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Homemade Hand Cream Recipes

Jar of hand cream with flowers and woman's hands applying cream in the background.

Commercial hand creams can be expensive and contain a variety of unpronounceable chemical ingredients. You can use natural ingredients and make your own hand cream. This page contains homemade hand cream recipes.


Solutions: Homemade Hand Cream Recipes

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Tip: Homemade Hand Cream

It makes your skin really smooth.


  • 1/2 cup petroleum Jelly
  • 1/2 cup Crisco
  • 1/2 tsp. almond oil


Mix and put in a jar. If you want, you can add food color to it and put in a fragrance oil.

By Slumbergirl234

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Tip: Making Special Lotions

You can make your own special hand cream by just getting unscented lotion and adding a few drops of your own essential oils, such as lavender, etc. to the lotion. Unscented lotions sometimes are cheaper than scented.

By Robin

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Question: Homemade Moisturizers

I would like a recipe for homemade moisturizers. Thank you.

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Most Recent Answer

By Mark (Guest Post) 03/16/2008

Hi, I am looking for natural homemade moisturizers & butters & cream recipes. I've been looking up on google for recipes. Is that the place I should be?

Between google, and yahoo I don't know which is best. What do you think is best for looking up recipes? I've been told dogpile is a good site to go on too. But I tried it once lready, it was okay.
P.S. If you know or have some good websites, let me know

Thank you so very much

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Question: Hand Lotion Recipe

I have a recipe for hand lotion made from products found at Dollar General, but don't know the quantity of the products to use. Does anyone know the recipe?

By Marie

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Most Recent Answer

By cherie 2 29 01/01/2012

I use cheap lotion as a base and add a jar of the dollar store vitamin e moisturizer creme and add 2 tablespoons of glycerin works better than the Vaseline.

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Question: Using Crisco for Dry Skin

What kind of Crisco do you mean?

By Christene

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Most Recent Answer

By Teresa Tart 1 345 12/27/2011

My husband's doctor told him to use crisco on his legs because they were so dry! Get the lard not the oil!

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Archive: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

This homemade hand cream (or body cream, whichever you prefer) is so much better than any other hand cream you can buy. It is so easy and so inexpensive to make too. I go to Dollar General and buy everything I need to make it. Recipe follows:

  • 2-4oz. jars Vitamin E cream
  • 1-8oz. jar Vaseline
  • 1-16 oz. bottle baby lotion
Mix with electric mixer till smooth and store in jars with lids.

Note: If you think the smell of the baby lotion is too strong, you might be able to find unscented lotion.

Source: My source is from a friend.

By Elaine from Belle Plaine, IA

RE: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

Do not store in a metal container. Be sure to reuse the containers or use glass/plastic. (01/31/2008)

By lighthouselady

RE: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

Use unscented lotion and add the essential oil of your choice. (02/01/2008)

RE: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

Some people object to mineral oil (even though it seems to be in every commercial skin cream), because it dissolves important vitamins and hormones, and then your body excretes them.

Instead of baby oil, which is just scented mineral oil, you can use any cooking oil: soybean, canola, corn, olive, etc. I've made hand cream with cooking oil and it turned out fine. I liked the fact that it was inexpensive, unscented and had no polysyllabic chemicals in it. (02/01/2008)

By Jantoo

RE: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

If you heat the Vaseline a little in the microwave, it mixes so much easier and doesn't have lumps of Vaseline in the lotion. (03/10/2009)

By Debbie-Jenn

Archive: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

I would like to find a recipe for hand cream.

By beahx34 from Orange, TX

RE: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

Unflavored Crisco, that's it. (09/18/2009)


RE: Homemade Cheap and Easy Hand Cream

Buy these things from Dollar Tree or Dollar Store:
  • 3 bottles (pink) baby lotion
  • 1 jar Vaseline
  • 1 jar Palmer's Cocoa Butter
Beat with electric mixer until smooth and creamy. Put in jars. (09/19/2009)

By indianlady