Kingsport, TN

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Recipe: Easy Chicken For Work Lunches

This is a recipe that I use for making lunches for myself for work. I typically buy meat that is on sale at the store and kind of mix and match the ingredients according to the kind of meat.

I buy enough meat to make at least 5 lunches. If there is some meat leftover, you could freeze it for cooking later or make more than you need right now and freeze it for later eating. I am partial to chicken, but depending on what is available and other factors (dietary requirements, budget, etc.), you could get other meats, too. Cooking time may need to be adjusted for different meats.


  • 5 chicken breasts or pork chops
  • long grain wild rice
  • Spices (whatever spices you like, but I like celtic sea salt, pepper, garlic, red peppers, lemon pepper seasoning, rosemary). I change it up frequently for interest.
  • Cooking oil (I like organic olive oil, but any oil will do)
  • Baking Pan with lid (I personally use glass.)


Place pieces of meat in baking pan. Pour a little oil over each piece of meat. Add spices to taste. Add rice, if desired. Put lid on pan. Place in oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees F.

Like I said earlier, I take this chicken with me to work. It saves me money not having to buy lunch out at around $5-6 a pop, but also is healthier for me, as I have food allergies.

By crazyliblady from Pittsburg, KS

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Question: Lunch Ideas for Work

I am starting the new job as a personal assistant hopefully this week. Does anybody have ideas for what I can take for lunch. I have a 1/2 hour and I don't know if there is a microwave. In the last week I have been a baking fool. I have made about 45 different servings of cake and bread for my lunch. But I don't know what I can take every day. I know pb and j and of course tuna but I am at a loss beyond that.

Thanks very much. I love this site.

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By fabi (Guest Post) 12/21/2008

What I usually do when I'm low on cash and cant buy food at work is cook up something at home the night before and store it in clean/washed plastic recipient. for example: mayonnaise jar for soups, butter recipients for my food, etc. if not you can use your regular microwaveable tupperware.

I like making food with a lot of veggies, not usually meat. My next work-lunch is composed of some oriental dishes i cooked up. you can use the veggies you have at home and just add soy sauce and voila! You've cooked up a nice and low cost oriental dish.

*steamed rice with soy sauce as a side dish
*cut a couple of carrots in small dices or strips and put them and saute them in a pan along with some mushrooms and onions chopped in bigger pieces. then add some washed bean sprouts to it .

You can eat the main dish cold if you wish its still yummy but its even yummier if you heat it up in the microwave :}

Hope this was helpful.

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