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Worming a Pregnant Dog

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Pregnant Dog

It is best to consult with your veterinarian when concerned about your dog's health. This guide is about worming a pregnant dog.



Here are questions related to Worming a Pregnant Dog.

Question: Using Diatomaceous Earth for Worms in a Pregnant Dog

I want to use diatomaceous earth to treat my pregnant dog for worms. I know that because of her size I need to give her 1/2 teaspoon full. I need to know how long I should continue the treatment and want to know if it is safe to use with a pregnant dog. I would appreciate any advice on these two questions. Thank you.

By Galaxy from CA


Most Recent Answer

By lifen2ndgear08/03/2011

I just used Neem Leaf by TheraNEEM organix and Wormwood Combination by Kroeger Herb. Then I had to use a probiotic on the food to help the good bacteria. We are worm free. The food you feed the dog needs to be for a sensitive tummy for awhile, low protein %. Don't know why, but it worked.

Question: Worming a Pregnant Dog

Can I remove worms in a full term pregnant dog? She is a big Black Lab and is due any day. I was unaware of the worms til I saw one crawling up her tail on my bed tonight. What can I do to cause no harm to the puppies or my Daisy?

By Deedee


Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/16/2013

It sounds like tapeworms. They look like a large grain of rice. You would need to ask your Vet about worming. I would not try a do it yourself product with a pregnant dog. Puppies will need worming too.

Solutions: Worming a Pregnant Dog

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